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  1. Useless

    Hola amigos

    @santeroHupla is doing alright. I had plans to cross the pond and visit him entourage to the f1 races at spa and monza, but that's all gone to shite now. Nothing in the works right now. @TokerI'm in the same boat. No rest for the wicked! @MisterdirtI'd love to see some pics. @saxo @beachbud, good to see you folks as well.
  2. Useless

    Hola amigos

    Thought I'd drop in and say hello. Been a while. How's everyone doing?
  3. Im still around my friend. Little bit war torn and tired, but still alive and kicking.
  4. Still here. Was told the section was removed? Fuck, I honestly don't know what the fuck is up???? All I know, from this side of the pond, is things never die. Went underground for a bit, but never count me out! Cheers
  5. WOW. Seems I have missed a lot. Gypsy got nicked? Rez is only doing 3 months? (Just personal opinion, but sounds like a fucking rat to me), IDK the charges or case, but thats a light fucking sentence. Especially from what I know was done, In Florida, thats a penalty for growing like 1 plant. Just saying. And why is he in Penn state? IF it was a Florida deal? Guess I need to read up on things and catch up with the community. But, hey who am I? Just a breeder that got fucked over. And I can't even tell you who did me wrong. And frankly, I don't give a flying fuck. I will gladly buy both parties a beer and smoke a spliff with them, because above all, life is too complex, fragile, short lived, and really overall unrealistic to hold petty grudges against anyone over anything. Especailly money, and the great gift that is the ganja. Its a shame honesty and integrity and friendships don't mean a fucking thing when greed rears its ugly head. So drink a beer, smoke a joint, and always remember, money comes and goes, life is short and fleeting. Cheers, and peace and love and long life to all my friends, past, present and future.
  6. Useless

    Grow Room

  7. Useless

    Useless' Hash and Oil Album

    Pics of different hash, oil etc. Info for extractions
  8. I might be able to make it up there. Where is it being held at? If I can get up that way, you going to have a few pints with me Whazz? HAHAHA
  9. Hey wrecks The FN series is pretty decent. I usually suggest it to new growers due to its ease of use. You don't even need the grow if you want to keep it super easy. The FN Bloom at 8 ml per gallon is virtually identical to the Lucas formula. The one thing I have noticed is that it takes a bit longer for the final flushing before chop to get the nice soft white ash when smoking the dried flowers. Seems to be a bit slower for the plants to uptake and remains in the soil longer. I always flush the Flora series (3 part) for 2 weeks prior to harvest, the FN needs about 3 weeks of plain water to exhaust the soil and allow the plants to metabolize the stored nutrients. Other than that, the stuff is great for a single bottle nutrient requiring no mixing.
  10. Useless

    Breeding Strains

    Ko CHang Thai, Landrace Afghani, Landrace S. African, DF Lemon Thai, and lots of clone only strains.
  11. I hate the little fuckers. Thats why after every crop I drop p bombs, 3 days apart 3x. Neem works by coating the exoskeleton. This prevents them from molting, which prevents them from laying eggs. They can grow from a hatchling to egg layers in 5-7 days depending on temps and rh. Thats why you must treat them every 3-4 days. It is also a good idea to alternate treatments, as they will build an immunity to any one type of treatment really fast. Good luck
  12. I have not tried the HGF version. The DP version I tried was such a disappointment I gave up on anyone actually having proper Cali-O in seed form. I honestly can't remember if it was Cali-O or OB that I had tried. It's also kind of confusing, as we always called the Cali-O, OB for short. Back then strain names weren't important. You called weed what it looked or smelled like. You had mexican (usually we called it brick or sometimes gas weed due to it being smuggled in gas tanks), red hair (usually the panama red, but could be any mid grade sensemilla, not compressed), green bud (high grade green flowers with few red hairs) and skunk (the real skunk, what people call RKS now), and the Cali-O/OB. The growers I used to get it from were the biggest producers of it on the west coast. They got pinched around '95-'96. They were big time into real estate, and had 11 houses all get raided the same day. Each house was gutted and had nothing but plants in every single room. They were very secretive, the undercover DEA agent that infiltrated their group took 3 years before he got the info required to nail them. I wish I could my hands on the cut they used. Always wanted to cross it to Lemonberry. Good luck to you man, hoping you find sick ass orange peel skunk to enjoy.
  13. The spinosad is OMRI rated, fully organic and just fine to use on fruits and veggies right up to harvest. I cut it off at three weeks prior to chopping, as it only seems to last about two weeks. That way I get clean flowers with no residue. Best thing I have found for controlling pests outdoors.
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