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  1. @santeroHupla is doing alright. I had plans to cross the pond and visit him entourage to the f1 races at spa and monza, but that's all gone to shite now. Nothing in the works right now. 

    @TokerI'm in the same boat. No rest for the wicked! 

    @MisterdirtI'd love to see some pics. 

    @saxo @beachbud, good to see you folks as well. 

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  2. WOW. Seems I have missed a lot. Gypsy got nicked? Rez is only doing 3 months? (Just personal opinion, but sounds like a fucking rat to me), IDK the charges or case, but thats a light fucking sentence. Especially from what I know was done, In Florida, thats a penalty for growing like 1 plant. Just saying. And why is he in Penn state? IF it was a Florida deal? Guess I need to read up on things and catch up with the community.


    But, hey who am I? Just a breeder that got fucked over. And I can't even tell you who did me wrong. And frankly, I don't give a flying fuck. I will gladly buy both parties a beer and smoke a spliff with them, because above all, life is too complex, fragile, short lived, and really overall unrealistic to hold petty grudges against anyone over anything. Especailly money, and the great gift that is the ganja. Its a shame honesty and integrity and friendships don't mean a fucking thing when greed rears its ugly head.

    So drink a beer, smoke a joint, and always remember, money comes and goes, life is short and fleeting.

    Cheers, and peace and love and long life to all my friends, past, present and future.

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  3. Hey wrecks

    The FN series is pretty decent. I usually suggest it to new growers due to its ease of use. You don't even need the grow if you want to keep it super easy. The FN Bloom at 8 ml per gallon is virtually identical to the Lucas formula. The one thing I have noticed is that it takes a bit longer for the final flushing before chop to get the nice soft white ash when smoking the dried flowers. Seems to be a bit slower for the plants to uptake and remains in the soil longer. I always flush the Flora series (3 part) for 2 weeks prior to harvest, the FN needs about 3 weeks of plain water to exhaust the soil and allow the plants to metabolize the stored nutrients. Other than that, the stuff is great for a single bottle nutrient requiring no mixing.

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  4. I hate the little fuckers. Thats why after every crop I drop p bombs, 3 days apart 3x.

    Neem works by coating the exoskeleton. This prevents them from molting, which prevents them from laying eggs. They can grow from a hatchling to egg layers in 5-7 days depending on temps and rh. Thats why you must treat them every 3-4 days. It is also a good idea to alternate treatments, as they will build an immunity to any one type of treatment really fast.


    Good luck

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  5. I have not tried the HGF version. The DP version I tried was such a disappointment I gave up on anyone actually having proper Cali-O in seed form. I honestly can't remember if it was Cali-O or OB that I had tried. It's also kind of confusing, as we always called the Cali-O, OB for short. Back then strain names weren't important. You called weed what it looked or smelled like. You had mexican (usually we called it brick or sometimes gas weed due to it being smuggled in gas tanks), red hair (usually the panama red, but could be any mid grade sensemilla, not compressed), green bud (high grade green flowers with few red hairs) and skunk (the real skunk, what people call RKS now), and the Cali-O/OB.

    The growers I used to get it from were the biggest producers of it on the west coast. They got pinched around '95-'96. They were big time into real estate, and had 11 houses all get raided the same day. Each house was gutted and had nothing but plants in every single room. They were very secretive, the undercover DEA agent that infiltrated their group took 3 years before he got the info required to nail them.

    I wish I could my hands on the cut they used. Always wanted to cross it to Lemonberry.

    Good luck to you man, hoping you find sick ass orange peel skunk to enjoy.

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  6. Good luck man.

    When I was younger the Cali O in my area was phenomenal. Great smell and flavor, hardcore orange peel skunk. Used to get top dollar for it. That strain got me pinched going into Canada, stunk right through 3 bags wrapped in tape.

    Unfortunately, the DP version I tried after the growers of the cut from area were busted was nothing like the Cali-O. Lots of bright orange hairs, but very bland smell and flavor and virtually no high. Hope yours give you something good.



