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  1. Wrecks

    Makin' muh seeds

    Thanks for having a peek, and for the good wishes. So much good stuff out there, one may as well throw a dart at a massive genetics board to choose strains. This was one way. My idea is to go for 1 more round of seed making with Afghan and Thai. I want to make some more pure Afghan and Thai seeds, and my own true 50/50 hybrid, then I'm done. Those seeds should do for the time I have left on this earth, although I may be tempted into some Road Kill Skunk one day. Guess I just love skunky pot.
  2. Wrecks

    Makin' muh seeds

    The Northern BC Skunk is smelling ripe fruit funky right now. I suspect by the end it will stink even more. FINALLY! Growing something with some real stank on it.
  3. All looks healthy and very tasty. Yum.
  4. Nice plants. I dig your set-up, especially the light scheme.
  5. Wrecks

    Makin' muh seeds

    (my pleasure, Saxo) Hey, all. I am going to pollinate pretty soon, so I thought I would take some pics beforehand. I just about drove myself batshit crazy over deciding what seeds to make. Skunk and Chemo were the main ingredients though, so I took what I had, and have decided to make only 4 crosses. Out of 3 Skunks, all 3 are female. Out of 3 Chemo, one is female. I kept 1 Chemo male, 1 Spice One male, and one unknown male from a mixed pack freebee. My crosses; (hopefully) - Northern BC Skunk X Chemo (male) - Northern BC Skunk X Spice One (male) - Northern BC Skunk X Unknown (male) - Chemo X Spice One (male) The green (and a little purple) stuff; Here are 2 unknown females, and one Spice One female, all for smoking bud. Here are 4 Spice One, for smoking bud; The breeder females. 3 Northern BC Skunk and 1 Chemo. I can hardly wait to get this big ugly box out of the veg room. I want to keep pollen isolated, then it will be a one time pollination, and the males are gone. Got a male Chemo at top right, a male Spice One at bottom right, and in the top left, an unknown male that I kept for it's vigour and rapid flowering. One final effort, then I can just relax and let them grow.
  6. Wrecks

    led 180w vero29 soil

    Looks like they are loving what you are giving them for lights and nutes.
  7. (Hiya Rev) I see they are not allowing for different growing styles. I might have as many as 36 puny little plants going in flower at one time, but my yield is way less than 4 nice scrogs under big lights. 30 grams? Obviously, they didn't consult with any real growers. My dream of growing a couple outside in my garden just may be realized, anyway. Otherwise, I think I'll just stick with the program, and keep flying under the radar. Instead of "don't tell, don't smell, don't sell" it'll just be "don't sell" (illegally)
  8. If I ever order outside of Canada, (which I think I will once weed is legalized here) I would really love to have Sannies Jack, and especially Herijuana. Love to burn some of that one day, and see if it is as narcotic as everyone seems to say.
  9. Wrecks

    Makin' muh seeds

    Hi Snookster. The lights are nothing special. LED's are evolving the way I had hoped. Price coming down, and not so many shitty ones, that one must be so careful to avoid. Less than $100 now. Her is a link. http://www.apollohor...ED-ufo-75w.html Hello, Mister. Man, I wouldn't mind having something like that. Looks killer. I remember that grow of yours, and salivating. Encouraging, thanks. Hey, Papa. Glad you are into it. I hope I get some good stuff too. I know that Chemo is good stuff. Even if I get no seedless buds, the genes will be there for me later.
  10. Thanks muchly all. Entirely my pleasure to be back, in more ways than one.
  11. I have nothing in veg. Just switched the flower room to 12/12, and the waiting begins. This run is mostly geared for making seeds, and should get a small selection of smoking buds. The Chemo's and Northern BC Skunk are the oldest, and suffered the most. I only have 3 of each left, so I may not be able to breed exactly as I had planned, but the genetics are there, and I will use them some way or the other. All Spice One here. Should end up with a couple of unseeded females for smoking These are "Jordan's Mix", so I have no idea what they are. Nothing especially sativa looking. I assume there will be some Blueberry and Godbud crosses in there. If I see one or two that look really enticing, I may pollinate them, otherwise, these will just be for smoking. What do I mean by keeping the lights close? Here is a 12 inch ruler in the shot. So, that is my menu. I don't think I will take any more pics until things get a bit more interesting. If you are here, thanks for looking in.
  12. Can I be both ignorant AND racist, or do I have to choose one or the other? Hurry now, I have to shave my head for the big Klan meeting. Seriously though, I have a deep seated fear of politically correct SJW's and the thought police. Any place they appear is not the place for me.
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