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  1. Howdy my fellow tree & tea lovers. I had an discussion a few days ago about my tea. The guy (a chemist and also smoker/grower) didn't believe it would work. Well ... it did But we wanted to know how & why ... so he set out to find an answer. And he kinda found one (he says). The secret is in the liquorisch root witch gifs of an oily substance in the hot water. Its that oil in witch the cannabinoids dissolve... making the milk/cream/butter (witch would totally ruin the taste !!!) a thing of the past. I dare you guys to try it ... and share your findings with me in this tea topic... if my friend is wright (if he's not ... how come my tea works ???) this opens the door to a whole new range of tea's without that terrible tastkilling milk in it ... making us only taste the flavours of the cannabis and other weeds/spices. >CS<
  2. peacefully killing fields of killingfields ... now thats poetry mate ps. need you on WF (check PM!)
  3. She's a stinker allright garlic/union mixxed with spraypaint !!! And she will fill at least half my flowering department (amongst others ) before she will get a spot on the balcony ... AFTER i selected the best cutting to be a mom again. I'm seriusly thinking about 2 separated screens/scrogs... the other one could well be an Lady Cane ... or maybe Warlock (fem.. batch 2)... no wait ... maybe even the sweet BW ... almost forgot i got one of those 2 ... hmmmmmmmm ... maybe i should have 4 mini-screens then ??? ( 1 (or 2) cutting(s) each ??? ) Back 2 the old drawingboard >CS<
  4. looking good mate... now sit back ,relax and enjoy your harvest. Let the plants gif back some of the love & care you gave them... you sure as hell deserve it !!!
  5. Great to see you get all philosofic on our asses... 2 bad its out of frustration ... still, you left me with al lot of rope 2 tie some nuts within my own head. Maybe i will get back on this topic later ... i sure will read it once (or twice) more cause it was quite a lot to process all at once you know For now only one question kees : Feeling better ??? (sure hope so mate... hate 2 see you all frustrated ) >CS<
  6. Nice view into your "kitchen" sannie ... you must be totally in love with your "job" don't ya ??? I know i would be. >CS<
  7. B'cause i dont want you to feel lonely i will reply here as well as on WF (my microgrow will be joining you here soon... don't worry ) Looking good mate ... looking forward 2 smelling them and seeing them for real And i'm sure i will smoke at least 2 of the flavours your working with now and i will verry much enjoy them. >CS<
  8. @ hub ... wrath of khan sounds good if you'd ask me. And if any of the dutch guys knows where 2 get that "REAL DEAL" trainwreck please let me know ... i know of a nice old rusty fence next 2 the traintracks but mostly coverded with blackberry (nl=bramen) where no one ever walks. The side NOT facing the trains would be perfect for growing a vertical scrog in the way hub described thnx 4 the idea hub >CS< (whispering a prayer on hub's request )
  9. I'm with BeeKaa on this one ... especialy with his last sentence >CS<
  10. Thnx Buble... (thats gonna be my new desktop ) I think now my next guerilla will suply me 4 a little bit longer >CS<
  11. i used this method to find my little guerilla islands... (wish i had a cam and/or som pics 2 show you guys) if you got a boat and som water nearby...... >CS<
  12. Can't do it all at once mate ... but keep your eyes out 4 a nice guerilla spot. Next year we'll see what we can do about that O ... and you can put me on the list 4 the feminized BlackJack my (current) signature is also a tribute 2 guys like you. I just keep learning till my head will burst >CS<
  13. Looking at the previous reactions i know once more: you'r my (indoor/micro) rolemoddel 4 a (good) reason All hail St. BeeKaa. >CS<
  14. Do i finaly get notified, my internet provider's making trouble But here we go : This guy apriciates all you have done and r still doing for him... not in the last place the knowlidge you share I think i know him good enough to say that in his place And i see some things in your "little" scetch-up that puzzle's me ...... 1. you r not doing any guerilla ... like you sayd you'd like 2 ??? 2. do you know who/what's gonna be the daddy for the BJ & BW moms ??? (if its a nice guy i'll putt in my seed order wright now ) you still got som nice (stuifmeel?) in the freezer if i remember wright. >CS< (ps: i'll PM you on WF soon ... 2 talk about meeting.)
  15. These pics kinda answer my (dutch) questions on WF but only "cause i use my eyes, you make nice pic's, and on them i see one of the moms you would never put in here flowering state wright now Maybe you want 2 inlighten those who don't have my eyesight ... or the "inside information" if you can call it that and i could also just be wrong... it happens (sometimes) >CS< O ... and i thought you'd like 2 now: i got notified so member 54 has complains no more. (Xept maybe a pm button )
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