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  1. hi,, i can help all south africans with international bank transfers via my FNB online banking. it works exactly like CC payments,only need to fill a bit more detail in.. contact me on 0828970900 and ill to the ordering and you can send me via your SA-bank. i already add sannie as a beneficiary and its just the press of the button to send any amount. he received it in less than 48hrs. we can mail sannie to ship the seeds to your home adres.
  2. mine is @ day 4 in drying room. great smell !! enjoy her !
  3. annesthesia at night ... going into week 5 hi... i chopp her @ week 4 - she turn badly hermi on me .. oh well , hopefully the rest are ok- if not,then i have to grown them out . lets see.
  4. yup-still growing ,but hard to find decent seeds -
  5. @ sannie ... take your business into the franchise world ! you only send bulk seeds to new sannie's shops across the globe ? your name aint go cheap ? huh ... "only a late sunday joke "
  6. update : 1. anna 2.jackberry x KO Kush 3.heri
  7. hi Mr green.. oh i dont know. i love the work that goes into it and all the efford. it keeps me busy- i love it ...if i decide not to scrogg ,then i can just plant the seeds and wait for harvest , and i dont want that ....to booring . some of the scrogg pictures here fascinated me alot so i decided to give it a go .
  8. hi warren buffet .. i cant scrogg this on the ground. too many porcupine's that will surely eat everyting... they r a pain in the arse btw r you a trader ?
  9. hi all ... i am posting this here to get to best advice from most of you guys .. i have never done it before and this will be my first .... i am going to scrogg the beutifull anesthesia in a swimmingpool . or get 10 or more female seeds to scrogg @ whazzup , i know you r the "S" from scrogg , so jump in and help me here.. or anyone i went ahead and bought 2day a portable swimminpool ( 10 000 litre) ... and yes.. my motto is " going big or going home" fck it ... lets do this here is my excact pool i bought - its 5M X 7m x 1.2 m in height . i am thinking of 10 anesthesia female cuts , taking the mesh 2 metres wide on the side of the pool, and build scaffolding over the pool for steps to tide the middle plants ? . this will be done on my safari farm outside the city - only problem is , there is shyt loads of baboons that might mess with the crop i will set a few of my workers to look after this , so i must told them excactly what to do , so i am thinking to use 50 buffertabs and no nutes until flower. is that too much or not ? or am i crazy .. i dont know if this scrogg will be possible,but lets see i am preparing the soil next week saturday with 5 000 red earth worms only and can add more later . they sould arrive sometime next week and plan to start the scrogg end of aug. vegg time should be +- 6 months . i will feed the worms with wild animal poo ,vegeatables and fruits and cover the soil for the next 6 months here is my pool and my drawing . any help will be appreciate thnx .
  10. gooooo blowstreke !! ps....... i am watcing you . have fun !
  11. hey wrecks - no idea when that day is... shoould be somewhere in feb .
  12. hey !! great to hear from you .... no, only 1 plant and she is not even 5 weeks old !! no nutes up until now - only a bunch of sannie's tabs and 150 redworms in her pot to tickle her VA -G&%$ .....little whore ...oh well ,she love it ok- sorted.... will start flower this week
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