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  1. Had a friend, Jay, get out of jail after a three year bid this summer -- died less than three months later on his nephew's couch. His sister got out of work in the middle of the night to find her brother dead. His nephew blames himself because he found him and thought he was asleep. On my birthday i was running around all day, finally got home around 6pm. Rolled up the first joint of the day and before I could even light it the neighbor runs in the house yelling. Kid across the street OD'ing, his sister and mother getting all the drugs and kids out of the house before anyone considers calling an ambulance... Couple friends all say "Poor Jesse, he didn't deserve that." Fuck that. Poor EMTs, pleading for his life while their pumping on his chest. Poor kids who live in a house that their uncle died in. Poor every fucking person who has to handle the obligations and responsibilities cast aside by these dope fiends. That shit is as much a disease as a world of Warcraft addiction. Sorry to sully ya thread man. The new batch has been a fucking beaut. What's the MOB?
  2. If you click the "buy this product" button it puts a $147.00 ten pack of seeds in your cart. Green crack fem for the space continuum, OGKush for the never dies
  3. Honestly, all that aside, just make sure to get some reptisun 10.0 bulbs for UV and your quality will go up regardless of HPS vs LED. Neither LEDs nor HPS will produce any appreciable amounts of UV I've always been biased against HIDs, even when they were the only name in the hat. It's great in a commercial scale where overlap keeps things consistent, but a single HID is so fricken variable without a perfect hood, it's a bitch to try and get a whole tent lit evenly. Indicans got the right idea getting rid of the hood altogether, as it gets everyone the same distance from the bulb. I had to stop running vertical bulbs as the occasional glimpse of a bulb over the rim of your sunglasses literally burns holes in your retina. No exaggeration. There are LEDs right now putting out 200 lumens / watt tho, with crazy longevity. The spread can be compacted and extended to fit the space, and dimming is standard. Really tho, the deciding factor for me is price, and right now the price isn't so different anymore. Using high end LEDs in a DIY can get you >400w for $500, and life expectancy matches if not exceeds the best DE HPS money can buy. Hempyfan is right, in that HPS is still king of the hill, but LEDs are not all the same scam sales that they were five years ago. Just gotta do your research into how much light you actually get for your money. So now that you're thinking, "wtf does that have to do with bud quality?" Uneven light in your tent from an HID can affect quality, as will a crappy spectrum. If you get a shitty HPS bulb you'll get big buds but no trichomes. If you get a crappy spectrum LED like those 3band, 7band blurple lights, you're again going to get lower than perfect quality.
  4. Seed porn is so under-rated. Lol. It's like a picture of twenty-five hundred fortune cookies. Secret lists of every combination of genetics imaginable. Schrodinger's Seed, every one is the Holy Grail and the worst weed you've ever seen. Lol
  5. Best smoke report I've ever read, no exaggeration.
  6. Beautiful! Love the foxtails. Wouldn't worry about the lighter colored seeds, they're viable long before that perfect milk chocolate color comes in.
  7. My point is that actual people who made this site what it is/was/will be, should be afforded the same instant-shutdown of shit-talk the way it was handled with the political talk. I was in disbelief at how quickly and succinctly the politics was labelled taboo. I'll ask again. Can any of you say you've never seen a member of this site be collectively shit on?
  8. Holy shit. Dude... Seaking on trump doesn't have to be a talk about politics because he's not a politician, he's a businessman. In the same way we all shit-talk Monsanto, we all badmouth breeders who have shitted on us (cough cough greenhouse seeds) or nutrient lines that scam growers. (Cough cough all of em lol) or people who we lent money over the internet that will never pay us back. Politics are irrelevant in this conversation. This is about Donald Trump being a shitty human being -- grab em by the pussy, right? (Consent, what the fuck is that?) He shit on the college students who thought trump University was a legitimate path to success. He shit on pageant contestants, walked into their dressing room because he owned the fucking building? He is the posterboy for white supremacists, what does that have to do with politics? Fuck the politics, he's a piece of shit person. He encourages the piece of shit people in the world to commit to piece of shit ideas, and stiffs people who he legitimately owes money. Fuck that. Let's keep the politics out of it, the politics didn't make him a piece of shit. I don't care about people's political views, but their ideological views are inseparable from their character. I appreciate the attempt to keep a site about Cannabis from crashing and burning in a pile of political talk, but ideological views are far from politics, and refusal to discuss ideologies has never saved members of this forum from being shit on. So what justification do you hold protects trump from the disdain and aggression that didn't protect the members of this forum when they held uncomfortable beliefs? I've been on this site since 2010 under a couple different handles, and it's never been taboo to shit on another member. Look at Indicans 2016 journal, he had to close it and start another because he was the only one acting like an adult with a handful of people shitting on him. Look at how Bagwell was treated just because people didn't like his personality, and trump is supposed to get a pass because....? I apologize for putting a knife in the side of a site that's already struggling, but if we're gunna hold that speaking on the ideologies of trump is off-limits, where was that sentiment when it was the members of The forum being shit on? Can any of us say we've never seen a member get ostracized for their ideologies? Maybe if it was taboo to shit on the real people that made this forum....
  9. Lol, hell no. I was shook. Legal or not I expected to lose my plants. I started talking about how I control the intake and outflow of the air so if a filter is getting old the smell never reaches the neighbors. I started talking about organic farming, living soils, the tree that needs to be cut down. Anything and everything except Cannabis.
  10. Decriminalization got rid of that for us. We had a case with a law student who was caught with a large amount of bud in his trunk, so he argued that the smell of seven grams or seven pounds can't be discerned from one another, by person or k9, so it was illegal to use that as justification to search his vehicle. Case got thrown out, and now we have precedent.
  11. I'll never understand the people who look at a system that's clearly working, and decide it's far too lenient and needs to be scaled back. On a basic level, I've never understood the argument to sentence a species to extinction, wtf makes pandas so special? They don't even do anything! MA has a real shakey legality tho, and the increase in penalties with legalization isn't too alluring if you're looking to move across country for legal Cannabis. State cops have stepped up DUIs for Cannabis, as smoking in public is technically taboo. Had a friend caught smoking and driving that was treated identically to drinking and driving. Not taking sides in any moral argument, but for people who are used to taking high rides, it can be a bit jarring to lose your car for smoking when it wasn't a possibility before. With a medical cards, we added a new felony if you're charged with distribution or anything like that. They call it defrauding the state. Serious offense too, with a couple years hanging over your head, though I have never heard of someone getting charged with it. MA legality is not to be taken lightly. Lol. On the positive side, had a couple LEO in my grow room the other day, and the only negative comment was "Damn, your weed stinks." (And only from inside the room) Legal or not, I expected them to take the plants, and they didn't.
  12. Dude, you weren't kidding, his structure is beautiful!
  13. So did they forget to send you part of the nute line, or did they design it to be light on nitrogen?
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