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  1. robogro

    LED Grow Op

    welcome aboard Tread looking forward to watching your SP and clones get big
  2. all you ladies are filling out very nice
  3. it is a boy, most people cut them down (unless you are breeding )
  4. What Passion said ^ amazon prime ($100 a year,I think) members get free 2 day shipping, Lots of digital books, movies etc for free also. I find what I want on the web, then check to see if amazon has it. Sometimes cheaper, but free two day shipping on prime items (like clone plugs) good luck with the HID :pi_lightbulb:
  5. Thanks for the "Spring Time Around the World" tour everyone (click pic for full size)
  6. robogro


    From the album: animals_bugs

  7. Party Always a pleasure watching your grows/tests
  8. great pics Chucha , thank you (I use firefox and I have an 'add on' tool to rotate images and 'zoom' images )
  9. got my first Arizer last week Extreme Q Vaporizer 4.0 for $164 ... I'm happily stoned.
  10. nice looking buds....good report
  11. That BDA cross looks like a winner great pics
  12. It happens. I'm glad your feeling better
  13. Welcome to the forums Cannis
  14. Welcome to the forums Celt
  15. the cat circled the house and allowed me time to grab my camera, attach a 200mm lens, then follow some squawking crows (that were following the cat) and take 8 pics hand held and max zoom. The cat seems to have something in her mouth...maybe a rabbit or a baby cub. hummers are having a good time
  16. robogro


    From the album: animals_bugs

  17. Bobcat -I've seen tracks over the years, but this one was about 130 meters from the house.
  18. robogro


    From the album: animals_bugs

  19. robogro

    1 (2)

    From the album: animals_bugs

  20. Hello and Welcome to the forums Sparks
  21. Lucky you . It looks like a nice day for a ride, I hope the return trip was downhill.
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