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  1. Hi @Shoeless thx for your report. you didn't have problem with your light ? Pics from seeds: Best regards Cristalin
  2. Hi @Giraffe I'm making a new batch of Black Afghani And i'll restock others strains in Sannie's shop too Thx, best regards Cristalin
  3. Hi We wish everyone a happy new year, full of success in your projects and take care of you and yours Best regards
  4. Hi Black Afghani grown and tested by a Friend Other pheno Best regards Cristalin
  5. Hi @Sacred Plant Warrior I let others answer but if nobody do it, i'll Best regards Cristalin
  6. Hi Colombian Gold 72 (not a nice Bud but a nice repro) Best regards Cristalin
  7. Hi @sunstone i'm sorry i don't understand :/ Best regards Cristalin
  8. Hi @sunstone Thx a lot I try to do my best in a bad place ... But we resist ! Best regards Cristalin
  9. Hi Ouzbékistan has a Big stretch, you can have good results with scrog, supercropping ... Best regards Cristalin
  10. Hi @unaor Ok i'll see that, thx Best regards
  11. Hi @unaor I will make sure there are some left Best regards
  12. Hi @Shoeless Yes i have send amnesia with others, i don't know why it's not in the shop Still available in our shop (and og's guys have a promo code) Thx for your message Best regards
  13. Hi Colombian gold clones are ok The first batch of seeds will be in our shop in few days ! Best regards
  14. Hi @Indicalicious Amnesia is very stable (ibl 7th génération) there is one pheno, plants look like clones Thx Best regards
  15. Hi @yesum I'm finishing a little stock of colombian gold (available soon) before to make a more important for october After i think to do double jam and perhaps double zamal But i have work on others strains .... I must have a pack of col'jam, i will see to put it in the store Thx Best regards
  16. Hi @sunstone CG has 8/10 weeks on the pics The first little stock arrive soon Thx Best regards
  17. Hé Thx guys, some news of Colombian gold In progress: Clones: See you soon Ciao
  18. Hi The package will arrive this week to sannie, ship end of last week There is amnesia, but cg72 is still in progress Sorry for the delay Thx, Best regards
  19. Hi @sunstone Ghana is not the same than cbg, it's a personnal Line All is good here but we need more time in a day .. Thx a lot, best regards Cris
  20. Hi all Amnesia IBL 7th is ready and available on our website, soon in Sannie's shop. Best regards
  21. Hi all The restock package is ready to be ship, i'm sorry for the delay, i'll ship: Black Afghani, triple Pakistan, nepalma, Ouzbékistan, turkish, amnesia (limited édition) Thx for your support Best regards
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