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  1. its only one cruiser of the starfleet. The space lab itself is the datacenter Biggest plants in mid get 1200 PFD. Sundae Driver x Grape Pie x Kosher OG x OZ Kush. Beam me up scotty. The field of view is 5ft wide, the picture is not showing the real size they are.
  2. Seems like its the same problem everywhere ... Hammered the reflectors down, dismantled the Gavita Pro's untill not recognisable. Smashed 4 Adjusta Wings. Thors hammer went lose here. Never want to see this prehistoric stuff back. @drip-n-wet That is FIRE!!!! LED ftw. Welcome back on OPG btw, nice to see you here
  3. I can asure you that Dynamite and Blue Dynamite are very good strains! They can still compete todays strains. I know and grow them since 15 years. You made a good choice. There is no HID light that can compete a good LED. You are right that the buds are bigger from HID grows (cause of the IR radiation). But size does not matter (LOL), its weight, terps and potency. IR radiation from HID lights make buds always more fluffy. Led lights destroy HID easy. 200% up to 400% more yield, potency levels are of the charts. With less energy = more and better. Buds that are that dense that even my Santa Cruz Shredder has some troubles crushing em. I been phenohunting for over 20 years and have seen allot in HID ops. The moment i stepped over on HLG leds, i reviewed all my collection. What an amazing adventure that was! Terp space station, had to double the carbon filter systems (in and out). Trimming buds has become a risk. For LED growing you need= Leaf Temperature surface, Air temperature and RH = VPD. Its very important data. Volumetric water dryback data = must have data. Data of Saturation Extract Ec vs Bulk EC vs Pore water EC = must have data All this data togheter = crop steering. Highly recommend it.
  4. Another pheno from Strawberry Rain (4 keepers in total collected in the last years) 3 weeks to go
  5. Hello Dieseldog. F2's are prob the most wild of them all. But good phenohunting, important fase. Leds are a learning curve. These are at 4,5w, the strain is Melon Fizz from Archive seeds. Thank you for the nice words Bigelbow. I still grow the same style but now it is very high tech. The flooding system and growing conditions evolved allot the last years. VPD!!! For example, i do not flood anymore every 3 days. I wait for the Volumetric Water Content (=VWC) dryback to 20%. Own nutrients from horticulture world. Independency from aero cloner to final bud. Different pfd light levels during all stages. Finetuned with help of Apogee SQ ePAR. UVA, UVB, Far Red. Version 2.0 would be a little bit more complicated ...
  6. Can you measure pfd of the leds at canopy? Could be totally non nutrients relevant but LED burn, it can be combination.(i have melted some plants myself first startup leds) Nitrogen in this fase must be very low, this far in flowering N defiency? and below still some greener leaves. Nah. While the leaf tips curl downwards (could be genetics) Mg and Ca decrease K uptake. The nutrients were there and maybe not possible to uptake. Just brainstorming ...
  7. Buds look ok and frosty. Plants do look to yellow. Never flush plants or let them starve. Only flush when there are to much nutrients. Dont believe in myths. Never have grown Irie seeds. Had to look up the parentage from this one, pretty amazing lineage.
  8. Hey Toker, that is a very hard question. Many good things, allot of crap, allot of PR show, ... It all depends what you wanna toke. Fruits, haze, cream, desserts, earthy, spices, sour, ... Went through so many strains and still flying, this question makes my head spin. Some expectations did not deliver. Some unexpected suprises.
