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  1. Since my wife's passing this year I just do not have time to post grow logs and such. So I will be away from here for at least a year. I've taken up playing with old (6 volt) cars and sorting thru things house related. I still have a full time job and my back issues are the same. I plan switching to Big city doctors in August/September to see if they can fix me up while I still have insurance. Keep it green guys and gals
  2. to hear that you got at least one dog back, 50% on the way to complete success. The rest of lost things do no matter got to love dogs..
  3. well F**k You knew better than that buddy. Hang in there as time will sort it out.
  4. party hard ... maybe a 80 to 90 big joints after harvest lol choc rain AS3 x Heri Ducksfoot
  5. robogro


    grief is the price we pay for love, I'm sorry for your loss. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family
  6. thanks Archer ... they went out too late to get any size and the bugs seem to be having a good time thanks astronomikl .. I had very good luck with the purple ducks last year outdoors pic update some of the small plants sugar punch, bad pic but a really nice aroma Lady Berry Kush choc rain
  7. almost all went into flower when planted and a few are going thru reveg. I suppose this will be a tasters grow, if they make it. These plants were abused for 2-3 months with neglect. Sunday sunrise @ 80f choc rain blue rocket krono huck berry duck #5 heri x afgan
  8. Looking good Barney, all dialed as normal
  9. the faint red line (for me) is always there..it's a PASS . I bought a box of those testers and the instructions that were included even said as much. Best of Luck with with the new job
  10. I was able to get most everything planted up in some Hot weather. new expanded area for the plants that have gone into flower sugar punch krono choco rain
  11. Thank you All for your thoughtful remarks/comments, I have a full time job and spent a couple of days with family, so I was only able to spend 1/2 a day with the grow this past weekend. No pics, but they might look better in a week. I'm running out of space and some will die or maybe just planted somewhere else and left to fend for water etc. on their on. 95 f yesterday and the temps are going up and rainfall down in the next few weeks.
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