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  1. Great to see your plasma grow. The combination of the Gavita lep 300 and hps is awesome to flower.. I have seen and tasted some results. On icmag are some live threads with this combination. succes, Doc
  2. It looks like you are going to grow really big buds.
  3. It is great to see that if you use low amounts of mineral nutrient that the soil live is doing very wel.
  4. Doc

    philip bulbs

    Take a look at my signature
  5. Doc

    philip bulbs

    The greenpower is for plants and the Son-T Pia is for streetlights. Contact Direct Garden Supplies, they are the UK distributor from Gavita so they should be able to tell you where to get it.
  6. That is not true. Phat and Rhino use RC412 and contain dust. Phresh has RC48 and gives perfect airflow. You dont see the difference on the outside. There is a big difference on the inside.
  7. My 3 rules: 1.Dont forget the worklight when you walk out of the room.(huge pants) 2.Dont forget to close the tap when you are filling your water barrel.(river down the stairs) 3.Dont have a mess on your floor. (so you dont fall on your plants)
  8. Doc

    wietforum shop

    I think that when you ask they will do it. Just send Vincent a email. He is a good dude.
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