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  2. Howdy All.... It's been a tad so I just stopped by to say Howdy... and see how yous all been doing.. weedy sorry to hear that, glad your daughter is OK... bikes can always get replaced.. Sounds like a few are putting up some winter goodies... wished I could but life sometimes toss ya a curve ball.. LOL I did have some tomatoes but seems the damn things just wanted to put on some flowers and never did make a tomato.. guess I didn't hold my mouth right A... wpw nothing better then raking in some seeds for the next go round.. And the music line up.. oh yeah... oh wait that's a Hell Yeah... Cut my teeth with them there bands.. that type of music is why I started playing... had to get that rockin feelin out of me.. lol Did you ever get that hut?? OK got to run so you all have fun .... Laterzzz Peace GF
  3. Now that's a mouth full.. But thanks for telling us what it is.. I've always hated when they just use the letters, kinda leaves ya hanging in the air.. like what is it Oh its a... ak/ss/db/f2 crossed back to a pp/gs13/nl f3.. OKIdoKi.. LOL Looking Great CK, I can smell her all the way down here.. Hope you and Cric are doing Great say Howdy for me.. SS.. know what you mean.. I cut them to keep it small and something I can control but but... I just can't bring myself to toss them cuttings out.. that's just ... You got to watch out for some of that stuff as it will get big on ya.. LOL Anyone seen the Captain.. ?? It's been a tad since I've seen him post, hope all's well with him or his.. If ya's out there Captain.. a Big goes out... Stoner nice 4sure.. You all have fun now hear... Peace GF
  4. Well I don't like to be a mooch.. so I really don't ask for anything.. but now if its offered I'll go for it.. if I'm needing it at that time... Heck I got seeds one time.. I asked for them .. and felt like a bum doing it.. But I have got things from some folks.. they asked and it was hell yes.. Something about asking for it.. don't know just don't feel right doing it.. guess I should, I've been asked for a few things.. For security reasons like you said that is why I fingered it was on the invite only thing.. All we need is to have it all over the world we are going to Partaaaa Could be a bad thing.. like that... That being said... If I'm up to it next time it comes around I just may ask.. Trav ... she is doing alot better .. she had back surgery done. It came at a bad time as I had a online friend that came to town the same day.. I could not hookup with on that day.. now that bummed me out but I'm sure he understands.. there will be another time I'm sure... So she is getting a tad sassy guess that means she's on the mend.. Keen.. I'm sure it was left there because of the Great Time Had By All.. LOL Enjoy.. 4sure... Morning all.. good to reads you .... remember Stay Safe and Keep it Green.. Peace GF
  5. Wise Ass.. you tryin to tell me sumeting.. like maybe I talk a tad... or what Yep I'd make HK a good trip friend.. I'd do all the talking.. LOL Been back at the hospital again, but now days seems I live there.. Hell I know I've paid for part of a wing in that thing 4sure... But all in all ... It's all Good Mommas doing better Thanks for asking.. she is moving around like a pro.. OK maybe not that good but she's a moving.. She now has bout half the pain, so that's a improvement.. We went down to see the grand-kids... think it was last week but anyway.. After we got there.. shot the shit for bout a hour.. then had to go get a room to chill in, that's what I told them but really it was we both were wore out from the drive and had to recoup Did spend the next day out at there place .. now that wiped me out .. I'm tooooo damn old to run with the little ones.. so I made up games that made us sit a spell.. LOL But had a good time.. and my son gave ole pops a little sack.. "wow" so just to be the nice dad I am.. I took it.. and fast.. Well better say High to all the folks out in net-land... its a Great Day.. yes indeed... Any day that you get up.. gotta be a good one.. LOL Keep Safe and Keep it Green... Peace GF
  6. Oops.. My bad.. Glad you said something.. I've been using the cab for veg and clones.. so I forgot to change some lights out.. I also use the 2700k.. half and half on the lights.. seems to work out OK.. So now I'm off to see where I put the lights.. should be in the garage.. somewhere.. LOL Whazzup .. that sounds good.. I like the box idea .. hell the fan sounds good to.. Peace GF
  7. That's no prob... 4sure But first we gots to get that invite.. After reading all that went on.. damn itttttt I can see HK now sitting in the corning.. just watching the space... But with that illegal smile on... LOL PFMJ... I know how you feel.. that's mostly the reason I also don't go out.. Never know when its gonna hit.. and sometimes it hits hard.. When I was a younger man.. I always said.. hell I'm gonna live it up now not when I get Old.. Sure wished I'd slowed down a tad back then.... OK maybe not Hell I'd just sit there with my mouth closed so I could learn from all the Pros... Maybe who knows I'll be able to grow something.. It does sound like I'd be all messed up.. LOL It's great hearing from all of you on how things went.. but then it does make me sad.. I was not there... insert a grumbling noisy here.. You all have fun... enjoy.. keep it safe and green... Peace GF
  8. Howdy All... It's great to see so many that have been on vacation.. Sounds like a Good-Time was had at the, cook out,smoke out,what ever it was called With the different smokes, eats damn it..... It has to be fun to meet the ones we have known a tad from our online community of Friends.. Then when the smoke clears... you sit back an say... damn I would have never known them, as they sure don't fit there handle.. but then you could say... ShiiiiiiiiT .. LOL I've always wanted to meet a few but seems like something always gets in the way.. But you never know some day it just may happen.. I have meet a few.. Great Folks .... It gives a new meaning to Stoners.. and its for the Good 4sure.. Now I'm off to see the wizard.. you all have fun now hear... Peace GF
