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  1. welcome to the forums Moon
  2. 8 plus buddy
  3. It's nice around chop time
  4. It is in your profile buddy, on the right.."Manage Ignore Prefs"
  5. Mothers and Fathers are tired of their children going to jail for smoking pot. Laws take time to change and the feds need to remove pot from a class 1 drug.
  6. if all the members who do not like making feminized seeds would just go post in the "I Hate Feminized Seeds" topic, this topic could get back on track. Thanks amw for the great information.
  7. welcome to the forums Redz memory lane below.. some salvaged overgrow topics http://www.bestseedbank.com/overgrow-tutorials/
  8. it is a start Barney, but a long ways off. The Governor has stated he will not sign it and Texas is only meets every two years for Bills and Budgets.
  9. nice report smile, you make a good tester
  10. it is pronounced " U all " in these parts
  11. that is a lot of soil Bagwell, nice line up so far. Best of luck on your tree farm
  12. I the Sugar Punch and Maury Povich yesterday and it opened up some room for my growing number of clones Sugar Punch Maury Povich - lots of sugar and stickyness with this closet veg/flower room
  13. more ... The Punch, Chopped yesterday (grown indoors, survived spider mites in early flower)
  14. robogro

    sugar punch

    From the album: 2015 startup

  15. robogro


    From the album: 2015 startup

  16. robogro

    Sp1 (2)

    From the album: 2015 startup

  17. robogro


    From the album: 2015 startup

  18. robogro

    Veg room

    From the album: 2015 startup

  19. robogro

    spring eggs

    From the album: 2015 startup

  20. robogro


    From the album: 2015 startup

  21. Looks fantastic to me, keep us posted
  22. looking good skunk keep it green I'll be watching and wishing you the best of luck
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