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  1. https://arstechnica.com/science/2019/06/oldest-evidence-of-cannabis-smoking-found-in-ancient-chinese-cemetery/?comments=1 Charred residue in 3,000-year-old samples. My favorite comment at ars: "It was the little-known Bong Dynasty. They didn't have much ambition for empire building, but they were known for epic music festivals."
  2. "The back 40" LOL, my mom's and dad's ashes are spread in the woods at the edge of the back forty of the farm my Danish immigrant great-grandparents bought from the original homesteaders. I'm sure they would have been fine with being composted (but getting dug up by hungry coyotes or bears might be a bit macabre). https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/back_forty
  3. As expected, the governor signed the bill into law. https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/washington-becomes-first-state-to-legalize-human-composting/ The new law, which takes effect May 1, 2020, recognizes “natural organic reduction” and alkaline hydrolysis (sometimes called “liquid cremation”) as acceptable means of disposition for human bodies. Until now, Washington code had permitted only burial and cremation. The [organic reduction] process, which involves using wood chips, straw and other materials, takes approximately four weeks and is related to methods of “livestock composting” which ranchers and farmers have been using for several years. Lynne Carpenter-Boggs, a soil scientist at Washington State University, says that practice can turn a 1,500-pound steer — bones and all — into clean, odorless soil in a matter of months.
  4. Very cool! I've never had azurescens, just the shroons in fields where cows or elk have been. Very useful for countering depression, I believe; some people microdose for this. I felt free of depression for a couple of months after a good Halloween one year. https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2018/06/what-its-like-to-trip-on-the-most-potent-magic-mushroom/561860/
  5. I haven't priced ATVs for a long time; the Terrain Hopper starts at $18,000 (with a twelve mile range, depending). https://www.terrainhopperusa.com/overlander-4zs/ Offtopic: Ford just invested a half billion in Rivian so I might be able to replace my 1998 Ranger with an electric pickup before I quit driving. https://electrek.co/2019/04/24/ford-invests-rivian-electric-pickup-truck/
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    Mushroom folks

    A sterile room is not easy to achieve. The standard practice (or at least it used to be) is to work on a laminar flow bench for mycelium transfers, etc. I bought a micron filter from Paul https://fungi.com/collections/laboratory-equipment/products/24-x-24-x-5-8-micron-filter and the blower from zoro.com. (Dayton 1TDU2) But, just another project I haven't built. Not absolutely necessary but if a person is trying to make money, I would think so. A lot more failed cultures without a laminar flow hood.
  7. ledfoot

    Mushroom folks

    Not surprisingly, Washington state has been a center for shroons. Paul Stamets is a big name.https://fungi.com/ "Roger Rabbit" is in the North central part of the state. I haven't frequented shroomery.org for a long while but I think you can get some info here: https://www.shroomery.org/forums/postlist.php/Board/13 As I recall, the propagation tech for Japanese mushrooms has been figured out and there is competition from India.
  8. Those First Alert alarms have a bunch of bad Amazon reviews but mine have been good. Kidde has a couple with the same tech. I have read of people trying to extinguish fire with an old extinguisher that didn't work because the contents were caked up. A couple of years ago I replaced my basement extinguisher that had good pressure but a date of 1965! (I can remember when my parents installed them.) There are CO2 units available now that will not corrode stuff like the standard dry chemical ones. My load center (circuit breaker box) has a bad reputation so I have a grow room extinguisher (Flame Defender) mounted on the ceiling over it. I see Flame Defender is no longer being made.
  9. " is he going to install a smoke detector now ? i'm going to get one just because now. to go off sooner than having the detector farther away go off. thx" That is an excellent point, SPW. I have four in my big house that communicate with each other by RF; also includes carbon monoxide (silent killer) https://www.firstalert.com/product/wireless-interconnected-photoelectric-smoke-and-carbon-monoxide-combo-alarm-with-voice-and-location/
  10. Just got off the phone with my friend who has his basement turned into a big garden. Herbs, cactus, (but no cannabis now). He was going to leave his house this morning but decided to mist the plants first. The room was a cloud of smoke. A small oscillating fan on the floor had melted down--it was a pool of plastic with the motor windings acting as a wik for the flame. Luckily, the fire didn't catch onto the piece of plywood next to it!
