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  1. I did cut it down Sannie, hahaha. This was the single largest indoor harvest that I've EVER EVER MADE. You can see the aftermath here: Twisted Shack Harvest - Multi-poundage! That concludes this grow diary. My new grow can be found here: Jack Berry F2 + Herijuana + The Mask Thanks to everyone that followed along...hopefully you will have been inspired to grow out these fantastic strains of Sannie's...I've never been so pleased before.
  2. Holy Hell!!! This bud alone weighs 4.67 POUNDS!! I don't think I want to hear anything about Ceramic Metal Halide lamps again, unless it's: WHERE CAN I GET ONE? What an UNBELIEVABLE HARVEST!!! I can't remember the last time I've been so happy...I think it was when I got married...what a good goddamn day, I am so fucking happy. Thanks a million Sannie for this FREEBIE!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH Man oh man...what a fucking yield!!! I feel like I won the goddamn lottery!!! 250w!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahhah!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. KIEFer

    > 5NOV08

    Photos added as of the above date.
  4. Post as Aad, or don't post. I ain't saying it again, I am just going to show up and have a boot party. I put it on my skin. Stay focused to the topic of the thread. If you're not making suggestions, don't talk.
  5. hahah, thanks Sannie...don't ever change your broken english!
  6. Let's just cut the shit, I live in Alaska, it's freezing here. As of tomorrow, the Twisted Shack is 65 days in. I had put this plant at 70 days finishing time. Does anyone have an opinion on that? What are people's thoughts on using the cold to trigger an "end of life" type hormonal response in cannabis? I am TOTALLY happy with the amount of weed on my plant right now...I just want it to be FINISHED weed. I have a weird feeling that if I keep the blower on at night, that the plant will mature faster because it will be freezing its ass off thinking it will die soon. As it is now, the fan goes off with the lights...my cab is cooled from air brought in DIRECTLY from the outdoors. There is a good chance the plant may freeze solid during the night, but I'm not sure it will. Any thoughts on this? Look, it's dying time: Also, what's going on with the purple? I am starting to think that the CMH has something to do with it. Look, more purple fan leaves, JUST LIKE THE KO KUSH.
  7. All of those are good ideas. A while back I was asked about being a "Security Moderator" and I said "No'. I would never be a good moderator, because I would let anyone say anything that they wanted. I made a post about quitting a while back in one of my grow threads, and I left for a week. I came back later, and everything was ok again. So, if you remember those posts I made, then you can see why I'd not like to be a moderator. The services I'd be interested in, would be "Admin" like tasks, that don't have anything to do with "social engineering" or "customer service". So hupla, I'm not a moderator, because I don't want to be, and if asked right now, I'll turn it down again and again. I can't handle people complaining, why would I want to be responsible for handling complaining people? Also, the power isn't needed, when I can just point out to Maverick, that such and such user showed Sannie's packaging, etc, and he takes care of it, INSTANTLY. The global moderators are good, and I wouldn't change anything about them. I just hate the whole "Things are THIS way, if you don't like it, go to hell." Why does it have to be like this? I've made thousands of suggestions, but nothing has been done. Simple things, like turning off PM ability until a certain amount of posts, or an SSL cert. I offered to pay. I don't see too many GLOBAL mods that offered to pay, and all of them could QUITE nicely finance this board if they were to sell their weed. Myself, I have 1 plant and live below poverty level. I think that speaks mountains for my "dedication" to the "forum", and to what Sannie is doing. So let's not delete this thread...what are WE going to do?
  8. KIEFer

    Scorp's Closet

    So THAT'S why you didn't like the McDonald's shit picture...ahhhhhh... If I were to say: "Good grow, girl", I would sound black, and I am not black. If I were to say: "Good grow, WOMAN", then of course I would be a misogynistic bastard... I think I'll stick with calling you man, ok dude?
  9. KIEFer

    Scorp's Closet

    That TW looks like a heart pounder...good grow man.
  10. Update: Today I moved the seedlings out from under the 2x24" T12's, and put them under the 150hps. They were on a 24/0 light schedule, now they are going to be on a 20/4 program. I've never vegged under 24/0 before...the regimen made the leaves wavy...I'm not going to do that again. I think the leaves need at least a couple of hours a night to do what they do... But as you can see, they grew like crazy...everything is kind of caught up with each other: I am going to wait until the Twisted Shack is done, then EVERYTHING you see in this picture is going into the flowering cab, to be vegged 1-2 more weeks under the 250w CMH, then flowered. I am guessing that the sativa dominate plants will catch the 4 KO Kush, and everything should be at an even canopy level (I am hoping): That's a lot of shit to go into the cab at once...as I said before, I am hoping for 1 male Herijuana to backcross a KO Kush or two with...hopefully, I'll end up with 4-5 females, and if they are all female, then I will make "donkies" of The Mask and Jack Berry. This will be a very exciting grow...it's too early to guess which way The Masks will go, but whatever phenotype they lean towards, I know that I'll be happy.
  11. Update: One two three FOUR five six seven EIGHT NINE ten E-L-E-V-E-N twelve! Don't ever think you are above nature: So these seeds are: KO Kush F1 x Twisted Shack F1 The Father was a hermie...are they viable? I have 4 in the oven now to see if they pop or not. Lesson learned: If you get pollen in your cab...you might as well keep the offending plant if it's a hermie, because your other plants are...that's right - PREGNANT.
  12. What's the difference in size between a 150w hps and 250w hps inyards? Would it be possible to take the 250w from my 250, and put it inside my little 150, so I can run a 250w CMH for veg, and then step up to a 400w for 12/12? The big ballast I have had markings inside for 400w shit, they use the same hood for everything, so I know I can ram a 400 in there, since their 400 uses the same exact body...but for the 150, I am unsure if 250w guts would fit. That would be a great mod for me...it would save me a lot of money as well. I am figuring it would be 12$ more a month for about 60-70% more dope.
  13. Wow man, I guess it was the clear plastic on the ground, it really looks like FOG on KO Kush...hahah. So, since I know those are 2g bags, I have to say, when are you going to make the flip? Some of them stretched for up to 2 weeks, while most were a week. Also, with the soil mix you are using, how often to you water with the 2g bags? What's your humidity at? I was thinking of cutting my Ocean Forest as well, but ONLY to save money. Thanks man.
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