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  1. Great feedback folks. Again, I am NOT dissing HD...I've placed numerous orders with them for many years. This is just my 1st time receiving a letter directly from Canadian Officials concerning my seeds being confiscated. Actually shook me up a bit. Just thought I would pass this on to the forum. And I totally get it that buying beans is a 50/50 proposition at best. YES...I knew in advance of their policy. I just wanted to share the info on the confiscation. Take it for what's it worth. Buy or don't buy it's totally up to you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!! Snook
  2. BeachBud.....You are correct. This is the ONLY seed supplier that doesn't go above & beyond for a paying Customer. Thruout the years I have spent a pretty penny with HD, so really, I'm not trying to diss them at all. My whole point is to think twice, at least for a little while before buy beans from them. I have one more pack of Blue Diesel from another Canadian seed supplier that I'm expecting and now I'm wondering If the same thing will happen. I will let the forum know. Snook
  3. Damn nice grow Brother! You just gotta luv all the snow on those girls!!:-))
  4. Now, let me start by saying I am not trying to underhand Hemp Depot. But the truth is the truth. I sent funds to HD sometime in late Jan. I saw that my beans had been out and so I waited...and waited....etc. I contacted Brad at HD & asked if he knew what was going on. He stated that there was a mail intercept there in Canada during that same time period. He said just wait and see. Again, I did that. 1st week of March I again contacted him about any returned mail. He stated that my mail did not come back to him, so I asked if there was anyway he could send me different beans. He told me to go look at the HD policy on selling beans. I did & (I'll make this short) and it is a no-refund, no replacement deal. So there goes my $67.00. Today I received a letter from Canada which politely states that my beans were indeed confiscated. Also, a warning that it is against Canadian Law to buy said beans. So, buyer beware. I don't know if this is a regular thing there or not. Just sayin'........ Snook
  5. I just ran Jackberry. Only two ladies though, but came out ahead with 2 1/2 ozs. Easy to grow & much fun to smoke. ENJOY YOURS!!!!
  6. 6 grows under 600w LED. I'm sold on them.
  7. @Papalag....Try Hemp Depot. They have all kinds of mango.
  8. The vape oil they have here in Florida, is subpar at best. We voted for flower, but they gave us vapes. I refuse to buy anymore MMJ until they give us the flower we voted on!
  9. Where did you get those packs of Escobar's Chocolate Rain & Chucky's Bride wrapped like that? Is he selling on another site?
  10. I have only tried the Blue Magoo bx2, however I also own 2 packs of Ms. Universe, 2 packs of Spiderbite, 1 pack of Huckleberry Space Queen and a recently acquired pack of Platinum Huck. Cookies. The BM bx2 I grew out was very very nice smoke.
  11. Nice outdoor grow Brother! Looks ready for sure
  12. Nice line up Jet Dro....I also have a pack of those Gogi OG's. I'll see how yours turn out for your run. Have fun!
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