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  7. Looks like damage from tomato worms to me. Small green caterpillers. Really hard to see unless you catch them moving from shelter to the feed source. If you don't address them now, when the buds form they crawl into them for warmth and then they poop. The fecal matter is perfect food for botrytis (sp?) and will rot your buds from the inside out at an alarming rate.

    The cure - Spinosad. I like the Monterey Insecticide with spinosad. You can get it in a bottle that attaches to your garden hose which makes it super easy to treat an outdoor garden. Spray all the plants and soil, and everything within 10 feet of your ladies, every 2 weeks up until 3 weeks before chop time.

    Good luck.

  8. For a humidity dome, go buy a precooked chicken at your grocery store. Black bottom for a tray, clear dome top. And you get to eat too. An alternative is to place the cuts in whatever medium you are going to use, place that in a beer cup, cover cup with a sandwich bag and rubber band to secure the bag in place. You can use sticks of some kind to keep the bag from sagging.

    Lots of ways to skin a cat, even more ways to make clones. Just need to be creative and work with what you have.


    Good luck.

  9. Seems to me the UW was just an old school hash plant or maybe hp x g13 that yields really well. Originates from the PNW. Its been around for a long time now. If I recall correctly that is, and we are talking about the same strain.

    The "story" is funny as all hell though.

  10. Don't know if this helps, I didnt do the math as I havent even had my coffee yet, but a 1.5 cubic foot bag of soil is around 12.5 gallons.

    SInce a 5 gallon bucket is 12" dia x 18" tall, you could estimate 16 x 5 gallon buckets per 4'x4' area. Your height is half that at 9".

    Hope that helps.


    Edit - 4'x4'x9" = 12 cubic ft. making it around 8 bags of soil at 1.5 cu. ft. per bag.

  11. Hey BHC, Wonton is right from my experience. I have used guano teas in an RDWC, and failed miserably. Worst run I ever had.

    Your UC system should be able to go higher, I rock my PPMs around 800. Perhaps it might be the ratio of minerals in respect to each other that is off and could be causing the low PPM requirement you have? What feed schedule you using?

    Anyway, good luck with the teas man. I'll keep this tagged.

  12. i've grown Hell's Angel OG. a real beauty. very special!!! similar to the Tahoe OG. very dank and sweet, fruity. very stoney.


    indica dom... heavy hitter. a real nice OG. would love to get my hands on another cut.


    Hell's Angel OG = OG Kush x Blackberry


    if she is Hell's Angel BX : then she is not the legendary Fire OG Useless/Joker are talking about


    she is "Fire" as in the shit (more sloppy slang for chronic or whatever)


    not as the fire on your throat Fire


    the real Fire OG is very nice. different than the Hells Angel OG. spicier, harsher, not as sweet, not as fruity.


    i hope for your sake you have a pure Hell's Angel BX. that would be sweet!


    strain acronymns can be confusing these days... i've seen a lot of strains in my day and sometimes it ends up like doing math. there are just so many damned strains. just type em out i say! ;)


    I used to have the HA OG, never tasted or smelled fruity to me. First time I ever heard it was a cross with Blackberry. I have heard the HA cut is the OC cut, and at least very close to the Larry cut, but I've never grown them all side by side. I only kept 3 OGK cuts, the Tahoe, The SFV and what I was told wa the OC cut, but I believe it's one of the Soul Assassin Crews cuts.

