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  2. Okay, - There's a search link now in the main menu bar on top. - Date/time of posts are visible. - Topic started info visible. - Tags on top of topics shifted to the right. Now time for a
  3. Just a quick note to let you know credit card, paypal and ideal payments are back again. It's been a lot of work fixing the previous problems we had but I think I cracked it. It's 1:30 am now and I'm really off to bed now (have to work for my boss tomorrow again :-) ) There were some issues with orders earlier in this weekend but I think we have corrected them all. Sannie will contact those people for more details. The main issue was when people did complete their payment at paypal but never returned to the webshop. In those cases the order wasn't finalized at our end, but I think we fixed that now.
  4. Just wanted to let you know payment by PayPal or Credit card has been temporarily disabled. We've spent a fair amount of work getting these new payment options working in such a way that it is as discreet as possible. There is no cannabis related information on your paypal or credit card statement. We've also spent a lot of time testing it, but it turns out we missed a bug causing troubles with some orders. I've disabled paying by paypal or credit card while I'm working on a fix. The fix should be there somewhere this weekend. As soon as it is, we'll open the payment options again and I'll post it here.
  5. Congrats Whazzup! I feel this is a major improvement for OpenGrow. I will keep doing the behind the scenes technical stuff like system administration, networking, software patches etc. I've never spend much time on the admin stuff within the forum itself (user management, etc.). Hopefully with whazzup on board, everybody feels a lot happier since the admin requests from users will be dealt with much quicker.
  6. We just got confirmation that the transfer of opengrow.com has been completed. However, your own internet service provider caches the DNS answers and it can take up to 24 hours before they must requery the DNS system for updated information. This means it can take up to 24 hours before everyone can properly visit opengrow.com, but no longer than that.
  7. Short explanation: 50% of the people visiting www.opengrow.com will actually end up at www.opengrow.nl. This will show the same forum with all the new topics as posted to opengrow.com. You just cannot login to opengrow.nl, so it is basically a read-only (but up-to-date) view of opengrow.com. This is a temporary measure to give these people at least something (the other alternative is no forum at all). We hope to have this resolved in the next couple of days. We now know a solution is in place and it can take up to 24 hours before everyone can visit opengrow (this is until Saturday Sept. 26 16:00 UTC - check your local time) More detailed explanation: Since our old web hoster was making a real mess of things, we decided to purchase our own servers and take the hosting into our own hands. The opengrow.com forum already runs on these new servers at a new location. This means the IP address of www.opengrow.com has changed and we updated this in the Domain Name System (DNS) so www.opengrow.com should now resolve to this new IP address. However, our old hoster was also in control of this DNS system for opengrow.com and they messed up once again. They have two DNS servers answering the questions to resolve a hostname to an IP address. The change of IP address only made it to one of these two servers, so one is still advertising the old IP address of opengrow.com. We're also in the process of moving DNS under our own control, but changing ownership of an internet domain takes a couple of days (up to 2 weeks) to complete. Until this is completed there is not much we can do about the faulty DNS. The end result is that 50% of the people will still visit the old server. Since we still have access to this old server, we added a rule there to forward everyone to www.opengrow.nl. Opengrow.nl is hosted on our new servers so it can show the same forum as the new opengrow.com does. The only thing that doesn't work is logging into opengrow.nl. Logging in is only possible if you are visiting opengrow.com.
  8. Thanks for reporting this. This is now fixed. Seems like you were the first one to use an image that was not hosted on our servers. Whenever we find an image in a posting that is not hosted on our server, we download the image automatically and then host it from our servers. This ensures all content is still hosted over our encrypted connection and makes it impossible for third parties to track our users. If we did not do this, third parties could post images on our forum and then check who and which IP addresses download the images from their servers. By downloading the images to our server and then hosting it from our servers we prevent our users from visiting any 3rd party web servers. An error occurred with the automatic downloading of these external images. This has been fixed.
