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  4. good subject on checking on equipment. I never did the bubble bag process and have done the Gumby method several times. Now I do a modified Gumby method with five gallon ez strainers. they fit on top of a five gal pail and come in different microns, I always save the water and do the Gumby last step, let it settle to the bottom, remove most of the water, and the rest is in the pipe..smoking. usplastic.com http://www.usplastic...24071&catid=685 amazon.com http://www.amazon.co...iners&x=23&y=20 hope this has not already been posted, as I still have a lot of reading to do.. lol
  5. Naycha, the results look fantastic. Some great looking bubble....how does it smoke?
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    Free Cat

    From the album: robogro

  7. thanks for the warm welcome guys, I was gifted some of sannie's seeds a couple of years ago and have just now got around to getting some new beans. I usually grow outdoors but I am planning on doing a few indoor grows this winter. I am active on another pot forum (in aussie land) but most defiantly will post up some pics/thread here when the ladies get going. this is what I selected for this years Christmas present for myself. Selene, Colombian gold X Jamaican lambsbread Durganchitral Ms.Universe Kolossus Herijuana IBL Hericules
  8. New to this site, but long time grower. Stopped by a couple of weeks ago to get some beans from sannie, (got them yesterday will be some time reading all the great threads here and hope that I can share some back. keep it green..
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