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  1. Hi Guys Its seems, a lot of the problems with growroom climate, could be eliminated for some of you if you went the Co2 route. You all seem to run A/C's anyway. I have been playing around with Co2, and are most happily surprised. I bought a 6 kilo bottle and it has lasted more than 4 weeks by now. So if sealed properly, its not using a lot actually. Leafs are thicker and overall plants look very, very good. If I lived a hot place, I would not hesitate a second, if I had the dole to, and fingers to seal up my room and hook up a Co2 tank and some automation. I understand why Rosenthal always emphasize how useful it is. I have other reasons for going this route than excess heat, cause I struggle to keep up +30 C in my room even in daytime and in spring. I do have some small humidity issues that a dehumidifier fixes along 3-4 C + to help me reach 30C. But it kills some of the savings, not all though. I wanted to cut the exhaust fan more or less, since it was a good way to save some k/Watts. Also, I could save heating costs in the winter, by not sending the heat out to the birds, but keep it in the cellar. I wanted to be more independent of the outside climate, and its seems to be a lot easier than anticipated. This is why I would recommend others to try it out as well. Its really good fun and it pays in the end. I am kind of in doubt, of what the higher temp does to the soil life, but will evaluate the roots afterwards. I will try some in Coco next, see what happens. Anyway good to see y'all...and as always, lots of golden nuggets to get wiser from here. Funny thing.....I have not used nicotine in 6 weeks, after smoking cigarettes happily for 35 years. This has profoundly changed my taste and preferences in weed and the way I consume it. Which may be obvious to the bright reader...LOL... I would wish SOME BREEDER hmmm, started developing an almost THC, CBD etc free cannabis strain with very good taste and burnproperties. Then get it accepted as cigarettestop medicine, instead of the poisenous shit big pharma sells people, and hurt damage their liver and kidneys with. I wonder what kind of money such a strain would generate ? I stopped cigarettes without any difficulties, because I had all the joints I wanted. Downside was, I was less serious, dedicated and target seeking during that period, but I had fun though. also I had no "Satori"(the all time weakest I've ever grown) so I had to use Chemd+4+theWhite OD and some other strong leftovers.....I really wished I had some, many times...LOL Rule was smoke a J whenever the need for a cig came up.....Now I don't like J's so much any more and got me a Volcano and some bubblers, smoking has changed...for the better. @Joker....have you ever considered using 2xdimmalbe 600 watts instead of the 1000 watts. Reason I ask is your height in the room I had an easier time controlling 2x600 than 1x1000 in my room and we have similar limits in height, for me the circulation pattern did not work out. Have a good one everybody. Satyr
  2. @Joker, the SJ I ran were not stretchers at all. They grew more indica like, than I would have thought. I had them in coco and they got at least 3 weeks of veg and they ended up less than a meter untopped, but done under Mh for the first 3-4 week of 12/12. Good hazy taste but I were not the biggest fan of the high. Then again I know the perception of a good high is a very personal thing, where debate is pointless. I think that wisdom really sank in, when debating D vs. 4. Thats kind of an added benefit of sharing clones. You kind of figure out whose taste is more similar to your own, I have smoked stuff other were raving about, which were pretty average or weak to me and vice versa. On the CR, I would say, one of the phonos I had, were stronger and more numbing (when no tolerance had been build) in the body and brain than Chem D or the White. One of the few ones where sitting is required after a bong head. The taste were so full of power and flavors that it so far, it remains the most interesting cannabis I have ever grown. Satyr
  3. Thanx for sharing Blowsterke. I also read about some people using oil for melanoma or skincancer, but the hype seem to have subsided since. It seems to help your skinproblems a lot, what alternative medicin would a doctor have prescribed ? Satyr
  4. 44H.....you should take your plants along for the holidays, I always do....LOL.... This is a really good, and informative thread, lovely pics of some really potent looking stuff. Thanx for doing it. The pics are really stimulating. Kind of being thirsty on a hot summerday, and then watch a seducing beverage ad. I need to go through the jars and select some really good looking wake-and-bake now, even if waking was many hours ago LOL. I have heard the Gryphon highly praised, never had me some LemonThai. Does is taste a lot of Lemon ? I kind of like lemon tasty stuff. Satyr
  5. You can get "dimmable" ballast where you have to change the lamp,bulb to the output of the ballast. I think B.A.L ballasts are one of them. Muselmann another as far as I remember. Both are mediocre it is said, some says. Lumatek, GIB or what they brand them need the max wattage. Ie. 400 watt lamp for 400 watt ballast ect. Satyr
  6. satyr

    soopy's quest...

