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  1. howdy howdy!!! i am back, getting ready to move west with a wonderful man, looking at houses...... i know its been awhile, had a few things i had to sort out....
  2. howdy mr. long time since i posted, thought needed a break am doing ok.....
  3. howdy zanzibar, thanks for the kind words and comments here is a rundown of what i have harvested and what strains i currently am running deepchunk mtf monk, ko kush, herijuana, jbxbk, something rebelshack etc mtf, trainwreck, g13 x tw, blueberry running blueberry mtf deepchunk k-99 mendo purps blueberry indica trainwreck madonna og kush blueberry sativa chem d
  4. thanks for stopping by topaz and your kind words..... one of the things that happens to some when ya get old, lol
  5. just a little side note, before i made this thread and others, dub and i talked extensively.....i put up strains of attack with his full permission
  6. thnks for the kind comments mr, time will tell which is my favorite, there are so many i like.... this is what my feet do when i walk too much or sometimes for no particular reason.....bedrest x 2 weeks that time
  7. so here are a few pics i took of last harvest......
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