  9. I rather have people NOT doing this. It will make any future changes so more difficult since people will forget that they've put the exception in their host file. It could be that we put our two servers in a load-balancing/failover configuration and then it's vital that we can change the IP adress in the DNS server and that people do not have hardcoded IP addresses in their local host file. And by the way if people can read this message they've accidentally used the correct nameserver (ns4.uwdns.nl) and not the broken one (ns5.uwdns.nl). So, the people who can read this don't need to make the changes and the people who have problems can't read this message anyhow. Update: I've also just added a message to the opening post that we managed to recover the GrowGuide as well. Our previous hoster somehow corrupted the GrowGuide database with the move last month. Luckily we were able to recover from our own backups. (lesson learned: never trust your hoster )
  10. Yep, we've moved. Also see this topic. You are right with the new IP address. Unfortunately our old hoster has made yet another f*ckup. Yesterday we prepared the move by specifying that the IP address of www.opengrow.com is only allowed to be cached for 5 minutes. This would give us the opportunity to change the IP address and everybody would see the changes within 5 minutes. As it now turns out our old hoster has two nameserver running and one isn't picking up any changes. This means it is still advertising the same IP address as yesterday and saying that you are allowed to cache this for 24 hours. This means that 50% of the visitors is getting answers from a broken nameserver and will still try to visit the old server. We're also in the middle of moving the nameservers to our own servers. Once that is done we know for sure that everybody is getting the new and correct IP addresses. So, it could be another day or two before everybody will hit the new server.
  11. Hi, You probably noticed the availability and performance of OpenGrow has been dramatic over the last month. We had several issues with our (old) web hoster one of which meant we were moved to other servers that couldn't handle the traffic of OpenGrow and our sister sites. As a solution we purchased our own servers and are taking things in our own hands. These new servers have been installed at a new location and hopefully this will resolve all the issues we have had. The OpenGrow site has moved and is now running on the new servers. Due to another issue at our old hoster only 50% of the visitors will be directed to this new server. The other 50% will still be directed to the old server which shows a message that the site is down and has moved. One important thing we also managed is to recover the GrowGuide. With the involuntary move last month the hoster managed to mess up the move and corrupted the GrowGuide database. With the move tonight to our own new servers I managed to restore the database to the state it was before they wracked it. KNOWN ISSUE: Email notifications are not working yet KNOWN ISSUE: 50% of the visitors are still directed to the old server which shows a message about the site being moved
  12. Yes, OpenGrow (the forum) is working again. It's just the GrowGuide (wiki) at https://growguide.opengrow.com that is still having problems.
  13. Hi guys and girls, I just returned from my vacation and noticed OpenGrow was suffering from major issues again. The problem lies with the growguide, which is not operational yet. I've removed the code to automatically link keywords to growguide pages and at least the forum is working again. It's up to our web hoster to fix some stuff before we can get the growguide back up. Sorry for all the troubles this has caused. Sannie tried to reach me, but unfortunately my phone was off for the last couple of days. All the recent problems have been caused by a major screw-up by our hoster. We've been talking to them and you can rest assured that measures will be taken to prevent this in the future.
  14. Give it another try. It should be fixed now.
  15. I think I found what is causing the issue. Looking at the logfiles I discovered the following - if you use the "Estimated Shipping" thing on the right hand side when you are on the Checkout page to select the shipping address/method, things get screwed up. It does give you the adjusted shipping cost for the selected country, but after that you can't get back to the shipping page. Even if you go back to the homepage, and then click Checkout it tries to take you to the shipping page, but immediately forwards you to the payment page. This means you end up on the payment page without actually selecting a shipping method. Since there is no shipping method selected, the "send cash in an envelop" payment-method is not available (and all others fail as well). I'm trying to figure out how to reset your shopping session to a usable state and I'm also trying to find and fix the bug in the software. Both appear to be rather difficult. I'll report back here when there is more info. (Sorry for the long description of what's going wrong; but this is also for my own documentation and thought process)
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