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  1. I'm enjoying following along on this and resisting the urge to break my budget and purchase some tables. I had noticed that we were only seeing one section of the tent and wondered what was going on in the other half
  2. Cheers for linking that article, interesting info. Looking forward to the real grow!
  3. I am just harvesting some Lush (Lemon Thai x SFV OG Kush) and the lemon smell is overpowering. The flavour transfers very well to oil extracts. Sorry it's not available but I would try to track down some Lemon Thai.
  4. Thanks saxo. They are at day 63 of 12/12 now and in general they smell like very ripe berries, maybe a mix of strawberry and blueberry. They have that kind of intoxicating smell that strawberries and other fruits get just before they are too ripe. I will harvest in around a weeks time and when I decide which one/s to run again I will probably only run them for 9 weeks and see how they go. In general I could have looked after these plants better and that is showing up in the leaves. #2 is less nutrient sensitive than #3 and #5 and I'd say is closer to the cheese than numbers 3 and 5. Some of the leaves on #2 have a lot of amber trichomes but there aren't a lot on the calyxes. I'm not sure where people generally count trichome colour. I only look out of interest and just judge the buds after I smoke them as there is only so much trichome colour can tell you. I did harvest one #2 in a small pot at day 56. It doesn't get me too stoned to do anything but I have found myself not doing a lot when I smoke it because it just makes me space out. It's nice to be able to have a smoke that helps to space out and relax. I find the space out factor somewhat motivational too because it lessens my anxiety. I'm not sure that it gives me the munchies but it does make me relaxed enough to get up and cook up a delectable cheese and bacon sandwich instead of just thinking about it. #2 #3 #5
  5. Cheeseberry 56 days 12/12
  6. Thanks raze, bigun , and KaRmA. If by 'vent' you mean my carbon filter I am probably due for a replacement. I've had it for at least 4 years now and although I can't smell anything I'm wondering if I have just gotten used to it... The smell is starting to shift from sweet berries to something with a little more skunk oriented but still with the berry smell there. Hoping the funk really builds up over the next three weeks. #2
  7. Thanks Sannie. Best wishes to all.
  8. Naycha

    ACME'S vault

    Also looking at giving this style a go, will be following along with interest. Good luck!
  9. I finally made myself sit down and read this whole thread. Thanks for sharing in a such a no bullshit manner and answering questions so respectfully and honestly. I will have to give this style of growing a run in the near future.
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