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  1. Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I just popped some freebies from the Dank Team and only one didn't germinate and it took me two weeks to get my order from them. When I germinate seeds I just put them in soil and use a humidity dome and sometime I use a rapid rooters in a floating tray under a humidity dome, thats what I do. Peace manicman57
  3. @-agreenpassion- I popped two Cookies and cream fem's they gave me from Inhouse Genetics and some OG regulars they gave me, all popped up in three days. Peace manicman57
  4. Just to give everyone an up date, got my order in two weeks using a C.C. and received 17 seeds as freebies and promos, with just ordering one 10 pack CCK from Dynasty. The freebies were from 'Inhouse Genetics" whoever they are. @ Sannie- I won't quit ordering from your store because I love your Genetics and you are a lot cheaper. Peace manicman57
  5. Placed an order on Sept. 22nd and still nothing, I'm glad I didn't place a big order. Peace manicman57
  6. Thanx guys, I just placed an order for some Dynasty gear, I wanted some Motarebel gear, but they were out of stock. US based site, that is so cool! Peace manicman57
  7. So the "Dank Team" is a legit site?
  8. rapid rooters work very well for cuttings, never had a problem, used for years. Peace manicman57
  9. Where I get my myco's from suggest acouple of days like beachbud stated. Peace manicman57
  10. try messaging Weedmon, he grew out a lot of his strains. I personally don't have info on classic strains. Peace manicman57
  11. @Potent ask Weedmon about Classic, he is a member here, Weedmon did a lot of testing for him on the Seed Depot before it was shut down a few years ago. If it is the same breeder (Classic) he always says "Aloha". Weedmon had a lot of problems with his genetics, either a sausage fest or weak weed. But that was then.I don't know how his shit is now, plus I personally haven't grown his shit. Hope that helps. Peace manicman57
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