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  1. Hi 

    it’s been a long time since I shared a grow with you, so: 

    Room: 120

    Light: X8 cxb3590 2 x 240w (ArtiLed)

    Soil/pot: lightmix biobizz / 3.5l

    Nuts: Metrop

    Strains: black afghani / Triple Pakistan

    Germination in a bucket: 7 days

    Grow 3.5l : 10 days

    Bloom 3.5l : 3 days /  light at 75%






    Thanks, I'll post later ... When it'll be more interesting 

    If you have any question or suggestion, feel you free




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  2. Hello

    I'm coming to announce some good news about the USC team

    many improvements are coming:

    - a new logo
    - a new official packaging
    - an online sales website (current 2020)
    - a move to a production site where it will be much easier to work in good conditions and offer you the best of genetics

    I also strengthened the team by integrating:

    - a communication officer: cara.marketing@underground-seeds.com
    - a web designer (here 4lv1nn): alvinn.webmaster@underground-seeds.com

    for any technical questions or on USC thank you to address these people, for the rest nothing changes ....

    And finally, I think in the future, once the new bases laid give back its meaning to the "Collective" of USC .....

    if you have questions or comments do not hesitate

    Thank you


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