    LOL.......OD is good stuff, same nostril massage as the D, but a bit lighter. I tend to build tolerance to her faster than the Chems, but its a real good high. And fairly stinky to grow,but not in ChemD territory at all. Funny thing I had some of the 4 go for 13 weeks and its a real heady experience. One thing I was surprised about with the 4 was that it was almost unsmokable after 4-6 weeks of curing, real harsh to smoke, today after 6 months cure, its really smoke for gods. I must say she is my #1 undisputed, unfurtunately my 4 looks worse and are more zebrastriped than my D which is actually very healthy. I am doing some S1 of the 4 and D next grow, maybe cross pollinate them for variation. I think that the CC Tahoes were autoflowering real bad, when rootbound, I have never grown them out, as with my Rez's Sour Diesel and so much other stuff filling the fridge. I keep making seeds and I seldom grow them, I must think I live forever Haha. Funny thing about Swerve, though, he says that the D grows best horisontally and that the 4 best laterally, What kind of BS is that, they are growing completely like were the identical twins. they want to be topped and spread out, not grow uncut at all. Made me a little worried that he says such thing, being the big expert n all, but he is good at marketing and hype, thats for sure. Any of you ever used or considered using Co2 ? Satyr
  7. satyr

    soopy's quest...

    Always been intrigued by the Tahoe....LOL....its looks like the tiny yielder it is, still mouthwatering though. Even bought Swerves Auto edition of the Tahoe once Haha......what a bummer...and you were talking S1...dum,dum...LOL I read a good article about STS by the way, seems cannabis is by default male and if sex hormone are denied influence they always become male. Something about ethylene gas being in the calculation. Anyway Soopy it seems you have some vaping waiting there...... Have a good one...see you around M8 Satyr
  8. To be honest...lol....I never spray the rest of the plant either, and I also use a cotton stick, but I do spray water on the pollinated bud, as soon as possible to prevent it flying around. The other method, I once used when I pollinated one plant with 3 different strains...talking about being lazy...But if you are totally anal compulsive about not having any seeds in your supposedly seed free buds, thats the way to go about it. Satyr
  9. I would do it somewhat backwards. If I only wanted a few seeds. Cover the branch/bud you want to dust in something, spray the rest of the buds you don't wan't pollinated with water. Remove the cover of the selected bud, dust the bud and immidiately spray it with water. Pollination is instantly on contact, Pollen don't need time to work. Touch and water. Done. Otherwise you WILL have pollen flying around, even if just a few. Water kills pollen instantly. Stop all ventilation while you do it. Keep all the tools and the pollen in a plasticbag you can seal. I find the method to very effective and only get seeds on the dusted bud. Sometimes even in astonishing numbers. Good luck Satyr P.S. Don't do it just before lights out, cause you want the plants to dry on the leaves and bud after the dusting spraying. Lift the reflector a bit while it dries and ventilate the room a lot while doing it.
  10. You mention the former was a 430 watt, if that is the case, thats the explanation. You wan't get a 430 watt lamp to start without issues in a 400watt ballast and vice versa. Apparently, the 430 worked well in the 500 watt, but I am not sure its working very optimum when you are mixing lamps and ballasts the way you do, even if they start. A new adjustable ballast would do wonders to your grow results, for sure. Also you will save a lot on your energybill as the old 500 watt ballast is old and therefore probably not very efficient and using more on running the old machinery than putting out to the lamp....When upgrading one thing, you always end up having to do it a lot of places...lol Satyr
  11. LOL.........Why am I not the least bit surprised. Glad I only have to buy and store cannabis seeds, I can let the general seed vendor, store the veggie seeds for me until I need them, as opposed to ganja seeds. I can't deal with more than one plant obsession at this point in life...LOL Merry and so on. Satyr P.S. Esko give Lisa a kiss from me...
  12. satyr

    T5 lightning

    I am into the 60 cm T5 tubes too. I think they spread out the light a bit better than the PLL's I can cover a 80x80 with 144 watts 6x24 watt till they are ready to go 12/12 or under the Mh for bigger veg. I keep 4-8 bonsai mothers in coco under 48 watt T5 ! On the other hand you can get loads of the normal 60 cm or 120 cm T8 for much less money and get almost as good results. Its only late in veg you need a lot of light, it can't compare to the importance of high Photon or lumen count for a full flowering plant. As for mothers, most of the time you don't wan't them to have explosive growth, on the contrary. Satyr
  13. FFC, you should have zoomed more in on the stones, so we could see who fed it...lol I guess the stone itself would provide a bit of warmth in the night, and slight cool in the day, if the granite is thick enough. Even with hard competition, it ought to have that "special" thing.....although the budpics themselves lack a bit sharpness..lol Thumbs up Merry Xmass HoHoHo
  14. My 2nd InX of ChemDxChemDIBL. And (ChemdxChemDIBLxChemD) XChem4 x the White x Weasel Diesel
  15. satyr

    IMG 0198

    From the album: (ChemDxChemDIBL x ChemD)XChemD x ChemD (+Chem4+thewhite+WD)

