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  1. I never sent any beans out. PC broke before I could. Sorry again to those I have spoken to. Strain was ok but disappointing.
  2. Hey I finished my test run and ending work on the strain. Sorry to anyone interested, I will have some new crosses to test soon.
  3. I am just chuckin some pollen, the real breeders are sannie and the guys here who go do several generations. Someday I will be able, but for now I chuck to find cool phenos.
  4. I know Holy Smoke Seeds sells landrace, never grown them so I cant attest to quality. and Mandela is still crossing with landraces. I really want to try some of his eight miles high.
  5. I have the mother in flower now so I will show some pics when it gets more nuggy. She is quite large.
  6. Sour Jack is the female from Karma Genetics https://www.cannabis-seeds-bank.co.uk/karma-genetics-seeds-sour-jack/prod_1011.html Alpha Dawg is the male from Alphakronik https://www.cannabis-seeds-bank.co.uk/alphakronik-genes-seeds-alpha-dawg/prod_44.html I got a nice male, and I used a large yielding very frosty sour hazy lady.
  7. Sure that can work, send me an address to send and I will send as soon as I can. Just pop when it fits into your schedule, and let me know when ya start. Good luck! Edit: yea it is very jack dom.
  8. I also have about 40 Sour Jack f2 I would donate to be given away by sannie for freebies if he was interested (may not be enough for that to be worth it), or if someone else is interested in those.
  9. I have created this strain and I would love to find a few testers to help me run a few packs. You would need to do some sort of journal on here or forum/social media of your choice. Just a weekly update would be perfect with some pics and some of your thoughts on the cross that week, etc. Being a patient or live in a cannabis friendly are are would be a big plus. So if you have any interest please msg me here and we will go from there. The strain has a sour chem haze zing, very nice growth and has the possibility to get huge, but we will know more about the strain with your help. Here are a few pics from the 2 females I have found so far. Thanks, hope to hear from some of you soon. Spaceman/Errlydabbers
  10. Hey everyone, hope it is going well. These are the rest of the seedlings from this cross, so it looks like were going to have 10 plants to choose from before sexing pretty good germ rates. They are doing great and should be some fire. Flower on half in 3 weeks or so. and some bud porn for good measure. I also have a strain I bred, Sour Jack x Chem Dawg which I have seeds of, if anyone who is willing to document the grow here (or anywhere don't care) I will hook you up with a 5 pack or so to test. Supplies Limited, message me if interested. Later all
  11. Hey, I have transplanted into 1 gal pots with Promix HP cut in half or so with happy frog. Coming along very well since then. I topped after I took these pics, leaving 6 nodes on the plant. I will take the bottoms as clones and flower these out, few more weeks at least.
  12. Yea from alphakronik, super fire strain.
  13. Hey all a quick update, this was a week ago. plants are vegging along nicely. I will update more often when we switch to flower, pics of seeds are the not the most exciting, so I included some bud porn of Alpha Dawg, and an Anethesia. OBOGxGSOG Alpha Dawg Anethesia
  14. Hey going to be growing this strain, from Gage Green Genetics from seed. Looking for a nice pheno to keep for my patients, and myself. Starting in Happy Frog soil in party cups. Looks like I am going to have 5 plants to work with so hopefully a nice female in the bunch.
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