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  1. good lord cox, it must take you like, an hour to decide which type to roll up!
  2. wow - really nice pics dude. Give the grower a pat on the back for me! And if you can reach, please give yoursel a pat on the back too! Looks like you did a real good job here San! Congratz
  3. So, about time i updated something on here! Sorry all - not been active on here recently. Been stupidly busy, but enough moaning..... more weed talk Killing fields F3's came down finally, however i have no pics of that crop Wasnt massively impressed with the purple pheno's, however did get a green pheno which was incredibly nice. Smelled and tasted like strawberry nesquik/fuel/funk. Was really nice. one purp pheno almost had this going on but they were miles behind in terms of smoke quality than the green IMO. Have lost touch with Mr Silverfields in the last few weeks.. Lame. He didnt have the best of luck with his New Blue Diesel or Jackberrys so hopefully things go better for his silverfields run. So... onto the Lady Cane, of which i actually have some pics! *suprised gasp* This pheno ended up going onto 14 weeks in flower. bonkers. Just smoking on some now! Im pretty sure Esko is right when he says it can be a yield breaker. These were grown over a stupidly hot summer period and frequently were only grown under 1 or maybe 2 315w papillon daylight bulbs, it was too hot for the 1000DE to be turned on. This under his full light set up will be awesome (4x daylight bulbs and 1x Gavita 1000DE) It is a very nice smoke nice fruity/hazey smell to it (although the 14 weeker im smoking on could do with a nice cure to bring out more smells flavors obviously), can easily see the influence it has had on the CBH. Have to say though, I still prefer the smoke on the CBH compared to this though. More of a head knocker than the Lady Cane. Passed on some Sannies Jack seeds to a friend who reports them being roughly half a foot tall now... so hopefully i will actually get some pics and stuff of these to get up on here. Also a pack of Bhoudica has also just gone into Jiffys with another pal. He lives just round the corner so hopefully I will get regular updates on these. Alos just germed: KOS Poison Durban Elixir, subcool's Plushberry, and some Blue Heron from Dynasty. After reading about recent Dynasty woe's I had to get them out the fridge and in some jiffy's. So again, Im sorry to have not posted for so long guys. Will try an get on here as often as possible
  4. Hi Dude, sorry for the stupidly long delay in responding. Been mad busy recently: new job, getting ready for newborn etc. You have probably got half way through your grow now so this may not be of much use! They were veged untill they were big enough, not for a certain time. He had ridiculously high ceilings though so he got away with getting them bigger than usual. He said were just above waist height and VERY bushy as they went into flower. 1 or 2 ended up taller than him. Blue Flood Drippers were used. Pot size was the standard IWS dripper pot which i think is 7.5 litres, before that they were veged in 10cm square pots. This guy swears he gets better results with small pots in coco. He has tried uping the size to 15/20 litres but never does as well as he does with smaller pots. As they were small rootballs he was irrigating every hour or two when they were feeding heavily. Hope thats of some use
  5. You should be able to get predators for most types of pests. Ive used whitefly predators that are really effective too. how ive always applied nematodes, and how I would recommend to would be: Fill reservoir with enough water to fully saturate pots - aiming for 10% runoff. Add nematodes(usually just whole pack) anf stir Water immediately. They can drown in standing water so the sooner they are watered the better. Thats it. Should notice fly levels drop within a week.
  6. Haha im sure ive been close!
  7. Awesome. Natural predators ftw!
  8. Surely with the rate of air exchange over time through the grow room should be taken into account aswell? Just a thought.
  9. Happy b day dude, hope u had a good one.
  10. Does this make us plant pedos? Haha looking great san
  11. Manic those girls look lovely. Making me drool over here
  12. Looking good man, nice to see u have some mex leaners more than the chocolope. Oh an San, that sauce does look v nice but the name puts me off a bit! "this burger tastes great but what it really needs is some cock poured all over it"
  13. I just had to order some azure haze from DJ short after seeing how much u been loving the blue dream ran. Hoping I can find a pheno like your BD cut. If not im sure there will be something good in there. Its a shame cuts arnt readily available here like they are over your end. Although I hear some dispenseries have little in the way of scruples
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