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  1. kronocaine i remember wazzup on here all the time when i first joined
  2. sorry didnt explain enough.they put clippings in trash bag and i pick it up,mix with the browns in a pile.only in bags until i pick them up.(greens)seem to be already heated up before adding to pile.from what ive read.greens and water should get it starting to heat up.
  3. gov just signed medical mj bill ohio.instead of private monoply the state has the monoply with no personal growing.cant even smoke it you have to vape it or use etables what a joke
  4. seems like my little microbe herd started easily when i got lawn clippings from someone else.they had them in a dark trash bag in the sun for a day.grass was already heated up.dont go longer than a day or two.waited 4 days to pick up lawn clippings and were a little slimy and starting to clump up
  5. hempy bucket was first thing i tried,i used promix,in 5 gallon bucket.dont know how you built yours.mine i drilled 1 inch hole 2 inches from bottom.used duct tape to tape a peice of screen over hole(was cheap),do watch ph and i had to add lime and a little epsom salt.it worked great.years later still using promix(or sunshine 4) mixed with soil 18 gallon totes somewhat a variation of hempy bucket.
  6. welcome to opengrow.ive been a member of several marijuana forums and cut it down to 2 of them that i am comfortable with ,this is one of them.i am more into sativa but from what i understand you are looking for indica dominate to help with pain.what you chose sounds like it might do the trick.sannie is a great guy and will bend over backwards for his customers.if what he has,does not work for you ,then google high cbd strains.and get the highest (cbd )you can get(do your research first)make sure the claims are legit
  7. for the record,sannie took care of me with this situation.i have had every sativa dominate regular in sannies gear.have not had a problem with any other than this,unless was my fault(ol lady spilled bleach on rapid rooters once).
  8. was looking at the simplicity of ordering from james beans,made a stop at my friends house today.sannie you never cease to amaze me on how far you go to make things good.you really make it hard to go else where.thanks dude.
  9. only place i could find them in stock does not ship to usa.if you can get around that some how,try united seeds.
  10. how are they looking,i was kinda thinking of picking some up
  11. update?ive been looking at the new version of the bml spyder.input on this grow would help me a lot on making my decision to try led
  12. was having problems with my satori.kinda looked like yours.i dont think i have enough drainage.they look bad but they are making it.no where near the yield they should have though.yours are small enough that you can still add some perilite and transplant
  13. i received mine,tried everything that i told you to try.i like sannies gear but i wouldnt recomend kf.other 2 strains i got with them 100%germination.if its purple pheno that your looking for,i got my first 1 out of a 10 pack of selene
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