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  1. boulie1942


    Hey Haze, For sure it's tomato. Never saw that before, you are supposed to get cannabis seed and you got tomato WEIRDO man !! I know queen seeds are not serious breeders, the less I can say... but to the point to sell tomato seeds for out sacred plant I say WOW.
  2. Hey Santero and friends, Nla are the first gear I tried from Esko and it's one of my old time favorite. I had a very special pheno that I kept for years. Certainly the plant I grew the most. Hopefully I have something like a hundred beans left so all good with them, I sprouted a couple a month ago and they both did it. Cheers !
  3. Hey Santeto, I voted for cherry haze like Wisecalyx... I know both plant .. I smoked the reclining buddha once in a coffeshop, i will always remember this heavy hitter and this cherry taste is incredible... I never been able to put my hands and those seeds, one of my grower regret lol. Lady Cane, as you know I still have seeds of her, and she's a pure winner for me. The mix can just be wonderfull... Thanks for sharing Santero. Cheers !
  4. I'm back as promised, so from my side : A full pack of Chocolate Rain F1 : As I said those are ok. 5 Blue Rocket : I tried to launched 2 last year but nothing came 4 Chucky Bride : Last year I launched 2... one lady did it I also have some nla F2 I did a long time ago, Lady Cane F2 as well... I'm an Esko's work lover so if I can give something back to the community, be sure to count on me. I don't have concrete projects for them, so if someone is interested in keeping the fire alive, let me know. Cheers !!
  5. Hey friends, I have to check my seeds, but I have plenty of Esko's work... Chocolate Rain I'm sure to have at least 8 seeds left. I lauched one last september and had a nice lady, so they're ok. I'll let you know when I'm sure of what I have left. Cheers !!
  6. Hey fellow growers After a long break, I'm back on tracks ! I still have my old ladies but I'm looking for new taste, cherry taste ! I remember a long time ago Esko told he would work on that line but unfortunately we all know the end of the story... So my guess was to go for buddha sister but I don't trust soma. So my question is, Anybody knows where I can look at ? Thanks guys for the help. Cheers !
  7. bro, nothings with mexican nor haze...
  8. hey Urban, that is a brillant idea a 5 pack would be ok for me, let's hope !! Cheers
  9. Hey O.G, it's been a long time !! I hope everybody's ok. I was wondering if we have any chance to see Dynasty's new line available here at Sannie's seeds ? I am dreaming of their Salmon River OG, but I can't afford it at this price Thanks for the answer Cheers !!
  10. Hey Lavie, nice job so far The dsd X bluechem is weird. When I see it it looks like the bluechem mama, exact same structure. One huge bud, very suitable for one bud style. But when I see the flowers, I clearly recognise my dsd. How is the smell ? Bluechem is deep, dark, strong, I smoke it actually. Dsd is like strawberry and cream, very pleasent, like a candy. Good luck for the rest of your crop, Cheers!
  11. Hey Green, I just can agree with others. I grew a pack of their california hashplant about 4 years ago, outside. Those plants finished in bho. No hermies but nothing to do with the original deal. I would save my money to a breeder more serious. Cheers.
  12. Don Don Don... Yo Lavie i'm very proud to see my seeds in your hands It's gonna be tough but I know you can handle that héhé I'll be around my man, cheers !!
  13. Here in France the season was awfull. I personally don't grow outdoor but my friends told me it was one of the worth they did for a long time. I quittted outdoor about 10 years ago, we now have enough technologies to trigger the nature... and it works damn good ! Cheers !!
  14. Congrats to all the winners !! I'm glad my seeds go in good hands I can tell it right now, for the next POTM i will offer some DSD F2. My male Vs my 2 mamas : one pure strawberry pheno the other pure SD. I will make a full seed run only for them. DSD is alive !!!! and I'd like to give it back to the community. Cheers !
  15. Hey friends, I'm sorry but to me the best pictures has not been selected, 10 is not fair for the others competitors. Cheers !
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