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  1. Hi They had been dried and put on the fridge ... Like others But perhaps i had do that to much quickely with thé first batch ...
  2. Hi Ok thx, yes i know, but sometimes peoples do not understand than seeds are alive and not just a thing ... I'm really sorry, i really want to share this strain ....
  3. Hi all Can you send me an email hère: Ouzbek@protonmail.com With: Nickname (on opengrow) Number of packs Address I'll remplace seeds and give freebies I'm si sorry for that, i don't understand :/ I obviously made this seeds like others .... I hope of all will be fine Thx, and sorry again
  4. Hi Sorry for the delay I don't understand, i have tested the seeds and no problems, opened after 24/48h in the water ... I'll see that and we will find a solution Sorry for that :/ I come back during the weekend Ciao
  5. Yes, and ouzbek is full of resin i have already a nice ball of finger hash ^^
  6. Hi Thx Mrs G. Lol Kaya, i'll post harvest pictures under Cob in few days And hash too i think Ciao
  7. Hi Kaya more pictures will arrive If you want more info about her, Say it Ciao
  8. Hi Great thing, both Afghan but of two different places, Black Afghani is from Kandahar;) Ciao
  9. Hi all Tracking gives that: 27/02/2018 Arrival exchange office recipient country I think that Sannie will got them tomorrow Ciao
  10. Hi I think in one or two days Ciao
  11. Hi I had make T shirt for some french guys, but i'm thinking for stickers, it's a good Idea Let me see that
  12. Thanks a lot Sunny I try to give you my best work, i do those strains for me before, i'm not thinking of buisness, we must respect guys ... It's the best way to make good thing ... That's what i think .... Thx again
  13. Hi Why not, i'll thinking about fast cbd freebies
  14. Hé Exactly Sunny You have answered, thx
  15. Hi Thx Just Not open pollination lol, and tents must be in separeted room, the pollen go every where, and the thing must be do in the best conditions so personnaly i do that in differents rooms on differents floor, and i'm doing that in rotation. Like that i'm sure of my work, and yes good seeds is longer to have than big buds Thanks for your trust
  16. Hi Yes it's that, thx Mr G. But it takes me Time, i do my best for always have all my strains in stock soon, that's why l'm making Big stock of each strain thank you for your understanding
  17. Hi Ok, i have just sent 100 packs Available in few days Ciao
  18. Hi We didn't know stock would out away so fast, this strain is part of the catalog now I will send a more bigger stock today to Sannie, no prb Sorry for that Ciao
  19. Hi No Kaya, no prb to make clones, growing is easy, plants are strong, resist to mold, stretch is correct x 3/4 ... A pleasant plant to grow
  20. Hi The Ouzbékistan is available : https://www.sanniess...#/product/30075 Description : UZBEKISTAN AKA PINK MALABAR is a cannabis strain with indica majority, developed from ancient seeds of Uzbekistan. Worked over 12 generations to optimize its natural characteristics, we have obtained a variety that has a very sweet smell that can be likened to a candy, with some phenotypes turning completely Bubblegum, hence its pseudo pink Malabar. An intoxicating smell in bloom that gives literally want to eat in it. These characteristics are felt in its taste which is also sweet, from blueberry to fruity sweetness always with this side Bubblegum which can be dominant on certain phenotypes, Uzbekistan flowers in 9 weeks with beautiful resin-coated buds, turning purple to purple at the end of flowering, and ideally suited for extractions. Medium-sized Uzbekistan has a moderate stretch (X 3 to 4). And high production. Its effect is heavy while being soothing, variety that can be consumed during the day or evening to relax. Characteristics of Uzbekistan from Underground Seeds Collective: Genetics: Landrace Uzbekistan Type: Regular seeds Majority Indica Flowering indoor: 9 weeks Production: high Particularity: smell / taste sweet candy / Bubblegum Cannabinoid level: soon available Ciao
  21. Hi I don't know this Line Made with Ouzbékistan old landrace, worked on 12 génération I'll post description and final pictures soon, seeds are on the road Ciao
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