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  1. @agreenpassion - I'm not looking forward to trimming. I may just pay some friends to do it for me. @JetDro - Thanks. It's really my best one yet. The Punch is absolutely stunning. It's such a beautiful plant. Everything about it is gorgeous. We has a particularly good growing season in our area this year. Here's a shot of my Dairy Fields (Killingfields x TGA Dairy Queen). Thing puts out donkey dongs...
  2. Apis

    Oregon Backyard Outdoor

    Every household in Oregon can grow up to 4 plants. These are mine.
  3. I saw that...and decided to take 'em all down. They are ready and if I leave them powdery mildew and bud rot will set in quickly. My drying room is packed...I finish chopping this evening. The Sugar Punch has heavy assed colas. The rest are good as well. We'll see what the final weights are.
  4. Started chopping the Old Glory today...barely made a dent in the harvest. Also sent off for some more Sugar Punch seeds. Yeehaw!
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    Here's everything you need to know about Butane Hash Oil (BHO): http://skunkpharmresearch.com/bho-extraction/
  6. Ok folks...here's some more shots. Harvest is going to be sweet this year. It's Oct. 4th and today will be 80 degrees here in Oregon! This is the best growing season I can remember. SUGAR PUNCH KILLING FIELDS x DAIRY QUEEN OLD GLORY (we have no idea what strain it is) MAD COW (Killing Fields x Diary Queen) SUGAR PUNCH
  7. Here's a trimmed test nug of the Sugar Punch (not the best shot but whatever)...
  8. Welcome to OG. You'll find this forum is pretty much the best one out there. Stay away from Indican though...that dude's a wack job ;P You'll love the Sugar Punch. I've got some growing in my backyard right now thanks to the new laws here in Oregon!
  9. Just limited by number of plants. But yes you are correct about spacing. My backyard isn't very big and that back fence it the only place with good sun...hence all three are in the raised beds together. If I could space them out more I would. I have a row of beehives along the fence as well. So space is a little tight. The Sugar Punch is the purp shown previously. From left to right is: Sugar Punch, Killingfields x TGA Dairy Queen (Dairy Fields as I like to call it) and an unknown but very good plant we call Old Glory; good yielder, purp buds, strong smoke with slight smell of stripper taint. The KF x DQ cross is producing some heavy donkey dick colas. Not pictured is a Heri x Dairy Queen cross that is super weird in structure. Smells like petrol and baby puke. It's not a good yielder and looks ugly as sin but the smoke is very strong. I have a friend who loves it so I always grow one plant just for him. I'm looking at most likely mid-October or as long as I can let them go. Soon the powdery mildew and bud rot will start showing up. Weather continues to be dry so we are looking pretty good. Usually by this time I'm thinking harvest because it gets too damp.
  10. The NSAC was/is way out of line on this one. 5 years is absolutely ridiculous. They ignored the fact that the ONLY positive test came back from a non-WADA certified lab that has a history of problematic test results. It was an outlier that should have been tossed out. With the new rules on PED use nowhere does it say anything about 5 year suspensions. And never mind they let Anderson Silva off with a retroactive suspension after his clown-shoes defense about why he popped for 'roids. Some friend gave him dick pills from Thailand?! Uh, yeah, no. The NSAC was clearly has it out for Diaz and I do hope the get their asses kicked over this. Idiots.
  11. Just to give you an idea of the height of the plants...
  12. Just placed and order to re-up my Sugar Punch seeds and requested the Kali Kush freebies. Looking forward to growing 'em!
  13. Thanks man. It's a gamble because as you know our season can be short for sativa heavy hybrids. I lucked out this year.
  14. We've had a tremendous growing season for sure. Harvest is going to be badass.
  15. Getting closer to harvest...here's the Sugar Punch...it's about 9 ft tall at this point...
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