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  1. Donpuffalotti

    2015 Eskobar Grow

    Eskobar ' s Blue Santa x c99, Cheeseberry Haze, and Holy Princess
  2. I still can't believe no Cheeseberry yet! I eventually broke down and got Cheeseberry Haze instead. Got 5 seedlings vegging atm. Actually looking forward to something with that sativa kick but my space is geared towards the shorter indica varieties so it will be challenging. CHEESEBERRY WHERE ART THOU!!!!!
  3. @ agreenpassion. Peyote Purple was one of the most beautiful plants I have grown out but the taste and effect weren't to my liking to be honest. Very hash taste and a weird, weak high. I ended up giving my last 4 seeds away.
  4. They are regulars from a past grow. Thanks for the kind words!
  5. I'm able to upload pics into my gallery but don't know how to put them in a reply to share in a thread. Would love to show you all a few of my past prize ladies. But if not they are in my gallery.
  6. I really wanted straight Cheeseberry but got tired of waiting so I went CBH instead. Due to my limited space I have always grown out indica strains but I think I will enjoy a sativa type of high better.
  7. Selene gets my vote. Stays nice and compact, produces pretty chunky buds with a great balanced ! Selene gets my vote. Stays nice and compact, produces pretty chunky buds with a great balanced !
  8. What's up opengrowers! Figured it was time for me to officially introduce myself. I'm Donpuffalotti here but I go by a different name elsewhere. I'm just learning how to up load pics into an album and might need advice on how to insert them into a thread. Not a lot of traffic on here so you all seem like a tight knit group but I'm looking forward to sharing what Sannies and Eskobar ' s gear can do. Been growing off and on for about 8 years now but more off than on until about the last two years. Sannie was the second place I had ever ordered from and have been a customer ever since.Great genetics at a great price! Shortly I will be sharing what comes of some Esko beans I just popped. Got 5 Holy Princess, 5 Cheeseberry Haze, and a few Blue Santa x C99 that just came up. Look forward to everyone's input and advice. I'm quick to put my ego aside and take and share advice. It's about growing the highest quality plants possible in my limited space.(3×3 cab with 400w hps) This hobby has greatly enriched my life and look forward to conversing with everyone as I plan on being more active here sharing and learning! Enjoy!
  9. That Cheese berry has been out of stock for awhile now! Eagerly awaiting when I can acquire some for the stash. Cheers berry where art thou!!!!!
  10. Cheese berry been out of stock for awhile. Any plans for more CB seeds to be released soon? Hoping to hear they will be available soon. It's on a short list of must haves so soon please!!!!
  11. They used to sell a strain called Smack berry here awhile ago. Herijuana x Blueberry Indica. Had a beautiful purple pheno and a green girl that reeked of funky cheese but had a sweet taste to it. Wish I still had it. Also enjoyed Selene! Purple girl with a good yield of tasty buds and great all around high.
  12. Sannie, Eskobar, OG Raskal, Rare Dankness, Bodhi, Top Dawg, DNA, and Motarebel
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