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  1. Shoeless, The only time i have seen three prong leaves is when i have reveged a plant. Hope this helps. Billman
  2. ZenShade She is definitely a haze but I haven't really tested her yet, another few days of drying and I will get you an answer. Peace
  3. Zen Shade Those beans are from his newest batch they went right from delivery into germination the same week. First time I have used Sannies Bloom nutes and it paid off. Thanks for your kind words. Peace and Stay Cool Billman
  4. Hey all, Just pulled five Sugarpunch today here is a picture of a couple of tops. Quick dry test run resulted in a hard hitting cerebral buzz, I think I will love it!! Be Cool and Peace Billman
  5. Well the good thing is changing the soil will solve both the over watering and hot soil. Once they show growth again if you have bacto maybe use that first before feeding. Again Good Luck
  6. Mr Dirt, I have had clippings and seedlings show leaves like that. If your using recycled soil it might be nute burn, that's been one of my problems in the past. Good luck with the grow Stay Cool Billman
  7. Luma, Thanks for all the work you put into this.......very helpful for me as I am sitting on 4 seeds of the freebee Shack x AfghanSkunk and will be cracking them soon. Peace
  8. Okay one more "good ole days" blip and Ill shut up, this is in regards to problems with participation on OG. Many of you participate on the 'WORD' thread created by Maverick. This guy was a old timer who happened to be a Mod. Maverick had the ability that we in the Irish American community call "The Gift" . He could recognize a thread going to shit and calm things down by taking the time to recognize both sides of the disagreement between members and calm things down. If that didn't work he would use "the gift" to end the argument and refocus the thread to its intended purpose, he really didn't let threads drift to other subjects but had the member start another thread focusing on what they wanted to say. I would suggest if time allows to go back and read some of his moderated threads and see what i'm talking about. Peace Billman Meaning of "The Gift"....the ability to, when needed. tell a person they are being an ass and have that person actually leave the conversation feeling good about themselves.
  9. Automan, I'm am a USA citizen and your foolish post and stupid defense of them are an embarrassment. Grow up or get lost, thank you. This forum was started by a serious grower for growers and in the past was a huge source of info for beginners and well seasoned growers. its also worldwide and a bit of courtesy would go a long way. Peace Billman
  10. BQ, Lol I had same question but tried to order and all went well. When I got to check out the credit card option was there. Hope this helped.
  11. Shackzilla & Sannie Jack on the way.......woohoo! Had no problem with cash but this was so much easier. Peace & Be Cool
  12. Nice, order will be sent by close of business today. Better get more help for shop, your going to need it!!!! Peace
  13. count me in, thanks naw! Merry Christmas to all Peace
  14. Hey Pap, I've just began messing around with tincture, the thing I'm finding is I love the versatility of it. You can use it anywhere, shows, concerts, peoples homes when children are around or just out for coffee at a nice shop. Its discreet and effective and not that hard to make. Through experiment I've found that when applied as a topical I like to use heat to help it absorb by either soaking my feet or hands in hot water or heating pad. Also when I feel achy in the morning a dropper full in my coffee and by the time i finish no pain and smiling my ass off! I've used only 190 proof alcohol method so far and made a very strong product from Strawberry Blues, the method is sound but the booze is tough. Good luck and Peace. Billman .....Tip.... for those of you who cannot buy Everclear locally do yourself a favor and Google 190 proof alcohol and drop the Everclear from your search, you may be surprised what you may find.
  15. MR. Dirt I agree Shackziklla is my favorite shop strain. Big stupid happy face when i'm walking around with Zilla buzz. It would be a much happier and peaceful earth if it was Shackzilla for breakfast everyday! (in fact opening a jar now) Peace Billman
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