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  13. OK seriously... it's more of a topic of endless hours of conversation than a question you can simply answer. here's the best answer i could possibly give... if there is one.


    as HC said, the term OG goes back to the 70's meaning Ocean Grown. it was a term for higher grade Cali buds that were not closet grown, dirt weed or mexican, which was more common. mostly it just meant it was grown in the open air, near the ocean. That is incorrect. First time I ever heard the OG monikor was in the mid to late 90's.


    so that's when OG became a generic mark of quality for weed. Again, incorrect. While it is way overused and used incorrectly, when people OG or OG Kush, it refers to a specific family line and is not generic.


    genetically the OGs came from a chem91 cut. there were a large amount of seeds and cuts circulating at the time, so the OGs became named based on different characteristics and regions that brought out different smells, flavors, and effects. (mostly NorCal and SoCal) Speculation. No one knows for sure what the OG lineage is. While the Chem 91 and the older OGK's ( Tahoe, OC, HA, SFV) do have some similarities, OGK being an S1 of Chem is pure speculation. Most of the OGK's were originally named for their local. Hence SFV, Tahoe, OC, 818 etc. The S1's started getting named from the grower (Ghost, Abusive etc) and now there are literally hundreds if not thousands of S1's named after everything you can think of.


    there was a site called OverGrow that got shut down, a lot of people were working with OG cuts at the time. When OG got shut down, the kush craze was in full swing, but the original cuts were still omewhat sought after. The widest spread cuts of OGK on the boards at the time were the Ghost and Abusive cuts.


    OG has also been commonly used like chronic as a generic namesake for good weed. Only by kids that don't know shit from shine-ola. Anyone "in the know" expects a cali kush line when they hear OGK.


    mostly, authentic OGs are kush hybrids made of chem crosses. Again, pure speculation.


    traits would vary since there were indica and sativa dominant chem varieties.. Incorrect. Chem 91 is chem 91. It is clearly a sativa/indica hybrid, but therre was only one chem91 clone. The variances in OGK are minute, subtle differences between cuts.


    when someone says OG kush, it should have some genetic lineage from the Hindu Kush mountain region and more than likely contains Afghani genetics. I agree that originally the term kush was used to identify strains from the Hindu Kush mountain range, but could be Afghan or Paki as both countries claim part of the HK moountain range. However, when OG is thrown in front, it is commonly understood that one is referring to the Cali "Kush" lines. There is a differentiation.


    when someone says OG it means it should have been derived from the chemdawg lineage. Again, incorrect. No one can say with solid proof what the lineage of OGK is, and no one can prove it was bred from the Chem 91 cut or that it is an S1 of the Chem.


    of course, the fact of the matter is, lots of breeders have exploited the names Kush and OG for marketing appeal. there are definitely OGs out there that have nothing to do with the lineage. there are also a number that came out of working with the different phenos of the original OGs. Agreed.


    bottom line, if you want to understand OG you have to get to know Chemdawg. here's the chemdawg story:


    History of the Chemdawg Family


    At a Grateful Dead show at Deer Creek Amphitheatre, 'joebrand' (aka 'wonkanobe') and 'pbud' met 'chemdog' and sold him an ounce of very high quality pot for $500. joe and chemdog exchanged numbers and they later arranged for two ounces to be shipped to chemdog on the east coast. According to chemdog, one ounce was seedless and the other had 13 seeds.


    In ’91, chemdog popped the first 4 seeds. From these seeds, one male was found and disposed of (chemdog was young, you can’t blame him). The 3 females were labeled ‘chemdawg’ (now ’91 chemdawg), ‘chemdawg a’ (now chemdawg’s sister), and ‘chemdawg b’. In '01, chemdog and his girlfriend attempted to germ 3 more seeds, labeled ‘c’, ‘d’, and ‘e’. the ‘e’ seed never germinated, ‘c’ turned out to be junk (according to chemdog), and chemdawg ‘d’ was the keeper. In '06, 'chemdog' and 'joebrand' reunited and joe was given 4 of the last 6 beans: Chemdawg phenos 1-4, '4' being the chosen keeper. Joe thought the '4' was the best representation of the original and thus dubbed it the 'reunion pheno'. Chemdog still has two seeds left in his stash.


    Chemdawg Crosses:

    • 'OG Kush' (the original cut) came from an s1 seed from a bag of '91 Chemdawg in the Lake Tahoe area in 1996.

