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  1. ya this strain showed sex fast for me, i will say being that itvwas a freeby i didnt give it the same love i do for my known females and strains i purchased. so though to say what was the factor going into it hermying. however with the multiple reports of this happening i doubt it was environmental. as far as projects go.... next up for me is kolossous, and my newly aquired arcata trainwreck cut!!!!!! i still am slightly doubtful its the real deal, only time will tell lets say two months
  2. well i figured id report back on the seeds, out of 5 seeds, 4 germed, 3 males (2 hermi males), 1 hermi female. The plants had a great structure but too many hermi issues to consider future breeding, the female was pulled too early for any type of smoke report
  3. So I just popped some of these freebies as well as my own kush hybrid cross. Bubba kush x original haze (reeferman), with these plants im just gonna let them grow out do an open pollination with my haze variant, mainly cause i want to add in some new kush variations to my library. Any one who has grown them feel free to drop off some tips on the free kush.
  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cut. Steve the Breeder came up with a real winning plant with the SPG. I was gifted this cut a year and a half ago and I have made extensive precautions that i never lose it. Sounds over dramatic but if you have ever smoked this strain/ ever grown it you know its worth the hype. Of course its clone only but I am doing my best to get a good representative in seed form. The first cross was with a Blue moonshine male that showed unique characteristics (male plant that showed pistils 3 weeks into flowering). My remix on the Sweet Tooth strain, for now I am calling it Blue Fruit. Although the cross was great it lost some of the sativa high that i love. After a few grows finding many quality plants (finding 0 female Hermi's and a surprising 70% female to 30% male ratio) I found a mother that had the smell and structure of a truly connoisseur quality plant so I crossed it with Reeferman's Original Haze F1 to bring some of the old school haze influences that has brought about some the best hybrids to date. The original haze line by Reef is not meant for those faint of heart to smoke or grow. With 14 week flower time, the O-haze really increases the heart rate making this strain perfect for being out and about it also has psychoactive traits letting your mind wander. I have a busy schedule and need that extra boost in creativity so I believe it is exactly what the Blue Fruit was missing. I am currently running the offspring, so keep in touch. I am also popping just the SPG cut with the O - Haze working title Pink Haze. I am looking for a solid dad from the Blue Fruit Haze, and the Pink Haze to back cross to the SPG cut. I want to combine those lines together at some point and hopefully stabilize the genetics, I do have other projects I have started over the years and I switch back and forth on what I have in the garden. Although i rotate the SPG cut is ALWAYS around. SOOO I typed all of this and realized this is not my thread and I am sorry I am typing a short story. I do not mean just pop up out of no where on this Forum and start running my mouth. I felt it somewhat relevant talking about the SPG cut and being a student of biology and lover of botany some day I hope to be a real breeder of plants and where better to start than on a breeders forum who has the "eye" for truly great plants. (Sannie, e$kob@r, and friends) Thanks, Purely Medical
  5. Wow DJ Short Blue moonshine, I picked up a pack of these in BC back in 2002, I recently popped some of my F2s I made back then. Found some killer sweet candy smelling buds, a few blue. Mostly non-colored pheno's were showing. I love the structure of this plant, very dense nugs with tall standing trichomes. The smoke was like a floral perfume in your mouth with hashy undertones. It is a great plant to make hash with. During my F2 process i found a male that started throwing some pistils, of course taking DJ's notes to heart, in regards to theses rare males i used it on a cross with Steve the breeders Sweet Pink Grapefruit. (my homage to Spice of Life's Sweet Tooth strain)
  6. Hey all!! Ive been growing medically for 5 years. I love to learn new techniques, as well share some of my own. Im here to be a noisy fly on the wall, I live a busy life yet i still love to take time out and smell the flowers Thanks for letting me into your community here at Open Grow Purely Medical
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