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  1. so sorry I'm not very active any more - just don't have the time! Since I'm not an admin any more my mailbox is full... But yes, that looks like one of the two the phenos I used. We'll be in touch...
  2. So the good news was that I was ready to do the Anesthesia again, after the summer the bad news is that unfortunately all 3 primary external backups of the skunk afghan have been lost over the last 9 months due to plagues and the men in blue So I have two choices: Try to stabilize an f# with the backup seeds I have left (and that will take a long time, believe me, ik tossed so many F2's already) Find my Skunk Afghani from secondary safety backups Find an alternative Skunk Afghani mother My philosophy is though that I only make the F1, for growers to select their own pheno. So option 1 is not an option. I'm already in the process of contacting some fellow breeders who were secondary backups to see if I can get a hold of her, but it will not be easy. I haven't given up hope though. The Kronocaine mother (My Amnesia Haze selection from 12 years back) has been saved from the hands of the law recently fortunately, but keeping your genetics is a constant battle here. If you like the Kronocaine, get her now and grow her! The seeds are still good, thanks to them being chilled and well kept, but they will go out of stock before not too long. As Kronocaine (strangely enough) was never a big seller, I was not planning a new batch, that would be a bit of a waste of time unfortunately. She is getting a bit of a revival in Spain at the moment. If there is enough interest in the Kronocaine, and the Afghani is not available, I might just do that one instead again to replenish the seeds. I will keep you all posted but this will take a lot of work. Those who have seeds still: Use them. They are getting old. Select your phenos and grow them. Don't sit on your seeds. They are fading diamonds. Grow them! peace
  3. It's a bit late, but I kept my blumats between 80 and 120. Lots of things going on at the moment, autumn is coming which is a great time to breed...
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    Every once in a while I revisit this topic. Kronocaine is grown again in Spain, talked to a fellow grower/breeder who didn't know I bred it. That was fun. We did this while sipping an English lager, and came to the conclusion this is what our beer tastes like when we leave it standing overnight
  5. I think they are still available btw. Sannie puts a limited amount in the shop, lots of people order, but not everyone sends in the cash of course. So he is careful not to oversell his stock. But they still show on stock in the shop at this moment. There are a few good grow logs on the forum, it's an easy plant which does require some veg though. Happy growing everyone! Oh, some news from the new stock: unfortunately the cuttings that I got started to flower instantly, and it took me 3 months to do a good reveg! That was a great test for the genetics too: no male flowers. A drag though with the croppy afghani, as the flowers start to wilt and dry and the risk of a fungal infection is great. Worked well though and have some beautiful cuttings again. They have been regenerating in sunlight (and plant light at night) so the health is optimal. Ready for a new batch this winter.
  6. go get them guys... Sannie is just very careful to not sell anything he doesn't have anymore.
  7. Wow. That did go fast. Possibly because of the limited stock Sannie put a temporary hold on it until the payments come in. I will do my best to make another new batch.
  8. I just drop them in the solution for 2 days until they pop, then I plant them. be careful not to overdo it with the hydrogen peroxide, 0,3-0,5% solution work great. For really difficult old, and hard seeds maybe a bit higher, but not much. Very effective for all seeds btw. As in the picture on the previous page. Temp of 22-24C is more than enough.
  9. http://www.sanniessh...esia-en-nl.html Go get them while they last! Remember, these are a few years old. Though I had no problems with germination, I used a 0,3% Peroxide solution (not 3%!! Water it down to 0.3-0.5%). I would always recommend that with older seeds, works perfectly. You will see a few bubbles form around the seeds, which is normal.
  10. Heri / skunk1xafghan. This is what I have scraped together for you guys.
  11. So I finished all the germination trials, a few batches underperformed but two did very well, 100% germination. Those will be going to Sannie, I hope today or tomorrow. Wanted to do it this weekend but wanted to give the other seeds a fair go first. The ones I selected are from the fourth seeds run. I made them in 2011 together with the first Kronocaine.
  12. Stability primarily. Some extreme cultivars have some instability. If you let an afghani or a anesthesia flower really long you will see that as well. It is never a problem, but it happens. So stability of the male is very important. This is the male I used 3 times.
  13. My goal was to stay as close as possible to the original genetics, while opening up this bushy indica. So all versions are the same, though I switched herijuana father once. Herijuana does not add taste, but potency and vigor. I only do an F1 because it it my belief that growers should select their own favorable pheno to grow.
  14. I took some seeds back from my backups (always keep backups everywhere!) because there were still enough. So I have now 4 generations of Anesthesia here, from the very first f1 v1 with two different mothers (f1a and f1b) up to the f1 v4. It will not be possible to order those separately and before I bring them to Sannie this weekend I will test germinate about ten of each. I will keep the generations together though and labeled, so you will know what you are getting. But the good news is I have a few hundred seeds. Let's hope they were all kept well and are still viable.
