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  1. This project was the first time I had a complete bust on beans, and hopefully the last. Hundreds of dead pistils fell off as I was cutting them down. Had I retained any hope of them doing anything I would have rode it out, but then I was kindly provided pics of Malawi by another grower at the same time of flowering period. Oh well, win some lose some...I'm sure the sugar punch will do much better.
  2. You were right,I just wasted 4 months growing industrial hemp. Had I known this was a possibility, I never would have bothered of course. I spent countless hours caring for them, plus the electric bill running HPS plus mercury vapor UV/UVB bulbs when I could have been flowering other proven clones. I would rather pay $1,000 for one bean to give me a holy grail mother as opposed to spending a year tearing through males and bad phenos to find that strain.
  3. For starters, DM earth as a top dressing or any other top dressing for gnats is a waste of time. They go into the drainage holes down low on soil or soil less mediums such as peat based products, where they feed and females lay eggs. For this reason, I have stopped purchasing anything stored outdoors unless of course it is being used outdoors. Careless shipping companies and warehouse workers invariably poke holes in bales and bags, and we bring home eggs unknowingly. In organic gardening, a few gnats are almost inevitable at times...particularly during summer. I found this to be no big deal, unless they start colonizing. In this case, a shop vac, sticky traps, Neem etc.
  4. Hi all! I've been running the WW dom pheno for over a year now, While it does not compare to the Prof's CCK for sheer potency...it is an awesome strain that tastes fantastic, grows nicely when simply topped one time, and yields massively. One note on this strain, if you decide to take cuttings and clone...fan leaves like to grow right into bud sites. So I remove those.
  5. I just finished reading the original thread Robo posted from 2012, and was surprised to find I'm in it. Editing posting here several hours later. I just placed a sugar leaf under 80X magnification...and found trichomes. Not a lot of them, but definitely a few fully formed and of course clear trich heads.
  6. Thank you for this, I had fully expected 16 week minimum. The photos in the provided thread link show white pistils on a lady much further along than mine are, yet my ladies have pistils dying off at 8 weeks while no new pistils are developing. And mine smells like evergreen with a papaya like fruity undertone, not peppery at all. It doesn't even smell like cannabis, but rather like the most wonderful Christmas tree you can imagine.
  7. Hello, These seeds came from you 2 years ago as a freebie I requested. And after 8 weeks, not one single trichome while pistils turning orange. I have never been able to upload pics here, so have provided link: http://www.rollitup....ml#post10254021 Is this normal or should I simply chop them and go back to the Dynasty gear I have come to love?. If I saw one single tichome today on a flower head, I would never have come all the way here to post this. Peace
  8. What about using Cannazon?...they've been distributing Dynasty gear for over a year.
  9. Well hello there my friend! This is the same sunbiz from CZ MB, only reason I haven't been posting over here is b/c I have a tough time uploading pics. Let me say first, your work has been a huge blessing for me. I spent a good 7 months seeking and finally finding mother phenotypes of both CCK and Drizella. In fact, I am toking on some Drizella as I type, tastes like juicy fruit gum with a hint of that afghani skunk undertone. Our state just passed the medical bill, and my clones may very well wind-up in dispensaries eventually. Also, you guys should be charging more for beans...I would happily have payed double the going rate here. As a matter of fact, I see your CCK, cough, and mocholope V2 are still being sold on CZ...at a higher price than I payed here. Hope all is well, and TY once again for sharing your work across the globe!. Peace
  10. When you slow dry bud in a microwave, you have to use the lowest setting and turn bud every 2 minutes. It takes a good 10-15 minutes to do it properly. I haven't done this in quite some time though, used to do it when I ran out and needed some meds from live plants.
  11. Glad to see these pics posted, very nice. I now know what to look forward to, along with the CCK I'm ordering. TY 4/sharing.
  12. Thanks all, I do know how to utilize the gallery, just never took it a step further. I'll work on uploading a few gallery pics first, I have one plant I wanted to share in particular, it was the rarer of the 2 herijuana pheno's I have found...the fruitier one which yields much higher than the coffee pheno. I'll take 100 of those beans...lol. Peace!
  13. It's been a while since I have posted here, but Sannie is one of the few that still makes ordering easy at a very reasonable price. In fact, the ability to use Visa/MC is a godsend for me. Many companies only accept cash/Int money orders.bank transfers etc., all of which either add considerably to the cost or time required to receive order. A one time trip to the post office should I happen to not be home is no inconvenience at all when compared to the above. My last order was received 5 business days after placing, and I will be ordering again this week. TY to all involved for providing A rated service.
  14. All this to upload a pic?. Since I can upload a a stored photo from my computer for an avatar here, surely there must be a means to do the same in a posting?. Peace!
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