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  1. If you're growing in coco, it tends to lock up calcium and magnesium to some extent. I used to use RO water with coco and found I had to routinely add cal/mag. I have a private well now that runs 170 ppm of mainly calcium and iron and no more issues at all and no cal/mag needed. I've also found a ph of 5.9 - 6.2 on waterings to be ideal. Hope it helps. M
  2. Like Islay said, the rugburn OG is some great stuff. Head to the house indi. I got you on that one.
  3. mjs1392


    I got a funny feeling something will come along. It's too pretty for nobody to do something with her.
  4. Rebel x selene has my vote. And I second man's thought on the yetis. That yeti is tasty
  5. From my research,and some others here that are big Grimm fans, Mr Soul has said SOME of the original genetics are still in play, others are recreations of originals from old seed stock. Take it fwiw. IMO for the money you could probably do as well pheno hunting from lots of other sources.
  6. I bet you feel much better about that cut now.
  7. I had a vision of a beastly lady probably around 5 foot when she was 3 weeks in. If I recall that was a rebel yell x selene? How tall is that beast now I wonder...... And the new camera is a definite upgrade. Shows off your work nicely
  8. Remember the lifesavers cream hard candies? Orange cream, raspberry and I think a blueberry one? Yummy
  9. Looks like you got those new screens figured out. Nice job.
  10. It'll be good to see you folks again bro. Got some news to share when I get there and some homemade treats for you and the family. See ya real soon!
  11. I was busy doing shit last weekend so I skipped picture day. Hope nobody is gonna be all butthurt. So here it is. Week 4. Pretty uneventful. A couple leaves turned yellow and fell off. I trimmed off a few branches here and there that wouldn't amount to shit. But otherwise yeah, it's on autopilot. In case you missed it, 600 watts, barebulb, 4x4 tent, 6" exhaust, passive intake, 2 gallon pots, straight coco, handwatered Canna A&B,zyme,and MBferts vitamin and hormone solution(basically rhizotonic, boost, and superthrive in one) lights off 68-70 degrees and lights on 78-80. RH runs 50-60% Group shot One of 3 Deep Purple(JOTI) Blue Tara(Bodhi) Kolossus(Sannies) Durberella(Griot) Anesthesia(Wazzup) And to finish this weeks presentation, a simple picture showing why I like running barebulb. Besides the fact it's simple. Yeah, I run my bulb 6 inches from my plants with no issues. Enjoy the weekend folks, stay safe, be well
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