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  1. indigenous, you must be one happy person with such a nice grow/harvest. A very nice selection also
  2. Copper heads are my main reason to hate snakes.
  3. http://www.texassnakes.net/TexasRat.htm They come in different colors here Elwin, check out the link for pictures
  4. welcome aboard mate
  5. the predator guard went south last year due to age..upside down 3 gal plastic flower pot. I have seen the snake eat snake several times. I always kill snakes Malarkey, good or bad; it keeps me from having a heart attack when going into sheds etc. Trust me there are plenty around here. No, it's a rat snake, non venomous. He is in snake heaven
  6. your plants look ok but it's hard to tell under the LED lights you need to start a grow report and learn how to post pictures (link in my signature), it will give you and the members a place to respond to questions/answers Enjoy your first grow and have fun
  7. Dialed in as usual BB I like your PVC plant support in #110
  8. Great photos everyone The Bluebirds were just about ready to mature (feathers and such) when I went to take some updates, this fellow had taken over, just doing what he does and I did what I do
  9. robogro

    IMGP0024 (2)

    From the album: animals_bugs

  10. robogro

    IMGP0034 (2)

    From the album: animals_bugs

  11. robogro


    From the album: animals_bugs

  12. welcome to the party
  13. robogro


    nice setup starinhazy , thanks for sharing
  14. Quality , some of the best smoke I've had came from smaller buds and it did not take but two hits for 3-4 hours of medication. Your plan has been a success enjoy your smoke with your surgery, take care of yourself on the recovery process
  15. robogro


    it seemed like he was online all the time, mostly helping members with questions and problems. He was a fine MOD and a great person R.I.P. Mav
  16. Thanks guys Not much to show on the clone side of things, I have to kill some as I go along to make room for healthier looking ones.. flower room Maury Povich Sugar Punch
  17. robogro


    From the album: 2015 startup

  18. robogro

    sugar punch

    From the album: 2015 startup

  19. No, not at all, I meant it in the same way, as say,.. a bone that is broken and for you, the time it takes to heal. You deserve some Ran time
  20. thanks guys , I used a thin point and shoot for this one. the door opens from the front and I can not see what I'm aiming at so I shoot 10-15 to get 1 good picture. My old bird house opened from the side and was better for pictures.
  21. maybe...just maybe, you can have closure at some point in the near future
  22. robogro


    From the album: animals_bugs

  23. I really like the purple ones too.... the Bluebird eggs have hatched, I'll try to get one more before the next weekend. They mature very fast and will be gone soon.
  24. I've got my chair pulled up and you pictures are just fine
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