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  1. Wow, I already had a bud of yours on my background, but now I have some male flowers... Very nice pics and VERY nice plants!
  2. My worst experience was smoking on an empty stomach while drinking a beer. I already felt weak because of the lack of nutrients, but when I smoked that joint and drunk a beer, my sight began to lighten up; I only saw the lips and eyes on a face. I began to feel nausea and puked the whole ground full. After that I felt great... Such a relief. My best experience is, um, isn't it every time great?
  3. For this year I've ordered some Papalo (hot herb) and 2 species of chillipeppers. The Bolivian Rainbow, that takes on some nice colors while maturing in red: And a less hot pepper from Italy, the Ciliegia Piccante.
  4. Hehe At the moment I'm listening to more MF Doom (other alias, same person as Madvillain, yep confusing ): Some other stuff I like: Four Tet - Smile Around The Face
  5. One of my favorite rare songs: Madvillain - Curls (Rare Extended Version)
  6. Madvillain (MF Doom & Madlib) - Monkey Suite Busdriver - Avantcore
  7. THC just won't dissolve into water. So you will need fat (or alcohol) to get any of the active ingredients into you're drink. Unless you'll eat the marijuana with the drink.
  8. If you do it for the taste, fine with me. But do you really get stoned from it? All hail placebo!
  9. Maybe you can make your own worm producing plantcontainer? Very nice grow, MissJ! I'm still astonished of the power those little UFO's can bring...
  10. MooN caps are some sort of herbal ecstacy? If you want a marijuana like feeling you can smoke some kratom or lion's tail. That last one is VERY disgusting but in a mix with marijuana it will get you higher then mj alone.
  11. I will, soon. Nothing interesting I'm smoking at the moment... In a few weeks there will... Indoor homegrown yummie
  12. At the moment I'm using Plagron bloom and No Mercy Guano Extract as a Mg/Ca addition.
  13. Nice introduction for the recipe in English, but once you're on wietforum it is in Dutch. It's better to translate it into English and post it here.
  14. As I mentioned earlier; I put my money on the Turkish ones. Since I've never seen a landrace from Turkey before... Good luck in your quest.
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