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  1. hey sannie , nice new layout on the site , tho one small point , the " not availble " is away from the front pages , so u actualy need to click each time to see that its not avaible . for the rest , nice work!
  2. wow that left bud in ure hand never smoked a colored one , maybe something for a next grow enjoy ure smoke!
  3. DJP

    POTM APRIL 2012

    Soma's Amnesia haze Day 58 12/12 Edit : looks like i dont got enough posts yet . tho i let this picture stay , goodluck
  4. DJP

    sugar punch - 250 gavita

    4 x sugar punch under 250 watt
  5. DJP


    From the album: sugar punch - 250 gavita

    Amnesia haze from soma seeds : day 58 12/12
  6. lovely thaste that sodelicius . got some strain in mind yet for next round? enjoy ure nice smoke
  7. jep does look like a male , tho early stage
  8. hey bazz f nice first girl , i'm sure u'll defly like her thaste . now the other plants and up to a nice weight in the scale crappy english but u'll get what i meen i geus haha enjoy it
  9. hey vlaanders nice to see u here gonne grab a seat goodluck
  10. when ure gone for a vacation and need somone to thake care of ure woman i'm free
  11. DJP

    Lets eat weed.

    here is our cooking artist from wf lovely nice food i see here , would love to come on a thee at ures i rly like to see ure cooking , wondering whats next
  12. keep feeding them growing nutrients till u see the first female pistols . then u can switch to flowering nutrients . i geus i can even say to still feed root stimulator till then .
  13. nice recovery from the litle over feeding . if i was u i putted them 12/12 now for sure . for the rest is looks good , just let ure plants dry a litle pick up the pot , water the plant pick up the pot again and feel the difrents , next day u will feel if u need to water or waite an other day . do u gonne buy an hps for the bloom periode? greetz DJP
  14. DJP

    SAM 1666 picasa

    From the album: sugar punch - 250 gavita

  15. hey bazz f nice bushy plants u got there . watering the smartpots is a litle change from the normal plastic pot . tho as u know yet dont over water them . i gonne thake myself a nice seat here , and have a look how it goes goodluck alot ,
  16. i gonne folow this grow , since i grow them too atm on soil . hoping with ya for a nice end result . goodluck on the way
  17. DJP

    hey i'm DJP

    @ desertgrown this bud has a nice cheesy taste and a nice stoned/high combination for a nice evening while watching tv . tho ure movie ends , i know it was a good movie tho i cant tell into details whats happened . for the rest i choosed sugar punch this round , because i like to smoke haze , and tought it wont be so great to get a next 4 plants of cheese .
  18. DJP

    hey i'm DJP

    hey bazz nope that was the sodelicius tho they both taste verry nice , i like this one most
  19. hello opengrow members , i'm DJP from belgium , have some topics on wietforum and i'm here to have a look when readed all on the dutch forum currently im bussy with sannies : sugar punch x 4 under a 250 watt intern reflector lamp from Gavitta , with a 400watt digistar balast . here a picture from my current grow and ofcourse a self grown bud from my previous grow for the rest i dont think i gonne open the same topic here as on the dutch forum , but will be here around for sure
  20. DJP


    From the album: sugar punch - 250 gavita

  21. DJP


    From the album: sugar punch - 250 gavita

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