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    For some reason Kronocaine never was very popular in sannies shop. Which is a pity because it has such good genetics and performs so well. My friends fro AI fame in Switserland use it for production because of the high cannabinoids content, the vigor, the great resistance against mildew and the short flowering cycle. Medicinally I had such great feedback on it as well, specifically people with muscle pains and back pains love it. There is still limited stock at sannies shop, so if you want to get it, do. It will be a while before I am able to make new. Rest assured, the genetics are still safe and sound, so I will be able to make it again. It's been a tough few years for me, working my ass off and traveling a lot, and my job doesn't give me much room to breed. Specifically the anesthesia is a tough one to breed as the original skunk afghani is such a bitch. I have not been able to be on the forums much any more, which I regret, but I spent a good couple of years helping build a community and those threads are still well visited. Just know that I haven't forgotten you all. Thanks for your continuing support and keep it green!
  16. Hi guys, Thanks Aad for passing the message. I have been extremely busy last few years and my job brings along some limitations to what I can do. An F2 will require lots of trial and error, believe me I have been there and I was not satisfied with the results. It will take an F3 or F4 for this strain to be stable. I had bags full of F2, three different tries, and I all tossed them as I came to the conclusion that staying close to the original and leave the pheno choice to the grower is the best thing to do. The original positronics skunk afghani is a real bitch and it is really hard to breed with her. So it requires utmost care and attention to bring it to a good end and I have scrapped complete tries in the past. In a successful breed I have to discard about 60-70% of the seeds. At the moment I am rejuvenating my mother in sunlight, which is always a good idea to preserve genetics, and I will probably doing the next stock with SWIM under plasma. Thank you for your continuing support, this is a labor of love project, and it is about sharing. In the meanwhile, do take a look at Kronocaine. It is one of the most underrated strains in Sanniesseeds stock, and there is still limited supply. I have preserved the mother though (thanks to my loyal friends, you know who you are) and she is also in sunlight again and looking incredible. My friends at AI Fame in Switzerland are using her for production because of the short flowering period, high cannabinoids content, stability and resistance against mildew. Though you can do a long cycle with Kronocaine, if you check your flowers for CBN during the grow then you will notice that she is ready pretty early. I personally prefer growing her a bit longer because I like the broader effect of a long grown Kronocaine personally, but for extracts etc this is truly a winner.
  17. sorry to hear that, your plants looked great! Let me give you a few good advices for any next time: 1. Ventilation is crucial for a good grow room. If you use a passive instake, make sure that the SURFACE of your intake is at least 5 times as mucht as the surface of your extraction. Always use an underpressure suystem if you can not completely seal a room in a room. 2. Right-size your ducting/filter and fan: all the same flange size and OVER dimension them rather than exactly the right size. 3. NO corners or bends in your ducting, or as few as possible. If you can, use metal pipe instead of flexible ducting. When using flexoble ducting, use metal corners if possible, and always stretch the ducting. 4. Begin with a simple and proven nutrient program. Do not experiment with different or complex nutrients during your cycle because you are likely to fuck up . To experiment you must first find a base line and then change only one aspect of your room. Only yhen you can see, understand and learn the effects of a change. I used the Bio Nova soil one component when I started, proven good stuff and I only used a single bottle. Dosage is easy: increase slowly until the tips of your leafs almost burn, then go 10% back. This is a good start to learn to read your plants. Nice thing about the Bio Nova is that it conaint molasses, which are great in soil and for soil life.
  18. Whazzup

    My Babies

    nice croppy plants!
  19. Philips new 315W CDMs are the way to go if you choose MH. They are CMH lamps and they output 1.9 umol/W and have a very good light maintenance.
  20. Raw slim, smoking black, smoking gold, though I have sometimes problems with the glue on Raw.
  21. In Belgium you must vote according to the law - shall we introduce Belgium voting policy on Opengrow? As for the disappointed members regarding to the selction: It is always really difficult to make a selection out of so many pictures, and the poll we have does not cater for a pre-selection by entering 3 groups of 10 (you can only vote once per group) so that would not be honest. The simplest thing to do is to present a selection to vote on. and so it is done with almost all the potm topics on the net. Of course you will never agree on the selection: 20 different people would make 20 different selections, but someone needs to do the job! Fortunately we can all agree to disagree
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    I smoked some pretty nice e-fluid ciggies in the US, taste was great, effect is enough to keep you happy, you need to smoke a **lot** to get stoned though. But for the medical patient who only needs a few puffs it is very handy. The trick of course lies in making the good e-fluid. Many recipes around, either with and without decarboxylation.
  23. It was recommended to lock down the choice to ten. It is impossible to do a good comparison and make a good choice out of 30. Also, having the option to vote on three (of 3x10) is not a fair way of voting: all best pictures could be in the first ten. Lavie: please correct and pre-select 10.
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