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  1. It is really sad to hear that Esko stopped breeding, but honestly his output has already slowed down several years before the mexican projects. I just hope he is doing well, I've just listened to a set from his family pictures in memoriam. After I found Sannie's Shop he quickly became one of my favorite breeders and I inbreed almost all of his strains I had, just like you said San. Still, I don't agree with your opinion regarding the quality of the FX's in general. While I also doubt that the influence of epigenetics on hemp is that crucial, in my experience some strains really fall apart (wild phenos all over the place, no plants resembling the F1 at all) in F2. In my opinion Eskos best strains were Lady Cane (especially the F2, which I sadly don't have anymore, only an F4 and F5 based on the F3), ChemDawg x True Blueberry (@Norman Bates; you should really pop these seeds!), Cheeseberry99, Blueberry Sativa and Chocolate Rain. But honestly none of his strains disappointed. Well... I didn't really like the seeds from the BBI project, but that was prerelease and he never released them. One of my favorite own crosses includes his genetic as well, and a strain you (San) also had a few more years ago if I recall correctly: Actual Satia x (ChemDawgxTrue Blueberry) Thanks for all the nice smoke Esko.
  2. Hey San, that is great news, I'm eagerly awaiting your strain presentations in here. I have been watching you honing your breeding (and social lol) skills over several years, starting (for me) on that small swiss board. Can't wait to be able to get your stuff at sannies, I hope you'll drop some of the preserved old genetics as ibl as well. (Edit: Sad to read that you will keep the repros over there, but thats not my choice to make All good for you, have a great year!
  3. Hi, this is a nice offering. I'ld like to participate, I'm very interested in the Blu Chocolate, since I allready have most of the other genetics in the fridge or allready inbreed. I'ld share the report and I'ld inbreed (open pollination with minimal selection if needed) as well. Thanks 8)
  4. Thanks for that hint San! I was hoping for such an answer (aren't the two of you affiliated with Derg Corra .
  5. Magillas F2 Versions of Rosetta Stone as well as Glo are pretty great. Glo reminds of the Grapefruit, but the taste is not as sour and more sweet and has more of a stretch-indica grow pattern with a smaller yield, pretty white. I prefer Rosetta Stone, very white (think of eskos chemdog x true blueberry kind of white, covered in tiny trichs), medium sized indicas, the taste is distinctive but hard to desribe (a bit acid-citrus, a bit metal..), smooth smoke. Works also very well further inbreed, a quite uniform strain. Also pretty fast. If anyone knows where to get some more stuff from Magilla (f.e. the Glo, I only got females back then...). But I have no pics, sorry. Only some micro buds left. Go for it, a nice strain!
  6. I still regret not keeping something (plants, seeds..) from the F2. I like the F3 which is indeed faster and an even better producer, but I prefer the acid-citrus taste of the F2 over the curry-fruit-skunky? flavour on the F3's.
  7. Thanks for the taste insights - "unicorn poo/vomit" would be a g reat name for strain *lol. Catchy as hell. Enjoy your new stash 8)
  8. Hi and welcome back! These crosses sound great, Esko has put out quite a few pearls as Freebees (f.e. Chemdog x True Blueberry, Cheese x Amnesia Haze, Hollands Hope x Chocolate Rain). I'ld like to see all of them shine, esp. the Shiva x C99 .
  9. Nice colorful plants! The Oaxacan looks like it is getting ready as well. How do they smell at the moment?
  10. Tarantoga

    new auto project

    Impressive strain warr, looks really vigorous, healthy and strong. I always thought it would be nice to see these duckfoot leaves on a nice outdoor plant. Is there anywhere to order these or sign up?
  11. I would love to hear something as well. I bet Esko is working with his buddha siblings. Please shed some light Esko !
  12. Very nice. With you watching over them I wouldn't bet on Spidermate in this fight...
  13. A few packs of the F3 just arrived here. This time I'll make sure to not run out of seeds of this awesome strain.
  14. Nice, I'm expecting a forest once these start flowering
  15. I just played some Skyrim and wanted to read some stuff on og now.... and here I am, in the first thread I opened and after looking at your wifes pic, my interest in reading is gone, I just want to play again *lol. But ontopic - your plants look delicious and that drawing rocks! Just a weed-leaf-crown would've been awesome (or any kind of weed detail imho *lol).
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