  9. Far Red is built in my HLG Scorpion Diablo's. Probably the best leds out there atm. My plants get rooted under HLG 65watt Bspecs, that i have modified with very good dimmers. This is Aero waterbox cloners and some thermostat regulated propapagors, where i germinate seeds in a non stop cycle. 150 - 250 PFD, depending the fase. From there they go to the Larger HLG Bspecs. They contain blue diodes, Azul. My mothers, pregrowth happens in this lightspectrum. 300 - 500 PFD, depending the fase and room. NO UV. The ones i want to flower, go under the HLG Scorpion Diablo's. I still grow eb n flood like in the past, but just a lil more (allot) high tech ... with all kinds of data sensors. The far red lights are always on, same for the UVA (in light cycle, not dark cycle). HLG made a UVA bar that works extraordinary! The IR radiation from HID lights make plants stretch. Far red is mostly important for end of flowering. It mimics the angle of the sunlight in autumn, sunset in particular. Stretch depends on the combination of nm light you give. Some give stretch and some reduce stretch, togheter they give balance. Its complicated. From week 5 i start with 30 mins UVB light, who i have integrated on the Scorpion Diablos. Towards end of flowering i have increased at 2 hours, always mid light cycle. I trigger a SAR response with chitosan from young plants allready. The UVB in combo with chitosan is magic. PAR is history, we are almost in 2022. "ePar" is the todays standard. Pushing my plants up to 1000 pfd (an outer max without Co2), rocksolid buds who are frosty as hell. The downside of all this, is that i had to go overkill in carbonfilters. The terps levels are so high that they make me worry allot. The buds are so potent and smelly, that it has become hard to find strains that are only average potency for daytime usage. Far red differs among who make it, what diodes they use. There are different Nm options. Dont buy em blindfolded. Do research.
  10. The stronger the concentration, the slower (or even not) they root ... The magic about making root auxins is the correct dosage. The Naa % i suggested works, it make roots in 5 - 7 days, allot of them. Lateral roots, like brushes. You dont want them long pin roots down. You cannot want allot of roots without the growth that comes with it. A big root engine delivers more power. Hormonal you can do break growth speed. Cut them down from time to time, reduce plant mass.Slow down growth and switch to 18/6. Iaa, Naa, IBA-K, IBA and all others. Give them 1 time. Stop after one time. Its not the same like rootstimulator. That is based on cold pressed seaweed ferments or tea's. Sometimes a small % IBA-K gets added but nothing very powerfull. The Auxins are mostly used to clone from naked stems. When you take clones, the upper internodes push down natural auxins downwards to make rooting happen. You need some internodes up in the light and some down. Extra auxins stimulate the speed and amounts. Easy to give to much and have counter effect. For a massive rootsystem, inform yourself about brown seaweed extracts. Once per 2 weeks. Skip the expensive rootstimulators, they are ripping you of. The 0.24% Naa solution, well i dump that in a aero cloner when i make clones. It may not be present in that reservoir for more than 7 days. After 7 days reservoir must be sterilised and filled with nutrients (Flower nutrients. For example 5 ml GHE Flower Tripart and 2,5 ml Micro GHE /per gallon). Its always important to work with some kind of Oxidiser to. Easy to make yourself. To what i understand from what you write, i think you are better of with good quality Algea Seaweed juice than the pure auxins. It does contain it to in very tiny amounts, but its easy to manage. This stuff has become a standard in my grow ops. No need for special, turbo or mega juice from the growshops. A good organic store can sell you top quality. I get mine in a farmershop.
  11. Will make it myself easy here, read this https://dyna-gro.com/vitamin-b-1-myth/ These guys know what they talk about. cheers
  12. Iaa is the most unstable of all Auxins. Naa or IBA-K is more interesting to work with. Together they are synergetic. Make a 0.24% Naa solution concentrate. Soluble in a lil high proof alcohol. ( i use 190 proof) Add this to distilled water. FORGET everything they claim about Vit B1 or thiamine hydrochloride, SKIP IT. I could explain why but that could take a few pages, its very complex matter. Every nute company that claims it helps is not educated. Do research, University of California & Colorado state university has some files bout there latest research on this subject. Use 4 ml per gallon of this Naa solution, done. For the euro boys and girls, this is 0.95 ml per 1 Liter. Another version is to make a 1% IBA-K + 0.5% Naa solution. (again with Ethyl Alcohol) IBA-K is water soluble. BAP6, or 6-Benzylaminopurine is a cytokinine. I use it for Tissue culture but also to reduce GA3 side effects ... It must be handled with high presision. Humic acid, for end of flowering. Fulvic acid, for start, chelating agent.
  13. Unstopable! nice work. Red spectrum depends what Nm range. The deep or far red, brought me more fire. A peak at red 620 nm is highly recommended, the combo with UV-B 310 nm = WOW
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