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    Growing best strains avaible to human in 21 century,all organic,no pesticides,no funghicides,enjoying in nature and respecting a life.

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  1. ' Seeing as StarGazer's been banned for which seems like having an opinion he's asked me to post this, The BITTER Truth Here's some links to clinics that use the gerson therapy successfully. This first one is in the Netherlands Whazz lol, maybe you could contact him and go see the clinical proof. 75% success rate. Go check it out if you really wanna learn pal. Wilko Van Der Vegt MD http://atb-webdesign...po-contact.html Another Clinic you could contact is the Loma Linda Clinic in Japan. Or maybe you could give a Gerson Clinic a call in Mexico, Hungary, or Spain? Speak to Charlotte Gerson, here's here number 888-443-7766 She's the oldest ever survivor of bone tuberculosis btw. It's clear to see what's happening here You and joker have some serious issues with losing relatives and friends to cancer, but being bitter and angry doesn't help. I was never trying to prove anything, certainly not to Lord Whaz. I'm just sharing information and if it helps one person then it's been worth it. Don't think you've annoyed me by banning me Whaz, its' not important. Once my suspensions over with I'll be clearing my content, except medical stuff of course and I'll be gone for good. I've got a lot of respect for Sannie but it's a shame how this place has gone,,, where is he btw? '
  2. My idea was peacefoul,Wrecks you are free to belive what you want,i dont want war and i am finished with this site,only need to clean my pics and i am done.What is procedure Wrecks,does you know how to clean pics?You can PM me to explain how to clean pics,i will be thankfoul,i know you are nice guy. Kindest regards,DJ
  3. Nevermind,you give sites to look,we can still look and found things what are intresting. It will be good,one way or another,i belive that no body here want to be "slave" for our "autocrats" and no body asks for dictatorship,when other open eyes it will be enough. Peace,DJ
  4. Thanx for explanation LVER,very wise words.
  5. Nice joke Whazzup,i like people with spirit and emphaty for others. You are king of sarcasm Are you know that Marleys song-"you can fool some people sometimes,but you cant fool all the people all the time" Nice song,peace,DJ
  6. If Obama was get Nobel prize for peace,why you think Whazzup that Nobel prize is something special? You can get Nobel for lies,why you think that people who are interested in true want Nobel prize? Also,Stargazer was give you tip how to clean vegetables from Escherihia Coli,Antrax,Ebola and other stuff,but i see dose of ignorance i was not expected from you,its good to doubt,but bashing thread with constant downing other side is more than ignorance. There are belivers and nonbelivers,want to know who you are if is possible? Scientific fact-people who belive are cured in much more bigger rate than nonbelivers,belivers wounds are healed much faster than nonbelivers wounds,people who belive in something can heal themselfs better than any pharmaceutical shit on market,all this is science fact,there are lot of studies on this theme,by scientists. So if you are just a "science freak" and you belive just in science,than pray this "science God" in moment of getting some dangerous event(illness,disease or anything else),you will see that this science fall in "deep water" in this moments of doubts and fear. My idea is to "belive" in some things if you want help from them,if you dont belive that you will be cured-nothing will help you,not even best Pharma shit. Lot of my friends was died or get mad totaly from pharmaceuticals,they really killing people with this synthetic garbage and you want from me that i belive that natural healing is wrong. We can found data how much pharmaceutical drugs killing people,its easy and its fact,but i think number is much more bigger,because lot of deaths are masked as heart,brain attacks or some other complications what happened,and we are in silence. Nobody dont want to know or see that,most of them who belive doctors and eat pharma-garbage,on the end pay big price for their belifes,but for now doctors are free to kill and remember this words next time doctor want to prescribe you some new pill and belive that he wants you good. Now in this moment in my country is big afair with Phizer company and giving money to doctors to prescribe their products,they need to pay 60 millions(dolars or euros dont know) for giving money under table to this great humanistic doctors,but they was made billions and they can laugh in face to our autorities when they bring this 60 millions. Peace and regards,DJ
  7. Pharmaceutical sucks-news from first hand,for BBC Don Joe
  8. Thanx friend,MJ helps me a lot,one day true will be spreaded much better.
  9. Like your thoughts Rev,kudos for this one.
  10. You see,didnt think before about this button,now you give me some serious doubts Mods,please explanation,my paranoia is killing me
  11. People who come here are members of this forum and they spend their valuable time here,however Sannie owns this place,but the forum is maded by many persons who are members of this forum(whithout them it will be empty place),so tell me who have more power here-people or Sannie? I think its some kind of "symbiosis",one cant succeed without other,or if any side decide to take more power than it deserves,than natural balance is at risk,this "eco-system" will break apart,man,its like soil shit,if you dont give enough of air to people than will start "anaerobic conditions",bad thoughts and other shit,but if you give them freedom of speech in some threads,its like a fresh air for this people and give them thougts that things are rolling in good direction,than forum roots will be healty and this "plant" will grow happy and strong ,its easy like that-BALANCE WE ARE THE 99%-Occupy Opengrow,ROFL
  12. Where was gone that first amandmant-(freedom of speech)LOL More wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moon_landing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third-party_evidence_for_Apollo_Moon_landings Dont want to take somebody glory and i want do that,its not fair. But,i am amazed that nation who was on Moon,didnt be there after 1972,in only 3 years they made 6 soft landings on Moon and after that nothing,nada. You must addmit that this is strange,i think if its so easy that you can made six manned missions very sucessfoul without cassualities,why they dont do that in this time?,40 years later,i belive that technique is much better today,better materials for rockets and stronger rocket now is avaible much more than before 40 years,also cameras are great today,it will be great to see moon in HD,maybe they can take more scientific equipment for mesuring more usefoul data,or they can start to build first USA base on moon,i think that every country will want to have base on Moon,specialy big forces like China,Russia and USA,its a thing of prestige. @Foodstuffs-Here in second link you have a picture of this "prisms" what you talking about. Regards,DJ
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