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  1. Since my wife's passing this year I just do not have time to post grow logs and such. So I will be away from here for at least a year.


    I've taken up playing with old (6 volt) cars and sorting thru things house related. I still have a full time job and my back issues are the same. I plan switching to Big city doctors in August/September to see if they can fix me up while I still have insurance.


    Keep it green guys and gals :verrygood

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  2. :wave: thanks Archer ... they went out too late to get any size and the bugs seem to be having a good time


    :wave: thanks astronomikl .. I had very good luck with the purple ducks last year outdoors


    pic update


    some of the small plants



    sugar punch, bad pic but a really nice aroma



    Lady Berry Kush



    choc rain




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  3. almost all went into flower when planted and a few are going thru reveg. I suppose this will be a tasters grow, if they make it. These plants were abused for 2-3 months with neglect.


    Sunday sunrise @ 80f



    choc rain



    blue rocket






    huck berry



    duck #5



    heri x afgan


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  4. Thank you All for your thoughtful remarks/comments, I have a full time job and spent a couple of days with family, so I was only able to spend 1/2 a day with the grow this past weekend. No pics, but they might look better in a week.


    I'm running out of space and some will die or maybe just planted somewhere else and left to fend for water etc. on their on. 95 f yesterday and the temps are going up and rainfall down in the next few weeks.

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  5. sad news fellow growers ...


    My best friend, the love of my life, my wife passed away two weeks ago.


    While I am past the loss, I am far from over it. I'm staying busy and I'll see if I can salvage some of my neglected plants this weekend.


    A big thanks to this site and members for posting topics and pictures, it has helped with keeping up with what's going/growing on.

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  6. Sorry for not posting updates lately :( . Lots going on with my heath, which is over shadowed by my wife's issues. Full time the past few months and I was unsure if I would be able to get a plant in the ground this year.


    I was able to get five plants out yesterday and I have a lot to do to get the old area in shape. It might just be one of those years where I hope for the best with little maintenance.





    five plants, first for 2015



    next up



    we have had 4-6 inches of rain every week for the past 5 weeks 47.gif

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