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  1. wash it off if possible, but be careful not to give too much excess water on the buds cause if too much moisture/water gets in it can mold
  2. i dont recomend you spray neem on buds especially close to harvest i dont recomend you spray anything on buds unless they just came in, because chance of mold and chance of changing flavor with residue
  3. if its 40amp it should be fine. the box wpw is showing is your best and safest bet. old buddy that i helped set up has one and it makes everything simple especially with all that power useage. if you have a large run you have to do to go from the plug to your grow area, you can use a high amperage romex to go from the breaker box to the plugs
  4. im sure youll have no problems rooting those lovely cuts best of luck and keep em happy
  5. sorry to hear best of luck
  6. heres afew shots from lastnight. trying to figure out camera settings and pics taken under the hps light. most the plants are in their last stages and only get water/mollasses til the end
  7. oh no pg is down again i think im goin to loose it. lol
  8. where did you have the exhaust run too on your setup. if you just dumped it right outside the grow area you will fight temps. its best to take it to another room or outside if all possible.
  9. id rip down the old lining. and start fresh put the white lining up 1 wall at a time where its nice and tight. use lots of ductape. once white is down then put a layer of black lining over it to help light proof it. dont waste money on pc fans. atleast get some bathroom exhaust fans. they work better under a load and through bends.can go to the depot/lowes and get fans for 20-30 and up. try to make/buy an aircooled hood or put extraction close to the bulb as possible and have a carbon filter on the other end to help with the smell of things. let me think alittle more and i can probibly come up with more
  10. heres the heri just finished last thursday and a shitty upclose
  11. i thought all bac products were organic. if not i would give a flush atleast once
  12. you shouldnt need to flush just give plain water for the last few weeks
  13. welcome aboard. hope you enjoy the stay
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