  11. Thanks for starting this thread, Gardenartus. Sooo many memories for an older person. My parents bought a new blue and white 1966 VW microbus just like that without the camper stuff. You really didn't want it for daily driving, it was so heavy with the extra gear. My friend's family had one of those. Standard model was slow enough. I drove that bus to school more than my Sunbeam because the Alpine was under repair so much. Had to be sure to lock the bus' doors in the student parking lot or else the chronic stoners would get in and smoke out.
  12. 1970 Sunbeam Alpine GT (it cured me of "exotic" vehicles forever, parts = $$$) Mine was factory silver/gray, repainted to robins egg blue metallic similar to this one: From Hotrod.com: So what’s a Sunbeam? You may be familiar with the Sunbeam Tiger, which Maxwell Smart drove in the TV show Get Smart, which was British sports car that was a part of the Rootes Group. In the mid/late-1960s, Rootes was taken over by the Chrysler Corporation, which sold the Rootes-built Hillman Avenger as the Plymouth Cricket in the US. Chrysler also sold the Sunbeam Alpine GT in the US, which was based on the Sunbeam Rapier that was produced in the UK from 1967-76 but the Alpine GT only appeared in the US for a short period of time due to poor sales and Chrysler’s mismanagement of its captive brands. By 1978, Chrysler Europe (which also included France’s Simca and Talbot) was absorbed by PSA Citroen-Peugeot. Despite the [craigslist] ad calling this Alpine GT a “mini Barracuda” it was designed before Chrysler’s involvement.
  13. Residential Puget Sound Energy (much of Western Washington other than Seattle and Tacoma): Tier 1 (First 600 kWh Used) 0.090466 $/kWh Tier 2 (Above 600 kWh Used) 0.109427
  14. If I may rephrase the question: An illegal grower/seller in a legal state has a pound of premo. Is $1600 a fair price? Yes, I'd say so, if selling to a known entity. I've been away from the dark market a long time, though. At least I'm no longer buying (premo) ounces from Charles: https://www.seattlepi.com/local/article/Charge-Seattle-men-planned-to-behead-police-4259982.php
  15. There are brands of bud that claim to be organic here in Washington state. I was going to say we don't have anything like CO regulations but I googled this: https://www.thestranger.com/slog/2018/08/13/30701385/you-could-buy-wsda-certified-organic-pot-next-year https://www.gleamlaw.com/organic-cannabis/
  16. As an update, in summary: I'm fucking bitter. My foot has a chronic injury now and I went to the stores a few times a month or two ago. Tried CBD strains for the first time, I don't know if they helped my inflammation because I was on maximum label dosage of ibuprofen for a month. CBD bud with layer of keif or bubble hash on top seemed like a good high. There are no consistantly good brands of bud that I know of. Something good one month is meh later on. The bud is typically way over dried. You can find decent THC levels at $20 for four grams but it is typically harsh. Out of twelve "eighths" I purchased, only two had sufficient moisture to allow any curing to happen at all. Two eighths tasted of MOLD. I purchased a variety of the $5/gram offerings as well as the "top shelf" by price. Price is not a good indication of satisfaction with the product. Extracts would seem to be the way to go but . . .the Regulator Xtracts brand of sugar waxes sent up big plumes of black smoke--not a good feeling. I forgot the brand but one concentrate gave me a huge hit of propane/butane. Kief can be decent; house blend of indica, hybrid, or sativa sells for $15 a gram. They all have about the same high for me, though. Last year, I found a hash ball that was remarkably like the mid quality imports from decades ago. I haven't had that experience since then; I paid $80 for an eighth of meh recently. I no longer vape so I don't have an opinion about the cartridges, etc. Oh, and I was not pleased with the store that says "100% pure cannabis" in their marketing when they sell Soulshine brand bud that has been sprayed with oils of rosemary, sage, and I forget what else. Edit: I forgot to mention, most of the bud has what I call proto seeds but not as bad as my pics above.