  9. Howdy… OK.. I have more pics of the cab.. Oh wait the Little Dresser.. As you can see I've put a pan inside to catch any water that leaks out.. I made it out of metal flashing I got from Lowe's and used fish tank caulking or what ever you call it, I got that part from your bubblier tutor.. LOL and it does not leak, been using it for a tad now.. You can see I have (4) 1 quart pots inside, can go up to (6) pots if needed, but I'm sure they will need to be tide down some.. I had to tie mine down.. There is about 11 to 12 inches of space for the plants to grow, they will need to be switched early to 12/12 or you will have a problem 4sure.. The lights I have work OK.. I still need to get one more of the two plug thingies so that will give me (4) 6500k of indoor sun.. I did have a 85 watt CFL that I ran sideways but it burned out fast and ran Hot.. Yep it's a boohoo 4sure.. So I'm going with these now.. I've pulled off 1oz from the dresser so with clones going you can get a OZ every month I'm thinking.. But you know all the how's I'm sure on getting the most out of it.. I also have a blanket that I keep close by so if need to I can just drop it over the dresser so it looks like I don't clean well.. LOL It keeps the noisy folks from wanting to look at it.. Oh not sure if I said but I changed the back of the dresser to Sheetrock, got away from that cheap panel stuff they put on it.. Oh.. LOL The pics are in my gallery.. yep I'm a stoner.. Found these on the fans .. Sounds like you could change out the filter and use them carbon ones.. http://www.cooltechpc.com/c/ctpc/std/sku=120mm_fan_filter.html http://www.quietpcusa.com/Fansis-Washable-120mm-Fan-Dust-Filter-P298C0.aspx I would think that would be the biggest you could use, I've found out sometimes the more carbon used like you said the less air flow it gets.. I have a 6" axial fan 235 cfm for the air exhaust and it seems to be holding in the 78 to 81 degrees in the dresser.. I would like to get it a little less but that fan does make some noisy.. I also have a air filter machine setting on top of the dresser so if someone comes by I just turn it on high.. You know I'm a air clean freak.. LOL Also there is…. Ozium Air Sanitizer Spray… It effectively reduces airborne bacteria and eliminates smoke and odors… Well think that bout does it.. But then who knows LOL Laterzz my Friend Peace GF
  10. It looks like .... the end of this side of the website.... Seems the other one is working (WietForum ) and its just this one... makes you think... Are you trying to get rid of us or what???? All you can do is post up a new topic but whats the point if no one can see what you have put down.... And why I've done it I don't know.. Is it time to move on ???? It just may be... Peace GF
  11. Gamefowl

    Little Dresser

    My little dresser in the makings
  12. A Minneapolis couple during a frigid winter decided to spend some time in Florida at the hotel where they spent their honeymoon. Due to hectic schedules the husband flew down on Thursday and the wife following on Friday. On arrival he sent the following email to his wife. “However, In another place and time... a woman arriving home from her husbands funeral decides to check her email expecting condolences from family and friends, her son hears her scream, he runs into the room and this was on the computer screen....... To: loving wife Subject: I've arrived Date: Oct. 16, 2007 I've arrived and have been checked in . The trip was uneventful. Everything has been prepared for your arrival tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing you. I hope your journey is as uneventful as mine was. P.S. Sure is freaking hot down here! Peace GF
  13. Oh this one is easy... Just turn it off.. Hell better yet.. ship them my way.. LOL Howdy all.... Labby, PFMJ, WPW, CK, Weedy, HK.. hope alls well on your end and life is gooooood.. And everyoone else.. just incase I missed some.. and I'm sure I have.. You all have fun now.. hear.. Peace GF
  14. Howdy PFMJ... Try the goodwill stores, or second hand stores.. sometimes they have something cheap.. It's not real hard but it is a pain in the A.. lol I have finished redoing mine, the only problem I've had was hinges.. yep don't know how to hook them up.. so I used screws between the face of drawers.. After a while they get lobbed out from removing the screws and I have to do some repair on them.. even had to put some washers on the screws to keep them from going Thu the face plate.. I've seen some of your work and I know your going to get it right.. I made mine so it is recessed like it was from the get go.. think it would be better to have the plywood on the outer part so it fits flush.. I know this is making you go Huh .. lol I'll take a picture to show what I mean.. its easier for me to do that then ..try to put it in words, as the ole mind just don't work that well anymore.. don't say it.. LOL Wait.... I did take pic's... look at the front and you can see what I mean.. it should I'm thinking cover all the front.. then the hinges would work like they should.. Damn it... now I have to redo the damn thing again.. see what I mean.. she just ain't what she use to be.. Budbudda made one out of plywood.. or think it was two .. came out 2x2x4 he also had a shelf that you moved up and down, and the light stayed in one place.. Think I have some pics of it.. somewhere.. I'll look and see.. OK.. its time for me to do my morning thing... no not that one.. coffee.. LOL Laterzz my friend.. Peace GF
  15. Well Howdy Everyone... I see some ole faces showing up.. good to you all.. its been a tad.. Just stopped to .. hell I forgot.. but I'm doing it.. LOL You all take care.. Peace GF
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