    My selected male for this round of pollination.
  16. Listen to 4Horsemen.....Aircooled is SHIT....you lose upwards of 30% light. Go with the MH, it has a bit UV light so it helps the mothers stay healthier than if they dont get any UV like the T5's If you are only doing mothers and clones, 400 Watt are plenty. I have 4 fairly big backup mothers standing under a 48 watt T5 and they are very healthy actually, even without UV. Mothers, clones and vegging plants don't need and can't use and absorb big amounts of light anyway, especially mother you usually don't want to have explosive growth on all the time. Satyr
  17. HaHa....So you eat males 4HM.....LOL....Bon appetite. I see its 1200 watts of goodies....can't wait to see what the ESCD bastards are gonna look like, when that time comes.......I m actually doing my first dedicated seed grow this time around, somehow its more fun than just doing the buds alone..think they are around 21 and 5 days of flowering by now.... Anyway looking forward to seeing what you are gonna do to Sannie's stuff in a couple of months.....pulling the chair forward. Satyr
  18. You lose up to 30% of the usable light if you put the glass on ! You need better air extraction or maybe another reflector, thats reflects the heat more upwards and then get sucked out,, some closed and aircooled types don't dissipate the heat very well and some tends to trap heat and radiate it downwards, that could be your problem if you are not drawing the air out directly from hood, even if its without glass, its still not an ideal way to cool the growroom. Basically its all about designing the best air and heatflow in your grow room. Anyway nice strains you grow Satyr
  19. I feel left out without them too...lol..... Satyr
  20. Hi there Zanzi..... Interesting line of thought for one just getting to know the lingo. I don't think it matters at all in soil, but I do go by Ph in hydro. I tend to stay in the high level in preflower and early flower, lowering it to 5.5-5.7 in late flowering. To be honest I don't think its that big a deal, in facilitating the uptake, as long as you within the limits. I strongly agree with Soppy when it comes to our gentleman farmer hosting the lounge here. I must say Joker, you are a real special guy. I am really happy to now you. Talking about special light and Masters of the canvas, I really like this guy a lot P.S. Krøyer, http://www.skagensmalerne.dk/Skagensmaler8/index.html he also worked a lot with light, and tended to go to a special place called Skagen in northern Denmark cause of the unique light found there. Soopy are you giving up on that CS ????????????? Please don't....... Satyr yI go there from time to time f´
  21. I have a xmass tree decorated all over, 275 cm tall. Ædelgran thats the strain, we are actually the worlds biggest xmass tree exporter. Last year there was a pricefixing cartel busted by the eu...LOL.... I love xmass, but its more the pagan side of it. I am not a christian but its a traditional time for feasting. Eating, drinking, smoking whoring and eating again. Sweets and cookies, nellics in the oranges and all the lovely smells. Being with the ones you love and sometime some of those you don't exactly love but are family..LOL Ought to take a pic of that tree, buts I am too stoned for now...LOL Good almost xmass guys and girl. Satyr
  22. @Joker LOL....good point.... I did grow some of those Indiana BG beans, or some F? something offspring, but I would rate Simons from SeriousSeeds way higher...they were good seeds, but expensive..I think he actually have trademarked the bubblegum name, cause no one else use it, Ahh except THseeds, but they used to be partners and were gifted the same beans, TH is more Indica leaning and more squat, supposedly a bit inferior. Both are very, very uniform, IBL like even. There are copies to find for cheaper prices. I like that idea from CC...Never seen it over there, my bad. Have a good one Satyr
  23. I have had good experience with his "ChemD IBL". I had some nanners, right, but they seemed sterile and I had no seeds. To be honest, they were not throwing more nanners than the real deal, and I did get a pheno that were completely on par with Chem4. Sure not all the girls I got were copies of D or 4, most were even fairly ordinary, but it made me believe you can find the real deal in his stuff. I do have a pack of his SD "IBL" I haven't popped, and if I pop them, then I know for sure they are not rocksolid Ladies, they will throw nanners, but its highly attributed to the strain, Sour Diesel or even Chemdawgs are nanner and hermie prone from the parent, so getting offspring thats hermie proof is impossible. I still believe that perfect conditions will minimize most real hermies and leave you with some nanners here and there. I have read about people like you that had real bad hermie issues with his gear, but I also know people that had some really good stuff come out of the same beans. Problem is that most really good strains have some hermie tendencies.....a few don't. Satyr
  24. satyr

    soopy's quest...

    Hola Soopy Looks like a small harvest. LOL, but they look toxic to smoke, as usual, quality is always expensive or hard to get. Nice pics, I like how they are purpling in the later stages, do we get a smoke report Soopy ? And whats next on the program, Satyr
  25. probably not, even if diesel fumes are worse than gasoline, not the strains though LOL. The superbud I used were way stronger than the Bushmaster, the figures were pretty low I noticed. Also you can eat the plant grown with the stuff, but "some say" combustion is another story. My main problem was solved when I moved growroom and got little more than 190 cm instead of 160 cm, also I really did not like the looks of the plant or the buds, which is important as I love growing more than smoking by now. The thc were way less, but then again it was industrial strength in the superbud. Satyr
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