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  1. Yep, for the last 20 years. I grow them myself and fill up 60 liter buckets with it. Then i put in a stone (as weight on the leaves) and fill with rainwater. The cover on it and so it stays for 2 to 3 weeks. Yes, then it stinks like hell. I filter this juice and dillute 1/10. The filtering is important cause the wild comfrey seeds like hell. (not the bocking, wich is the russian one, that one does not seed, 99,99% of the times) This is given to ALL plants that make flowers or fruits. It is one of the most power K nutrients you can find in nature. It is magic. Mix it with some spoons of ancient rockdust or some lava dust and it becomes really magic. These plants can be found in wild nature very easy. Take one root and it will spread - dominate your garden. Harvests around 3 times a season. Medicinal i make gel from it for muscle and joint pains. Gel that i put on a clothing and wrap around the pain area. Good luck guys. Felecitations for your way of thinking. It's smart!
  2. Nice one, but i seen bigger.
  3. Its not a problem, you will have your reasons. Freedom in good and bad days ey.
  4. You have read it Lotus, well done. The eldest seeds in my collection are losing germination vigor. (1998 - 2005) That is what i am doing the last years. Grow grow grow, to not lose them. Sorting and judging like the pot snob i am. Lady Cane is for 2017.
  5. Hey V, i am no Sir. We are all equal growers, risktakers. When the misses goes nuts well you are going to thank me for that when night falls. not? Smells like Grapefruit candy.Tastes like grapefruit herbal infused Gin Tonic, a nice bitter touch on the exhale.
  6. A bit rusty with uploading. I hope it dont hurt your neck. More grapefruit, 8w 12/12. Mapito flooding system, No PK13-14 but only Hesi Boost. Happy with the result but not 100% pleased with the leaf looks.
  7. e$kob@r

    GFG (4)

    From the album: Part 2

  8. Correct, Lady Cane is for this year. Picking up rubber and trees, faster then any dragster. This aint LC but something Grapefruit, older then opg. Enough lumber to last for a week.
  9. e$kob@r

    GG (2)

    From the album: Part 2

  10. Very sad news. Not vaccinated against malaria is a big risk voor insiders and bigger for outsiders. They should have asked seeds to me, i have friends there in Kindu and Kisangani who hunt for me.
  11. My last contact with Mr C was in summer of 2015. Some batches were shipped from my end here. Since then lost all contact.
  12. Hey buddy, thanks for informing the opengrowers about me.
  13. just.blaze, This person who want to stay anonymous, he must not be affraid ... he must be proud of his work. My seeds are open source for all of you.
  14. For me time has become luxery KaRmA.
  15. Here i am. Do u miss me? i do miss all of this and you. I did not quit growing and breeding. I do not hide or work for other breeders. Not into problems, tbh its the opposite. Victim of my own succes in another bisnis. Became boss, the privacy line is very thin, that do worries me.
  16. When you show me airpot madness, consistent, bigger buds then this ... i will bow for that person. Words are easy but show me plz. Speed, pounds & quality is what i am looking after. Its about 6 runs a year, 8 weeks from clone planted. Pregrow is something from before 2000. I like this discussion, bring it on. Roses are red, violets are blu, my mapito style will always own you. (not agressive , just say it to tease, to poke ... i want to SEE it)
  17. Its very legit, i have been testing for them for over a year behind the screens. Very proffesional people. I will share the message of not replying to your email.
  18. Hey TP, Welcome here. Yep, still here. A bit in the shade watching but still not changed. Grow grow grow.
  19. I never heard of that shop, i just see this myself. These seeds were stolen from me and other breeders on TSD affair!!!! Domain reg Created on 2015-05-15 - Expires on 2016-05-15 - Updated on 2015-05-15 IP, from Utah, USA
  20. Many of u underestimate themselves and think the big buds come from special growing skills or some master growers. I would personally kick those people asses and say, its all written here what u need, execute and win! Almost a decade now! The only thing i was not happy was losing my old mapito from that new RFX1. Now i imported Growpito from the states where i was a link in the chain behind the old skool mapito creation. Things changed, now the states got the good stuff that we earlier had in Europe. No problem for me, i am everywhere and shadow is my home. Purple Storm at few days from 8 weeks flowering.
  21. e$kob@r

    Purple Storm

    From the album: 2015

  22. Nice work drip, i getting awesome results with Growpito to. RFX1 is allready at container park. Keep it up, this is going to be a super grow.
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