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  1. In case anyone is wondering why I'm posting this here, it is because the president of the High Volume Oxygen company has threatened to sue people (including serving papers, I guess). The (BS) HVO patents are here: https://www.highvolumeoxygen.com/patents/ Background: http://www.talkglass.com/forum/showthread.php?64885-oxygen-frog-verses-high-volume-oxygen-pro-and-con-im-leaning-toward-frog-thanks-craig I've made two changes to my design after watching the Torch Talk videos. I was planning to let the concentrators run continuously. This would be wasteful but manageable, the wall exhaust fan would prevent excess pooling of oxygen in the work area, I think. The solenoid bleed valve on a timer is a more elegant solution. (What is needed is for the sieves to purge for a minute or two before the oxygen reserve tank is filled.) I was planning to purge the holding tanks at the start of each shift but would need a flow restrictor for the initial part of the fill. My new plan will slow the compressor down until the pressure is about 45 PSI. The speed control will be accomplished with an autotransformer from Parts Express (with a fuse added to the secondary). A PWM fan control would likely work but the transformer should be smoother. I would guess Oxygen Frog uses variable PWM. My design is a two-speed arrangement after the initial adjustment. Edit: I love zoro.com (a division of Grainger). They run this discount several times a year (good through the 24th): I've seen this compressor used most often by DIY people: https://www.zoro.com/gast-piston-air-compressor-16hp-115v-1ph-1hab-44-m100x/i/G1222715/ You will find the flow/pressure curve at gast.com. Edit2: A good explanation of autotransformer motor starting: Theory Of Operation - Autotransformer Starter.pdf (but not really the same thing as the use in my design.) And I can de-rate the primary fuse in the Parts Express variac to protect the secondary circuit.
  2. I've decided to move to another location before I build a glass studio. This is a commercially available HVLP system: If you want to know more about the concentrators:
  3. My New Mission Quest and an S.O.S

    Hi Mike, I haven't seen any posts on other forums that would recommend an especially good trimmer for your operations. I wasn't sure why a Canadian would care much about Jeff Sessions but I guess execution is an attention-getter: https://www.thecannabist.co/2018/03/22/jeff-sessions-marijuana-death-penalty/102131/ Update from last month: http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/opinion/editorials/sd-trump-sessions-marijuana-20180416-story.html
  4. May Day celebrations in England came under fire by the Puritans in the 17th century. They claimed the holiday was a time of reckless sexual conduct, "a hundred youths go into the woods over night...scarcely a third of them returned home undefiled." Source: https://muarchives.missouri.edu/mayday1.html
  5. Happy May Day! University of Missouri, 1911:
  6. I don't know how much good it does but I got a shingles vaccination recently.
  7. Aztec Rain advice

    My last grow was five Aztec Rain plants. I got discouraged by leaf miners and reservoir mold early on. So I pretty much butchered the plants and buds with too much LED light. Anyway, I didn't get much odor from mine. The buds have been jarred for a month and I just smell a generic hybrid sourness. These pics are five days from harvest, a total of 61 days 12/12hr.
  8. Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    Excuse me for drooling at the wad; thanks for sharing, Hamme! I just got a text from my local rec store offering 20% everything (so people can stock up for 4-20) but the jerks no longer carry any hash. Oh well, you are giving me incentive to restart my grow.
  9. "Unread Content" works but it includes people posting pics to their galleries.
  10. recognizing-hazards-of-o2-enrichment.pdf (Cautions) MS-06-13.PDF I'm old enough to remember this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollo_1 NASA.pdf
  11. Can anyone explain some LED science?

    I've never seen a high PAR luminaire that wasn't visibly bright to the eyes.
  12. Forum offline on 08-04-2018 for two days

    I'm smoking some extra bowls of Aztec Rain today just in case . . . (I also need to redo my taxes for 2016.)
  13. This is my plan for a high volume, low pressure oxygen system for operating propane glassworking torches. [Disclaimer: I know next to nothing about glassworking, and I am not an engineer.] My only original bit on this system is a combo vacuum/pressure gage at the outputs of the oxygen generators. The generators (concentrators) contain sieve beds (for nitrogen removal) that can be damaged by a vacuum condition. The concentrators are rebuilt home medical units. I haven't built it yet but this system will run a GTT brand Phantom torch at full blast. The compressor is an oil-free design. Gast 86R123 Flow vs Pressure graph: The system will be assembled in a rack of 2x4 foot wire shelves. Detail of the Condor brand four-port pressure switch. Right now, I'm waiting for some parts and I need to clear my install space.
  14. 2018 Album

  15. Bug spray

    Sorry, I thought my [ ] would be more informative than just a "." I should have checked the "edited" box. I posted a semi-humorous reply to baqualin but it posted two minutes after DesertGrown's post and it wasn't that funny anymore.