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  1. Yo Swazigh, how things going man. Long time no hear.

    1. Swazigh


      Sup Low! Great to hear from you on here.


      Been keeping it quite. had stress my side a few months back, so had to cool everything down. Back in full swing again !


      Take care!

  2. That made me feel all warm inside. I just delete, I think I am painfully a dickhead. but I love many other things, and spend most of time sharing my love for animals. They are the voiceless creatures, and such wonderful spirits. Humans in my next life.
  3. MR Dirt nice stealth growing there, that is so blended in, no one would notice. Good smoking.
  4. Yes and thanks to the moderators for always sorting the rants, raves and BS out. Well done for keeping it clean on here, its a flippen hard job. We are all miles apart, with one thing in common. I personally believe Cannabis Kills Cancer, just my humble answer. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Glad you sorted your flood out, water is mother natures meanest weapon.
  5. I really think people are growing veggies aswell, if they are growing cannabis. It makes sense. I used to use all my run off from plants to use in my veg garden, when i had the space. Cannabis is a lovely plant, and should be grown amongst veggies, nice camo for them. Good growing.
  6. Myth: Growing cannabis will make you rich. Its more of a bottomless pit of passion, with a very sweet reward.
  7. and you have the choice. Lovely words there and awesome pictures. Cheeseberry, nice one, that is something beautiful, special. Enjoy OG.
  8. lowrider

    Wood Pipes

    Lovely work there, good smoking.
  9. "Dont gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver and gold' Bob Marley Same sentiments are spoekn here in South Africa. Our grow shops are fairly new, we only have a handful, and they are not dedicated to our beloved plant, due to legalities and red lights. I have had a few discussions about this, and see the side of the grow shop. These shops are a one stop shop to growing, providing convenience, service and after sales support. This is important for us, when the shit hits the fan, these guys are here to support us and get the problem resolved. Some of the guys ( businessmen ) also enjoy their toking and keep it quite, rather than making a noise. There are alot of discrete growers, but I am sure a few will agree, there are alot of loud mouths and ego's floating around this industry. And these guys talk, they talk to the wrong people. So really you have options, go to the electronic stores, nurseries, import your goods, but its a harsh business, and i feel they can charge what keeps them running. That is just my point, smoked alot and thought about it. I dont buy from these shops due to paranoia, finance, but i think they do serve a purpose. AND CAPITILISM IS A BITCH, BABYLON is falling. Just my opinion.
  10. hey OG hope everyone is well, and those who braaied have recovered . Would like to share this new video of some guerilla grows in swaziland, its version 2 of Bushy Willams, We love Sensi. Much love to our cannabis community. Huge respect. Its spring here, so you will see some of our grows popping up here soon. Peace, love and light. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpFULW9J5do
  11. This is a radical video. They are going to change the law.
  12. I think those are Jalapeños, stuffed with cheese is a lovely mexican dish, gosh just went through all these pages, some awesome cooking.
  13. That is such an apt saying for this. personally its a way of life for me. I would rather go organics from a lifestyle point of view. I think one can get the same yield if not more, it just depends on many other variables, but its more a moral thing, ie forces of energy. Would rather put money into a business that supports organics rather than chem fertilisers. I think that goes a long way. Its also very rewarding making your own nutrients, and you can work with almost every aspect of the plant using organics. Light up your life and keep to organics.
  14. Awesome topic about skunk. media in south africa also say Skunk is super dagga ( dagga being the local name for cannabis ), its eother called skunk weed or skunk dagga. If that is mentioned one thinks of it as indoors. Just dagga is usually local outdoors. From the smell, and taste lots of people refer to a skunk smoke as Amsterdam, or chronic or skunk. I did not know that the taste has been bred out from the original. Interesting to find the original skunk. I am sure there is lots around.
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