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  1. Can someone preferable that's familiar with Plasma explain the best way to combine plasma with HPS? I currently use hortilux platinum ballast with hortilux hps bulbs. I was looking to incorporate some plasma, possibly MH in it's place but looking to raise UV also.
  2. I had f2 bengal for a few years. Ours loved water...he would climb inside the toilet and get into the sink and play. I will try to find pictures. Sadly when we had children we had to gift him to a friend as the cat wouldn't leave the kids alone in their cribs making life pretty unbearable for my wife and I. No sleep for long periods of time. I miss Charlie
  3. I'm sorry, this is hard to follow. I tried to restrain from posting on the thread as I see tempers seem to be high as it is. But can someone answer clearly, do we have a poll or no poll? Like or voting makes no difference, but it would be nice to finish the project
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    Outdoor 4 inch
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    kush in hempy 8 day into flower
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