  17. I've delayed posting because the patent situation seriously angered me. One of my grandfather's patents was stolen by DuPont. My professor of a business law class was a partner in a law firm specializing in IP (intellectual property). My uncle held several patents. I have a very firm idea of what a US patent is. There was a pdf of an earlier decision in Nebraska but I couldn't find it when I posted the material above. Here is the decisive ruling: http://www.talkglass.com/forum/showthread.php?67570-OxyFrog-VS-Hvo Getting back to my own stuff, I have decided to stay where I am and build my studio in the outboard half of my two-car garage. Ventilation is critical; I will be replacing a window with a commercial fan and louvered shutters. The O2 concentrators each draw 600W and the compressor is an inductive load so my house electrical system needs to handle the equivalent of a set of traditional HPS lights. Ideally, a glass studio should be in a detached building for safety. The propane tank needs to be outside and should enter the studio via rigid pipe like the black iron used for natural gas. My torch is a GTT Mirage, something I can grow into. It has separate input ports for the center fire and outer ring of fire. I have a foot pedal to turn the outer ring on and off. The center fire is the same as a GTT Lynx. The Lynx will run best on a 10 lpm concentrator that has been modified to provide 20 PSI (10 PSI is typical). When you add an annealing kiln, this all adds up to major money. I chose to call lampwork alternative therapy when it became clear I would not be getting what I wanted from the healthcare system. There are two major divisions of lampworking: soft and boro. The borosilicate has a COE (coefficient of expansion) of around 33. Soft glass requires less flame heat and has a COE of 99 (and the less popular 104). Boro is used for "functional" glass: pipes, bongs, rigs, etc. Soft glass is typically used by beadmakers (although boro can be used (but never together, they would crack)). Beads can be made with a "hot head" torch, no oxygen needed. Like many forums these days, the glassworking ones are pretty dead but beadmakers are at http://lampworketc.com/forums/ I've never gone to reddit before but there is https://www.reddit.com/r/lampwork/ If I were to recommend a budget boro setup I think I'd say: Torch: GTT Bobcat $195 https://www.mountainglass.com/GTT-Bobcat (MGA is often considered the best flamework supplier; I've been very happy with them.) Oxygen: the simplest system is a welding tank with a regulator but this becomes an ongoing expense in terms of dollars and convenience. So I'd say look at craigslist for a used concentrator, preferably a 10 lpm but the 5 lpm are more common. The 5 lpm models use almost as much electricity. (A pisser is, new medical concentrators require a prescription because they are considered durable medical equipment by US regulations.) I bought my concentrators from here but they are still in the shipping box so I can't vouch for the quality of refurb. https://saltcityglass.com/products/platinum-10-flash-sale/ (They seem to have sales during the winter.) $600 Hoses: they need to be "T" rated for propane, standard oxy/acetylene hoses will break down chemically. Propane regulator $85 https://www.mountainglass.com/Single-Stage-0-30-psi-Fuel-Gas-Regulator-National Annealing kiln: you need this to prevent your work from cracking after you make it, also used for preheating. I bought a bigger model but here is one with a 9 x 9 x 9 inch interior: https://www.theglasshive.com/collections/aluminum-body-kilns/products/short-deep-and-tall-guy $975 delivered. (beadmaking kilns are shorter and cheaper) For boro, it is recommended to work with clear glass first before moving on to color. Major cities have glass blowing classes but they are usually the glory hole furnace type. Boro classes are typically secondary but you can find references for one-on-one instruction. Edit: this table is from Mountain Glass Arts:
  18. Fabric pots don't allow for "slide out" of a fully rooted plant. The fabric peels back. Smart pot has a transplant video but it's stupid because he doesn't use a supporting device like this guy: I have no opinion about starting large, I expect I'll try it for my next grow, but the consensus is to start small.
  19. (Just to be an ass) My roses are blooming here in Seattle.
  20. ledfoot


    Boudica is my favorite strain that I've grown in modern times (since the early '80s). I've done maybe ten plants of it. I'm on an extended break now but I smoke (bong) all day, every day. Grew four plants of Aztec Rain last time and I'd have to say I was disappointed. Real sativa in this sense: after the first hit, saying "That was pretty good; I think I'll do another" BUT then later on, feels almost like couchlock. I did a lousy job growing the AR but I think the effect was accurate (for me).
  21. I do indeed despise pop country. Back on topic: http://sundaybaroque.org/listen/
  22. Homedepot: 10 in. x 25 ft. Insulated Flexible Duct R6 Silver Jacket I used this in my attic, connecting a 8" mix-flow S&P inline fan with a 12" hood at the peak of my roof. I mainly wanted the insulation to prevent condensation during the winter. Very quiet. I bought strips of black neoprene rubber from zoro.com to suspend my fan. Works great. Edit: but not absolutely quiet. If you are moving air, there is going to be some noise.
  23. I got bitched out in the past for asking what market a person lives in, so I have nothing to offer here.
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