    • 'Sour Diesel' aka ECSD came from an accidental cross of ('91 Chemdawg x Mass Super Skunk/NL)x DNL after the DNL hermed and seeded the room. The DNL's lineage is NL/Shiva x Hawaiian.

    • Original Diesel' (also known as Diesel #1, Headband, Daywrecker Diesel, Underdawg) came from a cross of '91 Chemdawg x (Mass Super Skunk x Sensi's Northern Lights) done by a guy known as ‘weasel’. This story of Chem is true, as both Chemfather and Joe brand have verified it. Also the lineages are correct.




    "The ChemDawg has an incredible pedigree, it is the mother of NYC Diesel, Sour Diesel and OG Kush. It´s an elite clone isolated in 1991, in the East Coast of the USA. It is the mother of Original Diesel, which is the mother of Sour Diesel, and may or may not be related to the NYCD, which was a cross done by Soma. Again, it is unknown if it is related to OGK.


    according to this article the original chemdawg is still available in the form of a clone to select breeders around the world......just some extra information i found on chemdawg. great mother to many elite strains. Agreed. The Chem91 is one of my favorite smokes and a great plant to grow.


    "The first Chem Dog strain was grown in Montana and sold in Colorado for years before being purchased by Chemdawg, whom was in Massachusetts. While in Colorado, where a primarily indica "Chem" line had been produced steadily for years, confirming that Chem Dog (and related siblings) are indeed of predominantly indica genetics. Chemdawg was now a proud owner of 13 original seeds and in 1991 Chemdawg sowed his first 4 seeds. One turned out male, but the other three were females that became "Chem 91" or "ChemDog '91", "Chem A" (Chem 91 sister), and "Chem B" phenos. In 2000, Chemdawg sowed 3 more seeds labeled "C", "D" and "E". The "C" seed did not turn out well, the "E" seed never germinated and the "D" seed was the winner. In 2006 Chemdawg brought back 4 original Chem Dog seeds to Joebrand in Colorado to be grown out. Those seeds accounted for four more Chem Dog phenotypes, but only the 4th was labeled worthy to its genetics and named "Reunion Pheno". Chemdawg still has two more original seeds in his possesion from the early 1990's. Although some say Chemdawg gave everyone cuttings, never gave seeds away and he still has 6 seeds left. Never heard the Montana part. Speculation is that the line might have come from the PNW, but if I recall PBud had stated the bag Chemfather got with the seeds was grown in Colorado.


    In 1993, the Chem Dog strain grew popular and strong. Then at a Phish concert, the Massachusetts grower (Chemdawg) met other growers from New York City, which begged Chemdawg for a rare Chem Dog cutting. Finally Chemdawg traded the Chem Dog for a Super Skunk to the New York City growers and promises were made amongst them to not give the Chem Dog away. The NYC growers disliked the name "Chem Dog", so they changed the name to "Diesel", also because when you smoked Chem Dog, it was the "Cock Diesel". I have no info on this part of the story.


    The original Chem Dog is Diesel. Everybody wanted the Chem Dog/Diesel, another group of breeders from Albany traveled to NYC (2 or 3 hour drive) to get the Diesel in bud form. Later the Albany breeders pleaded for a cutting of the Diesel, instead got a bag of seeds to grow. The bags of seeds the Albany breedeers actually got was some Super Skunk grown in Virginia in 1986 that accidentally hermed the Chem Dog, aka Diesel. The Albany crew started breeding those seeds and named it "Sour Diesel". Also the original Chem Dog, aka Diesl is OG Kush. Chem Dog was later renamed "OG Kush" when it arrived in Tahoe in 1996 before it landed in California." I have both the Chem 91 and the Tahoe, they are not even close to being the same cut.


    that's about as close to any sort of real history you're going to get on the OG. as for the history of Kush, i offer you high times:




    Most of the OGK lineage stories are just that, stories. Lots of speculation, hyperbole, hype, but very few if any verifiable facts.

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