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  1. Hello , Wondering if you would like to give a weekly update ,its 6 days later now . Greetings
  2. Bump , You haven't heard of the kolussus yet : predicted double this weight . On the other hand sugarpunch needs 2 week extra and is more dense and also stickier.
  3. Yeah ,well a bit different it was ,but seems very hopeful tough : http://www.redorbit.com/news/health/1112654333/tumor-cells-in-mice-killed-by-mediterranean-weed-drug/
  4. It seems that there is an exodus from the rich and famous slowly goin on from their lovely beachhouses there. Personally i dont think we cant hide for this wherever we are. On the other hand is there a remarkable progress in cancertreatment ,some extract of a plant from spain , which goes directly into the bad cell and has no harm as sideeffects ,with for now 90 procent good result ,with normal chemo about 60 percent.And they are makin a hurry ,second trail is underway already. Maybe for same reason as what is happenin in the world. Also rich ,different thinkers and so on can run but cant hide.
  5. Hello , Time for a very small update : Its 9 weeks and 4 days and the majority is ready for harvest ,just 2 plants need some time extra, say 3 days or something. So yeah : harvest half 10th week till end 10th week is timeframe here. Thats it ,till harvest pics and life under the canopy . Greetings.
  6. 600w philips green power ,have no stocks there ,but great output.,predict of 20 percent brighther then usual hps without the greenpower addition for the product. Yeah Yeah , one step at a time , first harvesting.
  7. Stoniewonie

    OG Chat

    yeah usually between 20.00 and 04.00 GMT.
  8. Hello guys, Last time of livin plants before harvest , So time to update to the last chapter : Start of week 10 : In reality most branches are leaning against the net . Greetz for now.
  9. hello ,volkswagen has galvanized steel .rust only on the surface possible. Just kiddin , i understand what you say, based on these story , i go for harvest in 6 days ,what means 9 weeks and 3 days.One plant can have 5 days extra ,but before i am there with cutting branches ,5 days are gone by ,hihi. Time to empty the bucket now with 30 gallons water. GReetings and thanks.
  10. thanks man , I see autumn isnt noticeable on yellowing of the leafs too . So it all depends on the microscope then . Just watched and they are overall turning from glass to milky those trichs.
  11. Hello , Here are the pics for your opinion guys : Day 59 : Heavy weight : Close up : Some general pics of day 59: Checkin trichomes too soon
  12. Hello ,at this moment buds are still swelling and even forming , this is crazy like many are not doubling but tripling in size. Seems like these can have a long time flower. With 9,5 weeks there is not even autumn in sight . Red pistels : say about 0,5 %. Almost thinking of givin them a shock to go to autumn, but how, don't know . In a few hours will show some pics again. What is the usual harvest time ? 9 weeks can't be.
  13. Well fun ,hehe : VEry small update : 1 and half week to go and plants are falling down of their weight now. So need sticks or an extra net , 1 and half week is too long to let it go .
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