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  1. For that recipe, 350F was out of control for the decarb. I backed it off to 300F. Its easier to get a unfiorm brown at that temp without vaping the weed. Seems to still give the high potency that I was getting at the higher temp.
  2. I'm with ya'll on the HP. Lovely weed but super tall and thin plant.
  3. For real horsepower I make a tincture using the the same decarb method and then I put the material in Everclear (95%) for three days. I use just enough alcohol to cover the material. You strain it after 3 days. This can be mixed with water or juice and taken internally. Or it can be sprayed topically. I've had good results topically on people with carpal tunnel and arthritis. Sometimes people need to take some internally as well to get good results. Drinking the tincture also works on some types of insomnia and constipation. An oil works for that too; Same as the salve recipe but with olive oil or flax seed oil so you can use it from a dropper bottle. edit: An alcohol tincture is far stronger because alcohol can hold way more in suspension than oil.
  4. If you try the recipe, be careful doing the decarb. The weed is pretty much vaping at 350F. I would be sure of your temperature and take it out every 5 minutes to check and stir. The high temperature makes the product far more potent than when I decarb at 225F. I use the high temp decarb for edibles, tinctures and topical sprays as well. The salve just gets used as needed. The amount will vary depending on what you use it for.
  5. Yes I held on to three phenos for about a year and then dumped them cause I got tired of the smell. The smell is great at first but its very unique. Now I want it back. Salve recipe: -grind and then decarb material for about 10-15 minutes in 350F oven. decarb it until its uniformly brown. Stir it every 5 minutes and check it. The time varies a lot depending on how much material you use and how well spread out it is. I use sugar trim and small nugs. -Put the material in some melted coconut oil. I use as little oil as possible, about 4oz per 1oz of weed. -Cook this at 250F for two hours. Strain and its done. You can make edibles with the leftover material; it will be covered in good oil. That's awesome man, you made DK better. Good to get your report on it too. I'm not going to get that strain anymore.
  6. Smoking it is like pouring really stoney welch's grape juice into the top of your head. It fills your head first, and then over the next couple of minutes it goes down your neck into your body, and finally arms and legs. After that it puts a smile on your face. There's a hint of kush behind the welch's grape. Potency-wise its a one-hitter-quitter. The top of the buds have faintly purple calyxes. There's red in there too, and blue. It's hard to see in the photo. It was grown in warm Fall temps and I think there will be a lot of color on this next Winter run. I have two cuts vegged out and in 5 gal buckets, ready to flower. I plan to grow a lot of this one.
  7. SR71 Purple Kush x Instant Karma tester. Very stoney, kushy grapes.
  8. I had an aborted test of the Yooper because none of the seeds sprouted. The seeds were huge and I didn't scuff them. I saw some very nice pics of finished plants from people who got them to sprout. They got low yields of very frosty, og looking and smelling nugs. I tested a cross with the sweet tooth #4 male. I forget what the female was, so not sure how much value this info has. It was beautiful but significantly less stoney than the other stuff I run so Iet it go. I would get the regular lung candy myself. I know a guy who's been testing for mota longer than anyone I've heard of. He says Redneck Kush (or double kush which is an f2 of redneck kush) is "the complete package." This strain would be my choice over all but tfv2. I've been looking at the apollo for quite awhile, but never saw a grow of it. Very tempting.
  9. Cool to know Mota is still using my pics The other strains I ran of his were mostly testers. Of his regular strains, I only ran Valley Ghash. I had one female and didn't like the orange flavor it had. From what I've heard Lung Candy is another winner.
  10. Thanks D O G. Wookie foot! I've gotta check them out. Best name ever.
  11. Snow Wookie testers are done: Wookie 7 (big buddy lavender x appalachia) x Snow Lotus. I had a really bad run due to a batch of home made foliar spray getting into my compost. It was a jar full of toasted egg shells and vinegar (to make calcium acetate). It only takes a teaspoon per gallon to use it and my compost got a whole quart. I tried to use the compost anyways... Somehow the plants still came out really nice, but were very small. Here is my keeper: I had six females. They all taste like sugar, rubber and fruit, except for one that is more earthy. I can't get enough of the rubber taste. These buds get me stoned from head to toe, inside and out. It doesn't take much to do it. My vision gets sort of blurry if I keep smoking. It's as if the high is hard to see through. It's a heavy indica. Probably the strongest one I have. I have some clones of these in flower now, in soil with a new batch of good compost. They are normal size this time. I can't wait!
  12. Glad you found em h.truman! Best of luck with your pack of gold!
  13. Love it. Beautiful work. Thank you for the inspiration. I'm still working on a compost tea version of your NFT. I have a design and am starting the build today. I'm going put the plant in soil over a reservoir with airstones. The runoff will form compost tea in the reservoir.
  14. My two PF females stretch quite a bit, maybe 4x. I ran them untopped the first time and they would have grown through the roof if I let them. I like the stretch because I don't have to veg long and the buds still fill in all the way. Be ready for a very potent head high
  15. I have a couple that just went into flower. I'll post some pics when they're done.
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