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  1. Thanks for your answers guys;) So for know i'm looking forward to some romulan,master kush,and mazar most reliable seeds form! i've actually one OgKush fem from dinafem in veg as test ,and honey badger pheno hunt as some of the females got that piny "rosemary" but not predominant like an aftertaste. A never ending game ,marijuana strains...
  2. Hi Og! when i've started grow cannabis,it was with some "bagseeds" find on buds from switzerland good old "coffee shop" era... I remember a nice female plant (not able to keep cut at this time)with a powerful odour and taste of Pine(Pin Des Landes)or "christmas tree" and same taste at smokin Since i'm buyin seeds over here and there on the web i've never find anything like that taste So if any of you have some info on a real "piny" strain that i must have a look for (on sannie's shop or other seeds shop) wish you could help a bit on my quest! Koosh
  3. I'm a huge fan of esko's,dynasty,sannie's,but sometimes i wanna try something else i've tested jordan of the islands with pretty good result the god's bubba smell like lavender very good strain i've tested Ripper seeds but was a bit disapointed...hermies and lack of taste...no comments! but as i'm not very aware to fem seeds,i've grown philosopher's seeds "Guayita" a cross of chemdawg and i felt in love with thoses breeders! first time i've smoked a "kerozen taste" so delightful i recommend the golo line they seems pretty legit anyone else experienced with Philosophers seeds?they're spanish breeders
  4. Hi El Nino ! Nice cheesy nuggets! i've growed a lots of chucky's last years and i recognize the "typical" development of this amazing strain! are they indoor or out? the y looks like outdoor buds and i can smell from here that cheesy-cheesy nuggs it's nice report Have fun smokin' that dank
  5. Hi all! Just stopping by to say a big "thanks" to Prof P ....dude this honey badger is amazing;) i'm growing sannie's and esko's strains from long time but ooooh my goodness i felt in love with dynasty strains first discovery was the drizella but lose the mother i've selected ! and now finally, i got 4 HBH in flowering from 5 weeks and they are pure gems!! covred by trichs and the 4 plants got each a different "perfume" one is smelling like peaches in a very intense way ,other phenotypes are more hazy with different fruity aftersmell, depending on the fact that i'm smoking herijuana from a friend those dynasty strains smell very intense to my nose lol(god i can say i hate that herijuana nutty woody taste but i looooove the stone she gave to me i got also 2 KalisnappleXssh with the same smell (oldschool hazyness)one a bit stretchy and the other stayed low profile with much productivity So tHANKS for thoses good genetics i can't wait to pop Huckleberrydeathstar and Soliloqueen in few days Peace Koosh
  6. Hi Dank! Welcome on Opengrow;) Cannazon is sometimes slow but don't worry the dude behind cannazon is legit i've ordered few times the package always catch the goal with funny freebees! For selection you'll better go with the regular i'm sure they will be back soon this is a best seller strain ! have you ever think about the xocolope? Have fun Koosh
  7. Thanks a lot for taking the time and info Roodni i will post pic in the next week with the stash i've ordered to make some
  8. @simlfc hi! 10 weeks for chucky's looks pretty weird! i don't know what the rev is thinkin about but... i've runned in the past something like 5,6 different chucky's females for a selection and the longer flowering where something like 9 weeks! maybe you got intern probs Peace
  9. thanks BalzaSteel! do you think i can use a "bubbleator bag 90mc" in a second time? i mean using the bag for dry extract no ice/water
  10. Hey boyz'ngirlz! i got questions about making dry sift first i'm a weed smoker since many years using all the inhalation methods possibles hehe(vaporisator,reefers,bongs,hookah,etc...just no tobacco and no blunts make me sic!) i grow and smoke some pretty good buds from different strains but i feel a bit "bored" about smokin weed and i've buyed a "vape pen" few months ago and making dry sift with a basic tiny "pollen shaker" and...wow i just can't stop smoking that pure "skuff" i feel a better high and oooh gosh those terps in my mouth so i think about buyin' a kind of "frame screen" if u know what i mean... but my question "finally!) is about microns ,150mc do you thing is a good size for a good quality "skuff"? i don't want "pure trichomes" just a good product like some pollens you can find on netherlands! thanks
  11. i want slices of this in a burger.... :dribble:
  12. hi Vaporizing cat nice to meet you nice report this "sanfune" looks like bomb the breeder do the right job @santero i totally agree with the "tropical poo"
  13. heya purpbuz;) nice to meet you by the way... i have grownd a lot of strains in the past years but since i was "gifted" some holy princess beans i've stopped looking the other... so i only have now different type of holyP mother in my closet,never found a shitty pheno at all! some are more fruity(c99dominance maybe)) other more redfruity (santamaria dom probably) and we got different variation of thoses tastes mmmmmmh yummy yummy! you can expect different yelders,some are low yelders with tiny denses nuggets,other more tropical in general are way more productive..holy p gaven me some huuuge nuggets never seen before lol! this f1 is a pure pleasure to grow be kind on the nutes and all will be fine! have fun
  14. hi satchweed no you're not alone;) thoses buds looks yummy did you noticed differents odors between each plants or the smell overall the same?
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