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  1. The heribei looks like the good suprise in the lot . The only one to be really early, Holland Hope , Early Maroc...not so much even tough the early maroc might be a biddy early in disguise )
  2. The rain has come For those who remeber my patio is extremely windy ! But first, the good news The second part...sh*t happens "You should not try to save a branch at all cost the 5th week because you might be losing awolota plant later " It happened two years ago and this year the same , i should think about the structure , not about the # of branches Good vibes good people
  3. Sweet seed xxxx 10 days to go
  4. more light?you get more buds too * *non -scientific opinion
  5. Side by side , the two autos on the left heribei, on the right ...one early maroc I suppose the earliest of the bunch to date The Early Marocon the left and the biggest auto on the right for scale Hide and seek? Little auto hidden in what should be two Holland Hope The two HH , but one migh still be a biddy early with the little auto for scale Early Maroc and Heribei 9 days ago ....sun is magic Feeling well!
  6. I want to eat these autoflowering, another day of good weather , enjoying it while it last .this is belgium after all ) Still doing nothing a little bit of lombric humus, bac bloom one time per week since last week , letting the blumat work
  7. 8/7/2013 I really like the look of the automatic ..can't wait to take a sample. The sun is here at least ...may it last ...
  8. Another auto from sweet seeds
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